down 2 points on my A1c! Yahoo!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

So, the mindful eating really really pays off.

I am (according to my doctor) down 8 pounds and two whole point on my A1c. Still not under 7.0 but I am getting there!

I found a great deal on testing strips - 200 for $125. Most pharmacies charge ya 1.10 each strip. I'm paying 62 and 1/2 cents each strip! I got mine thru Amazon.com. What can I say. It pays to shop around.

I had a great fasting reading also - 109!

I had been losing energy, feel depressed, and my fasting blood sugars were going up earlier this summer. And all this despite my training and running in a couple of 5ks! So, I pressed my doctor for a referral to the local diabetes center and got to take 9 hours of classes! it cost me a lot (125.00) but its paying off dividends big time in lowered readings!

I just had to cut the snacks out when my bs reading was above 250. And check what it was before I ate and adjust my meal to lower the carbs downward if it was higher than 200. Not eliminate the carbs, but adjust them downwards!

And to really pay attention to how often i was eating off program!

I found out that drifting off target and mindfulness is a common occurance for those of us with diabetes. It's a life long disease. And sometimes we just get tired of being hyper-vigilent each and every single day. We eventually (because we're all human) let down our guard and eat off program. Nothing bad happens. So of course we do it again. Then again and again until we're no longer feeling well or in-control of our life.

The trick however, is to get back with the program sooner and not get to the point of feeling sick, or depressed or non-energized! (All symptons of sugar overload for the type II diabetic by the way!)

And I can plan special occasions into my diet. I can have a bite of birthday cake - 1 small 2 x 2 x 2 piece (counts as 1 and 1/2 fruits and 1 grain and 1 fat.) Or a donut that someone brought into the office to share - I can have a 1/4 of a donut in exchange for 1 piece of fruit and 1 grain and 1 fat. Are these exchanges always the same - no. Are they dietician approved - oh hell no! But, they allow me to OCCASSIONALLY (let me stress that word again! OCCASSIONALLY) to eat off plan without ruining my diet or blowing my sugars all to heck. Occassionally in this case is defined to be not more often than once every 3 weeks or so.

And I can have my beloved sushi again! Not more than 4 rolls - cuz that meets my 2 grains or 1 cup rice for my dinner. So, I can go to my favorite restaurant and not feel deprived! Yea! Or just 2 rolls of sushi for lunch when I am allowed 1 grain serving. For those that don't know 1/2 cup rice is equivelent to 1 grain serving. And 1/2 cup of rice is not enough. I've learned to eat my asian foods and indian curries with little to no rice. Cuz I want to enjoy the sauces, and the flavors, and I don't need to soak up and eat all sauces or drippings. Cuz that's where all those extra fat calories lurk! See it pays off in so many ways to be a mindful eater and to know what a true serving size is.

I like the losing weight part. I'm really liking having more energy also! And the lower blood sugars! That's just part of the package!

Now on to healing this achilles tendon injury so I can start running in 5ks again!
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