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Day 256: Clair de lune

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yesterday was busy, both with the routine - grocery day - and with the non-routine - visitors. Consequently, we were over an hour late getting to supper, and of course everything that is part of the usual evening schedule either got condensed or knocked out entirely - hence the very short blog for #255.

I made a point of going to bed on time, and sure enough, was out like a light. Very rarely do I have insomnia at the outset (hope I'm not jinxing myself here), but I do sometimes have trouble getting back to sleep once I've awakened. Eh. Aging. Nature of the beast, thinks me.

I couldn't tell you the last time I slept through the night, soundly slept straight thru. I guess it would've been back before The Men o'Paws. At this point in time a night with only one trip to the bathroom is worthy of note; two trips is the norm, and sometimes (mostly when I've had more tea than usual) there are three involved before morning.

[Is this more than you wanted to know?]

Come along as we take a brief sidetrip here.

Some years ago we'd gone to North Wales for a short break. We went to Llanberis (you may recall my pitiful attempts at Welsh pronunciation, but 'clan-BER-iss' is close enough), near Mount Snowdon, and planned to explore the area for a day or two.

We had climbed three of Longshanks' castles that day and I was tired. I conked out before Himself and was deeply asleep when he turned out the lights. A few hours later I had to get up (it really has been years I've had this disrupted sleep cycle, now that I think on it) and coming back to bed thought 'Oh, this is a nuisance - must be a streetlight outside the window.' The room was so brightly lit I could almost see colors, and I went to the fairly large window with the idea of trying to close the curtains.

There, hanging over a mountain, was one of the largest full moons I've ever seen. It was such a clear night - somewhat unusual in North Wales - without so much as a hint of cloud. There were no street lights in the vicinity; Llanberis was (and still is, in many ways) a small town, and although I believe there are well-lit areas there weren't any lights near our B&B. The room was lit by pure moonlight.

I sat by the window, spellbound, then did what many people might consider unconscionable: I woke Himself.

'Come here and look,' I said. He got up without complaint (which in itself tells you something about him) and came to the window - and was as entranced as I had been.

I don't know how long we watched the moon, amazed that no mist moved in, no clouds came into view. We spoke softly, in case lodgers in neighboring rooms might be disturbed. Finally, after the moon had well cleared the mountain and, with the changed perspective, looked somewhat smaller, we went back to bed - though the room continued to be bright.

We jump back to present day.

Last night I got up for what I think of as The First Trip. It was around 1:30 AM probably, as we generally go to bed at 11. I get up at 7 and usually there are at least two trips involved, so... yes, my best guess would be around 1:30.

As I was coming back to bed I thought the shrubbery outside the window looked too well lit to be reflecting any light or sky-shine (light pollution, really, I suppose) that might be in the area. 'Drat, must've left a light on somewhere' - and no help for it but to go through and turn out whatever light up front we'd left on.

And of course it wasn't a light. I had no idea there was a full moon last night. I'd not turned any lights on as I made my way to the front of the house; I didn't need to; it was so bright, although none of the windows I passed actually faced that part of the sky. I could see perfectly well to navigate.

When I stepped into the kitchen, I could at last see the moon: there was a sharply-defined square of light on the floor, so bright that had there been color I would have thought it sunlight. I watched the moon for a moment - no clouds in sight - and was taken back to Llanberis these now-several years ago.

I re-traced my steps and woke Himself.

Again, he made no complaint. All I said was 'Please come and see this.' When he came into the kitchen he made a sound of surprise, and stood at the window, as mesmerized as I'd been, amazed at the brilliance of the light pouring in.

There were shadows, clear, bold shadows. I hadn't put my glasses on - without which, you may recall, I see only blurs and indistinct outlines - yet could see so clearly. We talked softly, though this time there were no neighbors in close proximity: the moonlight seemed to call for quiet, and so we were.

I pulled a paper out of a kitchen drawer where I keep a few recipes. I couldn't read the directions portion - that would be in about 12-point font - but I could clearly read the headers and the ingredients list. Moonlight bright enough to read by...

It wasn't long before the clouds began to move in. We've had a long spell of cloud cover and rainy days, and that was another reason the clarity of the night surprised me. It must've been such a brief time that the sky cleared sufficiently to allow the moon to be seen, without haze or even wisps of clouds. Suddenly, though, the clouds moved in, and the moon was completely obscured, with little more than a dim, pale glow to show where it was.

We went back to bed, feeling slightly disappointed, like two kids who've been told it's past their bedtime. I fell asleep quickly, even though I'd been fully awake for several minutes - I think Himself went right back to sleep too, though he hasn't said. I will ask him if I think of it, but only out of mild curiosity.

I don't generally appreciate being awoken in the middle of the night, especially from a sound sleep; I like to think I would accept the serendipity of such moments as last night, whether I'd spotted them on my own or had them called to my attention. But to show up the difference in our natures - the first thing he said to me this morning was 'Thank you for waking me last night. I'm glad I didn't miss seeing that full moon.'

Me too, honey. Me too.

Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PROT358
    Beautiful story. I wish I could have seen it myself. Himself is a keeper!
    3422 days ago
    There is nothing quite like a full moon. They showed the moon at the tennis match the other night and it was awesome.
    3422 days ago
    emoticon glow and memories aglow with thoughts of times past renewed in two hearts that rejoice with one another. Beautiful story you shared. emoticon
    3422 days ago
    Hi Kasey,

    Where we live in down under we are having a full moon also, we have had clear nights and warm days for the last couple of days, after a cold start to our Spring, so the moon has been fantastic, no outside lights needed here. Nature is an amazing thing and to share it with someone on the same thought patterns is another wonderful moment in our amazing lives. Have a wonderful sleep.
    Love Kerrie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3423 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/14/2011 4:37:52 AM
    Maybe that is why my kitties escaped to look at the big moon! LOL
    3423 days ago
    Almost a full moon here tonight---noticed it as I left the restaurant from the Red Hat dinner. I can remember a night that the moon seemed to fill the whole sky---such an amazing sight.
    And I too have the same bathroom problem---LOL---does that mean we are getting old?
    3423 days ago
    "I'm being followed by a moon shadow... Moon Shadow, moon shadow!" I love the full moon. Tuesday mornings are trash day here, and I'm out between 4 and 6 to put the cans to the curb... and my driveway faces West, into the full moon. Walking back to the house, I see Orion rising. It is magical.

    This morning, the moon was gigantic on its way down toward setting as I drove to work, and as I am reading your blog this evening, I'm feel such a sense of the connection of being on the same planet, regardless of hemisphere, continent, or island.

    Rest well, friend Kasey, and keep on capturing those magic moments with Himself! emoticon emoticon
    3423 days ago
    WooHoo...I love it...it is a spectacular sight aye????
    We often see a full moon when we are on holiday as the skies appear to be clearer at that time....
    They are magnificent....
    3423 days ago
    Such a lovely story...and Himself is quite the catch (but, you already know that). I love it when we can be still and silent and enjoy beauty of nature...Clair de Lune is playing in my head now. I love that song! emoticon
    3423 days ago
    It was bright here too---- I heard them mention it on the news--that it would be a ""full moon""--nice story about your trip and the moonlight---plus all yer bathroom trips--You know--There should be a book about growing older where they could mention all this stuff--- As far as I know, there is none---the bathroom trips in the night--the sore knee if you get too heavy--the sore hands--the tiredness at times--the problem putting a meal together for company, when one has done it for years----unable to accept a mess in the house for very long---how great your bed feels after a busy day-(-specially if husband stays on his own side---)-Oh there must be a lot more--No-one ever talks about all this---Ha Ha--Anyway--must go and watch "'Hope For Wildlife"" on Oasis----Great blog by the way---- makes one think--Lynda --where it is only 11C outside--(I love it!- emoticon
    3423 days ago
  • LHLADY517
    Sounds beautiful. DH and I love watching the moon (and sunsets). Thanks for sharing this.
    3423 days ago
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