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Day 261: Bits 'n' Pieces

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today surely wasn't like yesterday - no time to goof off. I spent most of the time cleaning the refrigerator. Since tomorrow is grocery day it seemed like a good idea to hit it while it was fairly empty.

I thought all the appointments and household busy-ness were caught up last week. Hah. Tomorrow is another check with the podiatrist. Now, that's not a big problem or anything - it's probably one of the most painless doctor's visits I have. But it's still a nuisance, as by the time I get there, in the room, get groceries, get home, I'll be late for lunch and feel as though the day is mostly over.

Eh. I know that's not the case, but that's how it feels.

My power walking seems to be going pretty well. I don't want to jinx myself, but I really think even this little bit is helping to improve the BP. I can do a mile in 17 minutes.

Now, that doesn't look like much, but considering it wasn't all that long ago that I needed half-an-hour to complete a mile - and I couldn't always manage to keep going to the one-mile point - I figure 17 minutes ain't bad. I'm working on 15 minutes per mile, and when I get there... well, I'll re-assess and see where I go from there. I don't know that I can do much faster without damaging the knee, but I don't see why I couldn't add more time / distance. We shall see.

How's about catching up a little cross-talk, that I didn't get to yesterday:

LYNMEINDERS: Pearler! A pearler of a day! I love it - must be an Aussie thing--?

MS.ELENI: You go right ahead and copy 'em, hon. That's what I do - otherwise, I wouldn't have them either, lol...

KERRIEH2: Good idea about the color. And in fact, I bet I can find a picture on the 'net that will have just the right mix - good thinking!

2BFITATLAST: The next time you go to Stockport, give a holler - I might be able to meet up with you over there!

LECATES: Re Snow White's seven - there is no emoticon on here for a razzberry, lol...

PUDLECRAZY: It did, hon - it surely did!

A LOT OF SPARKLERS: About those eye drops... I am very tempted to tell them 'No more.' Two things prevent me from doing that. One is the need to have my retina thoroughly checked for any signs of retinopathy. Now, to be fair, the diabetes is well-controlled, so it shouldn't be an issue, but in case it shows early signs of happening, the sooner it's caught, the better the preventatives, and the more eyesight can be saved. There's no correction or cure for it once it happens, but if it starts, they can do some treatments that can slow or even stop the deterioration.

The other reason is the demmed macular degeneration. I have started developing the early signs - a buildup of 'drusen' - and they have taken several pictures of my retinas so they can track its growth and any changes. As with the retinopathy, there are some conditions within the general category of MD that can be slowed or perhaps halted with special treatments. Once it occurs, though, the damage can't be undone.

I'm not real sure it's crucial to follow the MD, though. I have the 'dry' type and it's basically untreatable. I try to watch the micronutrients (lutein is good, zinc is bad) and my cholesterol (it's believed high cholesterol / LDL contributes to the formation of drusen) is checked regularly. So is it necessary to have these scans every year if there's no cure or treatment?

I haven't decided on that yet. Since they have to (well, they don't 'have to' but this is something I do worry about and keep up with) check for retinopathy anyway, and it's basically the same set-up for checking the MD, I guess they might just as well go on and do it all.

Seems like there were a few other things I was going to catch up with, but darned if I can remember. I need to get better about keeping lists - okay, I've only been saying that for fifty years, lol!

While I'm on, I just want to tell you all how much, how very much, it means to me to have your encouragement and support. Nothing motivates me more than a message from one of you, whether it's a comment on a blog, an email, or just a note posted on my page to say hi.

You're the best - goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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  • PROT358
    30 minutes to 17 minutes per mile is a big improvement. You have almost cut your time in half! You'll be gettin' it done in 15 minutes in no time ;)
    3050 days ago
    3051 days ago
    Hi Kasey,

    Gee, I agree with you about us 'falling apart' when we get older, have we always done that or are we just more aware of it, I am not sure! Or maybe we are willing to talk about it more because of the changes in medical science. A pondering question, don't you think??????

    As for your walking you go girl, that is a fast speed in miles and kilometres.

    Love Kerrie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3051 days ago
    I think you are doing great with your walking. emoticon
    3051 days ago
    A 17 min mile is brilliant.....
    I get confused as we operate in Kilometres here and I know ther is 1.6k's to a mile....
    My normal walking wouldn't be too far away.....I usually achieve...when I am power walking....1.25 miles in 18 mins....of course it is faster when I am racing however training is about the same as you....when you get tpo 15mins a mile you will be doing very well...
    I thought that was the walking average speed....4 miles and hour.....maybe they have increased it....lol..

    Pearler....not sure where it came form ....I am a kiwi and I use it regularly.....lol....
    Glad you like it....
    3051 days ago
    17 minute mile is awesome---I have done that before but average 18 to 19 minutes most walks outside---and I can remember it took me 27 minutes at one time to do the mile---and I was winded doing it---now I can do the 19 and talk with my Spark buddy while doing it!
    3051 days ago
    17 minute mile is awesome---I have done that before but average 18 to 19 minutes most walks outside---and I can remember it took me 27 minutes at one time to do the mile---and I was winded doing it---now I can do the 19 and talk with my Spark buddy while doing it!
    3051 days ago
    emoticon Power walk on! And rest well, you've earned it. emoticon
    3052 days ago
    Your power walking is good--and it's great how you manage all the health stuff--'specially the eyes----My Mom had Macular Degen. ------now I believe there is more they can do for one---Lordy, lordy, how we fall apart as we age---
    I tried to not do too much to-day--altho we dragged a couple umbrellas up from the lake and put them in the shed--It's a long process-getting ready for winter---nice day here tho to-day--Of course I enjoyed yer blog-It's like peeking into spomeone else's life--Lynda from Northern Ontario emoticon
    3052 days ago
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