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Day 252: Practicing Mindfulness

Friday, September 09, 2011

I was catching up on some blogs this morning. I generally start with Spark friends and move on to others on the site - Blog of the Day, or blogs from team members - and happened to read this one from Sami:


She always has some great inspirational photos / posters on her blog, and at the top of this one was the motto 'Nobody said it was easy.' For some reason, my eyes scanned right past that (there's this vision thing going on) to the first line, which read 'Nobody was right.'

Off on a several-second tangent.

Had she asked a question? Given a quiz? And considering all the Sparkers who read her blogs - you mean, NObody got 'it' right?

Well, duh. She was (of course) referring to the 'nobody' who said 'it was (not) easy.'

I'm not suggesting Sami had written anything confusing or unclear: this miscommunication was all down to my interpretation, or lack thereof, because I'd missed the photo.

How often do I overlook one key reference, or phrase - even a single word - that causes me to misinterpret something? How frequently do I misunderstand communication from someone else? All due to my lack of attention.

A reminder to self that 'mindfulness' applies not just to living in the moment with the five senses, but mentally - being alert, paying attention, as I read, write, listen... live.

I've spent the day practicing mindfulness. Sometimes the magic works. It's the sort of 'reminder' that makes me feel like an apprentice in the great workshop of Life. You'd think by now I'd have at least earned my journey(wo)man's card.

Doctor's appointment - scheduled the quarterly HbA1c, so that's all set. We start with an x-ray for the knee, and that's been scheduled. A reminder for the annual flu shot - check. Wrist: suspected arthritis. (Yes, well, not entirely unexpected, that.) And THIS time, instead of halting the Lisinopril altogether, he's cutting the dose in half and we'll see how that goes.

Fair enough. If - IF - I can get off of it and still maintain a 'normal' BP range, I will be delirious with joy. Doogie thinks 125 / 75 is too low. I don't see it. Is there some kind of expected increase in BP as we age? An increase that is allowed - or is genuinely of benefit? And a lack of it is a sign of something amiss? Because assuredly when I was in my 20s (and 30s) 125 / 75 was considered 'good.' Has some kind of scale or table changed of which I'm unaware?

If any of you can answer these questions (!) please tell me. I'm sure everybody can get it right, lol...

Now I've closed the circle, so - goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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    It's not my impression that 125/75 is too low. I think that's about what mine was at my last visit to the doc, & nobody went berserk over it.

    Re the arthritis -- there's something in cherries that keeps the bloody thing in its proper place. I've been drinking an oz of cherry juice mixed with water every morning when I gulp down the bazillions of pills I gulp down daily to maintain my upright position on this planet, & I can testify that my knees have remained in a very quietly grumbling phase, as opposed to the screaming with pain phase of a bit over a month ago. Most people drink or eat more cherry stuff than that, but us diabetics have to be cautious about it. I think you can also get it in capsule form at the health food store. (Do you have those over there?) Tumeric is also meant to be good for arthritis, & also meant to be available in capsule form at the health food store.

    Lincoln NE? emoticon
    Well, if you insist. I bet I could find someplace a bit more alluring ...
    3607 days ago
    I'm with you GF, those sound like good numbers to me too !!!!
    3609 days ago
    Hi Kasey,

    I like you often miss part of the sentence when reading, this happen when I was doing uni and had so much reading to do and I find these days I am in a habit of reading like that, I suppose it is hard to break a habit no matter what it is.

    As for blood pressure, I get mind checked about every 6 months, I have never had high blood pressure even when I was pregnant with the boys and this has not been a problem with both me and my husband.

    However, this seems to be another thing that has changed over the years with the different studies and new 'ideas' that are in vogue these days.

    Have a good night

    Love Kerrie
    3610 days ago
    I think it is considered normal to have an increasing BP with aging - but that does not mean that it is good. mine is ok, donĀ“t remember exactly now but think something like 130/80 - and I a sure that it would go down if I succeded in weight loss and exercised more...

    Love your atumn leaves background!
    3610 days ago
    I would say that is a great BP.....I think mine was 120/80 last time I had it checked and the Dr was pleased with that.....

    ough thye do keep changing things and I am not sure why
    3610 days ago
    They keep changing the targets and what they call healthy. Had a real interesting visit with a doctor at the cancer center while he told us all about the longitudinal studies and how treatment protocols in the studies that were not giving good results were discontinued, research continues on the others, and what he recommends.

    I would be absolutely in techy-fascination (and I sort of am) but... this is my SISTER we're talking about here. I want the good answers, not studies. The studies that have gone on before will help her, is my prayer... and whatever happens with her, may it help others down the line.

    Sorry, I rambled... my doc would love to see 125/75... and maybe even consider it "high". Go figure. Actually BP does increase with age, they say. My sis came up 104/70.
    3610 days ago
    --Well, it could be 140/75 Oh well---- And I'm sure that you don't read everything as your mind is going 500 miles an hr ---right past what stuff says----suppose you could try to slow the mind--LOL---Now husband here never hears me, till I say stuff 3x-----Maybe he could practice what you are doing---LOL--Anyway------life goes on---Good blog--makes one think of trying harder to be ""in the moment""---*S*Lynda where it was 28C here--- in Sept.-- emoticon
    3610 days ago
    That is a good bp.They now like it lower than years ago.
    3610 days ago
    I'd say that is a pretty good bp! Enjoy the weekend!
    3610 days ago
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