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Friday, August 26, 2011

It has been a summer full of new adventures for me....maybe that's why it is going so fast....

I have ventured out of my comfort zone and learned a lot about the stuff I am made first adventure flying alone was a huge thing for me....I'm ready to tell about my issue when trying to get to my plane when I was coming home....I had no problems going through security here in Colorado Springs..but OMG when I was going trough Cleveland I was taken a side, I had to go through the x-ray machine it showed 4 areas that said I had something medal on my leg and hip, they asked if I had hip or knee replacement which I did they had to feel me and lift my shirt, then asked what I was hiding.... emoticon....they keep poking my shin area saying what is this....I said nothing and if you want I'll take my pants off....that did not happen, then I was escorted to another area where they asked what I had in my pink bag, it was my hair care products, I called then hygiene supplies that seemed to be an issue...they asked what does that mean....gee shampoo, conditioner, soap..they said they needed to check them out.....well needless to say I was getting a bit worried and then I was told they were escorting me out of the airport......what ...what....what could I have done....then 2 men came and walked me to the elevator, I was quite upset by this time....then the younger guy says what is the problem...I said they seem upset about this pink hygiene bag and they insist I had a knee and hip replacement, which I never did and they want me to leave....they talked then he said come with me, he took me down to the baggage area got my suitcase and said just put it in there...what, he said you can't take it on the plane but it can go in your suitcase...why did they not tell me that......but he said you have to go through security back I went, of course they
wanted to know why I was coming through again....I said ask him, and pointed again through the x-ray and heard someone say oh she has joint replacements....I did not say a word...and this time went right through......I have no idea why the x-ray shows that , I do think I would know if I had replacements or medal plates in my body......

So I wonder about my next flight, in Nov.
btw they don't have the x-ray machine in Colorado Springs, just a medal detector......and Gary is going in Nov...
well I hear thunder so time to get out of here

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    WOW- What a time they put you through at the airport. Makes me scared to try and fly again, and I was looking forward to NOT having to ask for a seat belt extender this time. I would have been terrified--if they kick you out of the airport--how will you get home? Do you get your money back for your ticket? I can't believe they thought you had joint replacement when you hadn't. So weird and scary. Glad you made it okay. You were braver than I would have been. I remember flying alone (the one time I did it), back when I was 17 years old and flying home from California, where I had spent a month visiting my grandmother. In Denver, they re-routed me through Kansas City (I was on my way home to Lincoln, Nebr), and I was terrified. I called my parents, in tears, because I would be arriving home much later than planned. They calmed me down, I found a place to buy a book at the K.C. airport, occupied my long lay-over time there, and made it home just fine. But you can see how much it bothered me, since I can remember it so vividly, and it was....holy cow....43 years ago!!!
    3000 days ago
  • no profile photo BUGSMIMI
    It is sad that our world has come to this. It is one reason I am a home body. I am glad you were just escorted to your suitcase, not out the door. I had a TSA lady tell me at my work the other day, what abuse she takes from getting passengers through security. I am sure not all TSA people are ruthless, but it only takes a few to put everyone in the same pile.

    3002 days ago
    Wow, what an adventure, Kitt!! That is crazy what happened to you. I wonder if there was something in your clothing that was detected. Glad you made it through okay! Take care!


    3002 days ago
    LOL our little Kitt as been abducted by aliens and has chips in her.
    Best thing I can think of LOL

    Silly Friday!

    Hugs Mary
    3002 days ago
    WOW Kitt!
    how humiliating! I have benn pulled aside, and have had my suitcase searched, but nothing like what you describe! I hope it doesn't happen again. You were brave to go alone, I don't know if I could do that.
    emoticon emoticon
    3002 days ago
    OMW!!!! and you flew only in USA not out of country ..
    my word this is just terrible

    hugs for your ordeal ...
    wow I am just flabergasted

    hugs hugs hugs..

    any problems coming home?

    crazy my poor dear
    3002 days ago
    I want to go to Las Vegas to see our family there but I too have had too many bad experiences with the security. DH carries his Bi-pap machine and I carry my diabetes testing supplies.

    I was standing with DH just watching the world go buy in CinCinnati airport when a man showed me a badge and said Ma'am come with me and he led me to a table and made me dump out the contents of my bag.
    I was shaking and DH had been told to stay by the window, we knew another man was there. After looking at the contents of my purse he said Thank you Ma'am and wandered off. The other guy left with him and I walked back to DH and burst in to tears. It was awful. I am so sorry you had worse treatment by far so you were braver than I. HUGS Pat in Maine, emoticon emoticon
    3002 days ago
    Wow, that was quite an adventure on the way home. I can understand security, but geez...some of these people must be loony tunes! Glad you were able to get on the flight finally!
    3002 days ago
    Wow - I knew about the containers of liquids on the plane. But the body parts? Very interesting. You sure you weren't in an accident when you were a child that you don't know about? Hope future flights go better and that you aren't afraid to tackle it again.
    3002 days ago
    OMG Kitt. You must have been terrified. I can't imagine what went so wrong. You showed great courage and I would have demanded an apology there and then. Gary will make sure that nothing goes wrong in November but I think you should pursue this nonsense. Imagine, being pursicuted like that. You are a hero for going on with your flight and I hope it won't cloud your judgement for flying in the future.

    3002 days ago
    Oh wow, that would have totally freaked me out. emoticon
    3002 days ago
    holy cow! I understand your frustration! I used to live in LA and when I tried to fly home with my pool ques, (that they said the night before that I could carry on) they made me check them too and it cost me 40 bucks! I could have overnighted them home for cheaper and safer than that. What has our world come to?!?!? I'm glad that they found someone who was able to help you. I hope your next flying experience is much better. I love your icon! What an inspiration!

    3002 days ago
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