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Day 250: Cross-Talk 'n' Ketchup...

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

...not necessarily in that order.

I've got an appointment on Friday with the GP. The appointment's been on the books for awhile - among other things it's time for the quarterly HbA1c - but I'm very interested in seeing what he comes up with for the BP. If it's again in the 120s / 70s, I'm thinking it might be time to discuss a GRADUAL (not like the last time!) decreasing of the dosage to taper off of it altogether.

And I'm going to bring up the knee problem. Other people I know who have knee problems of whatever kind are in general holding off on surgery. Unless something dire has gone wrong the NHS doesn't recommend them until a person is... I forget now. Older than I am, but I don't remember if it's 60+, 65+, or even 70+. At any rate, I ain't 'there' yet. But I'll see if he'll order x-rays with an eye toward referring me to the physical therapist.

I have an appointment next week for the annual eye check. I can't help it - God bless the N-H-S. Without them I wouldn't have any kind of medical service. I lost insurance in the divorce and haven't been able to find any kind of full-time work with good benefits like medical coverage. Himself had his own practice, so he was self-employed; of course, the NHS coverage applies to everyone here, though some companies have started adding 'private medical plans' to their bennie packages. I worry about that as I fear it will open the door to '...and X group is hereafter excluded from NHS coverage.' But in the meantime - everything is covered, even a pair of Rx glasses, so - GBtNHS, sez me.

I made an appointment to have my hair cut. (I would've said 'with the stylist' but I'm not sure what they're called anymore. Hair salon? Hair stylist? Cuttery? In my day they were 'beauty parlors' and the people doing hair were often referred to as 'operators.' I'm surely dating myself. Of course, I also remember when funeral 'homes' were funeral 'parlors' and 'human resources' was 'personnel.' Don't get me started.)

Not sure what to do about the hair. Wispy, super dry, thinning - and what there is of it tends to be wiry and coarse without being thick. Go figure. I'll debate it with the stylist (!) and see where that goes. Once again I find myself thinking about 'cut & color,' but I just know by the time I'm even a few months down that road I'll be tired of touching up gray (let's face it: white) roots, and I am leery that the thin areas will become even thinner. Eh. Oh, for the thick hair of my youth, lol.

We're still about two weeks away from the equinox but autumn is upon us. The heat has kicked on the last two nights - not a lot, not for long, but by early morning it runs for an hour or so. Plus of course the spiders trying to find a winter haven (hah, not in MY house) is another sign. There are still quite a few projects I want to get to in the yard before the weather gets too ratty, but there's also the light problem - the days truly are drawing down.

The first couple of years I was here the long days of midsummer and the long nights of midwinter were novelties. We're by no means above the Arctic Circle, but there's a major shift. Mid-June when the solstice hits we have less than seven hours of darkness; with false dawn, birds start singing around 4 AM. By mid-December, the opposite of that means we will have less than seven hours of daylight. I don't think I suffer from SAD, but that much darkness takes a toll now, and I slightly dread going into it.

I spent an hour yesterday talking to my aunt - in fact, I ran over the time that our calling plan allows (which means each minute over costs gazillion % more) so I hung up abruptly and called her back today. She's so much fun to talk to! Yesterday she gave me one name, first and last, for one of her mother's cousins and said she wasn't sure if the surname was maiden or married or whatever. Well, I found reams of information, just on the lead of that one name. Made my day, and I think hers as well, as today I had so much new stuff to tell her about.

Re yesterday's blog, spider killing, &c:

PROT358: The bathroom drains all have fairly fine 'screens' in them - but I'm not above having Himself remove a soggy bug body, so I will keep that in mind.

MOBYCARP: I can see where your daughter and I would have total understanding.

COMPASS_ROSE: Oh, he squashed it into a piece of toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet. But just hearing the thing crunch - well, it doesn't bear thinking.

BIGLITTLEWOMAN: Not only was I nekkid but I usually take my glasses off when I wash my face--!

ONEKIDSMOM: I very nearly titled this 'I don't like spiders and snakes.' Whatever happened to Jim Stafford, anyhow?


LYNMEINDERS: I sometimes think Himself is God's way of testing my patience now that the kids're gone.

For what it's worth I have dispatched puh-len-tee of insects in my time. The thing is, when I'm caught by surprise and when I don't 'have' to deal with them, I take the coward's... um, lazy... UM, easy (yeh, that'll work) way out.

More than one has been sucked right down the ol' Hoover though, lemme tell you. Probably the last thing they saw with their eight eyes was my horrified expression.

And on that note, I'm outta here. Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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  • PROT358
    "I sometimes think Himself is God's way of testing my patience now that the kids're gone. " You had me laughing out loud with this one! Maybe it's time you find him a hobby [read: so he'll be out of your hair, thus the time you do spend together becomes more precious]. I know you love each other dearly. I've read enough to have figured that one out. But dare I say having an empty nest isn't quite as good as everyone seems to think it will be?
    3614 days ago
    Have a good snooze. emoticon emoticon
    3614 days ago
    I am giving serious thought about cutting my long gray hair to a short style IF I reach my year end goal. I would love to color it a shade of magenta or red again but alas I have acquired an allergy to the peroxide/developer so I am stuck with the gray.

    I have been without medical insurance since 2010 when I was lucky enough to find a part time job and because I got a job my gov assisted preventative benefits where discontinued because I now made TOO MUCH MONEY !!! So I can relate.

    And yes I used to use all those same terms as well, oops I still do. LOL !!!

    and ..... I HATE WINTER !!!! not looking forward to it at all.

    Glad to hear your ancestry project is still moving along. Good Luck with it.

    And sending prayers that your GP visit all goes well. Take care of you friend across the pond.
    3614 days ago

    Hi Kasey,

    I read yesterday's blog to my cousin who was visiting me from Sydney, we have never laughed so much in such a long time. As they say laughter is the best medicine.

    Over here (down under) we are into spring and have already had some wonderful days. I think we might be in for a hot summer.

    As for the round of appointments, I have a few coming up also, did the hair on Monday and still have to go to the dentist, not looking forward to that one!!!!!!!!!!

    sending love to you
    Kerrie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3615 days ago
    3615 days ago
    Kasey--We must be on the same level of the earth (my way of saying it--)Ha Ha--We have had the furnace on too, the past 2 nights--Our days are getting shorter too--We have terribly cold winters tho--You don't have that, do you? Our leavfes are just beginning to change--- Oh---One more thing--Is your husband a Dr??--- (sounded like it in yer blog-)
    --same as here------If you do get yer hair cut, maybe keep it just long enough to tie back---On hot days that sure helps--- justa suggestion0--Ha Ha--To-morrow--back to finishing our deck--The smell of the stain really got to me yesterday--- Lynda from the Northland- emoticon
    3615 days ago
    emoticon emoticon 'nuff said...

    rest well, friend Kasey! emoticon
    3615 days ago
    LOL---wish I could get free glasses---need some. Did not realize how long your nights are in winter? Do you all fall back or spring forward with your clocks like we do?
    3615 days ago
    I'm right there with you on that one!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3615 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/7/2011 6:57:03 PM
    Hahaha....love it....
    Many eyes have gone down my hoover as well.....and will continue to in the future.....lol...
    We had out house spider proofed earlier this year and it seems to be working.....

    I remember when HR was called personel as well....and your other phrases....today they are called Hair Stylists....it just depens what grade thye are....junior, intermediate or senior....
    I usually go for the seniors.....lol....although sometimes we are so not on the same page....

    I would fully agree with you saying that God tests us in patience....lol....
    Its an awesome way to look at it as well.....I am sure that is why men were created....oh darn....they were created first......lol...maybe we are the ones missing something.....lol....

    Sleep well.....
    3615 days ago
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