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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another totally gloomy and chilly day. The turtles don't like the cold and I don't either. No one showed up to eat today. I don't like turtleless days but I am making lemonade out of my lemons. Lemonade is good. Rain fills the pond. I like a full pond.

The meteorologist said that the rain would cross the Mississippi River at around 10 in the morning so I rushed out early at 7:30 to do my chores and it started raining right away. Arggh. LOL. I filled all the feeders and fed the wildlife. Took out the compost. I was lucky I got the trash burned as I was afraid the rain drops would put the fire out. Somehow I managed to catch my hair on fire while burning the trash. Yes, I'm okay. No, I'm not bald. I'm sooooooooooo glad I'm not bald. It might work for Demi Moore but I would look more like Kojak. LOL.

Normally August is a dry month for us as is September. It culminates in our driest month - October. Our area doesn't seem to be following the rules - it's monsoon season here right now. Maybe it's el Niño or la Niña or whatever. All I know is that it's time to take the weather reins away from some Mexican children and give it to a mature American adult, aka me. LOL. I'm ready and willing to be the goddess of weather. I realize thus far that this had been chiefly a job of Zeus and his pals but they are not doing a very good and I'm not satisfied. I want more sun, less humidity, less ice, less snow, less winter, less blast furnace heat, more Spring, etc.

It is so dark, even in the house. I am a sunshine, blue-sky, warm-temp, nice-breeze type of person. I don't like to be cooped up or feel penned in. I don't like wearing a lot of clothes. I'm not even fond of wearing long sleeves and jeans. I hate sweaters, coats, gloves, scarves, hats, boots, overalls, etc. It's the transitional time of year when you can go through all 4 seasons of your wardrobe within a few days. In a past life I can guarantee I was not an Eskimo. I see myself more as wearing a few strategically placed leaves, a loin cloth, or gourds. LOL.

Please don't take the following ramble personally and become peeved at me. If you enjoy these shows I understand. Now that my son and husband are both away from home so much I have been using the TV as my babysitter. It's on for the noise mainly. I'm not into TV much actually. There are not too many shows on that I really like or would take the time to watch. I have gotten into the habit of "watching" ABC soap operas which I consider fairly terrible but my first husband and his brother watched All My Children together at noon years ago and I was curious about it. To be honest the shows are ridiculous but they don't require any commitment and you don't miss anything when you don't see one. They seldom ever have a rerun. I don't like reruns unless it's a killer show like The Andy Griffith Show. I just now got to where I know who most of the people on the soaps are, kind of. Now they are taking 2 of them off. I'm not sure what they will replace them with but it sounds like a cooking show for one. The Chew might be good but I can watch 2 other channels for cooking. I love some cooking shows but when you are on diet/way-of-life, people like Paula Deen and the Neallys seem to interfere with that. LOL. I love Paula Deen but don't need to be thinking about Sticky Buns. I got Thunder Thighs caused by Sticky Buns and worked hard to get rid of them. I don't want any more Thunder Thighs and Sticky Buns. I'm not into the high brow cooking shows where they spend an hour seeing which celebrity chef can serve up a better dessert using groundhog thymus glands. I'm not even sure what the name of the second soap opera they are taking off is - Is it One Life To Live? Granted these are not my favorite programs but I don't want to have to find something new to babysit me. I'm not going to seek out other soap operas, even if there are any. I've heard Katie Couric will be on and I won't be watching her. Boring! I'm not into talk shows. Oprah even bored me. I don't mind Ellen sometimes but I lose interest quickly when she is serious or playing her silly sumo musical chair games and such. I watched Anderson Cooper the other day and found that I really like him when he is with Kathy Griffin and being zany. Not so much when he wants to feature co-joined twins. I'm not into celebrity doctors, most of them need to be on their own couch getting therapy. I don't like game shows. I don't like Maury Povitch and Jerry Springer type shows - I'm not sure what they are classified as. Trash talk? I kind of like travel shows, real estate shows, decorating, court, and forensic shows but they show too many reruns. Basically I'm in a demographic age group that no one cares about. I'm over 49 which is the point at which they want people to just drop dead. Go gentle into the night. LOL. I am making an effort and am watching some of the new shows and so far............not that great. Maybe Charlie's Angels will be good. The new Pan Am show. I'm trying to change................."I'm a woman, but I can change, if I have to, I guess". (Red Green- LOL)

We still have hummingbirds. I gave then some new food today. The birds are already eating a ton. In the summer we just have stragglers coming in and the seeds and suet last a long time with just a few birds at a time showing up. In the winter I have to fill the feeder about every 3 days. Right now there are birds eating all day long just like they do when snow is on the ground. So food must be scarce here already. I have not seen a lot of bugs lately.

One thing I do want to mention today is invasive pests, and I don't mean in-laws, though they would qualify. I'm talking about plants that end up in your environment that are detrimental to the well-being of native species. I know, it still does apply to the old pain-in-the butt in-laws but today I'm chiefly referring to things like mint. Anyone who has a herb garden knows that if you plant mint you had better have a way to contain it. Lemon balm is that way but is so fragrant and pretty that it taking over is not quite as painful as some things. For me the bane of my herb garden has been.........................g
arlic chives. I would have never knowingly purchased garlic chives. I bought these at the store and they were just labeled chives. I've always grown chives and decided I wanted more. Big mistake. Well, I brought these devils home and planted them and noticed shortly after that these don't look like chives. They were thicker and tougher, had flatter leaves, and did not bunch the same. They also did not smell or taste the same. They had massive invasive roots that I had trouble digging up. I decided to do some research and discovered that they were not actually chives but garlic chives. And they spread everywhere. If you miss one tiny root it's back almost immediately and I want nothing more than to get rid of every last one of them. They are worthless as far as culinary purposes. You could as easily use wild green onions which is exactly what they remind me of and I wonder if this is actually what they are. So I spend a lot of time digging up these mothers with a fork and it's a major pain in the butt. The moral of this story - don't buy garlic chives. They suck!! LOL.

Well, I'm off to be with Bosley and the Angels. LOL.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have been a "casual watcher" of All My Children and One Life to Live since the early 80's. I can go months without watching them and not be upset, and catch up in a day or two when the mood strikes. I did dvr the last two weeks of AMC, and started watching OLTL a little more regularly after they announced it would be cancelled. My life doesn't revolve around them, but I will miss them and sure don't think we need another food, doctor or talk show.

    I have never been much of a tv watcher, but dh has gotten me hooked on a lot more than I have ever watched, and it is kind of nice to hang out on the couch together and watch our shows.

    emoticon I would gladly put the weather in your hands!
    3040 days ago
  • DEE797
    I'm with you on the weather. Never really watched the soaps during the day. I like NCIS, The Closer, The Mentalist, Castle, most shows on HGTV, Food Network, and The Cooking Channel.
    3042 days ago
  • GODDESS181
    I could do without extreme weather myself. Dark rainy days are my favorite. You may keep the sunshine!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3042 days ago
    You can be my sun god(dess) any time.

    As for invasive species, how about horseradish?

    3043 days ago
    3043 days ago
    emoticon emoticon You got my vote for sunshine to go your way!!!
    3043 days ago
    Hope Charlie's Angels turns out to be a "good one." My mom loved the ABC soaps...she watched them every day. Those chives sound like devils! Thanks for the warning. I'm going to be a gardener some day...Disney really inspired me on that front! Hope you have a great weekend! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the encouragement! Spark on! emoticon
    3044 days ago
    I have SAD too.. in MD it was awful in winter.. here in SC it is great all sunny days....
    I used to watch all my chidren in teens and 20s , lost interest after the Luke and Laura mess
    3044 days ago
  • GGMOM06
    emoticon emoticon
    3044 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I not only read your "rant", but all the comments, which seemed quite long in some cases. I only plant flowers in my small beds, so I don't have much experience with mint etc. taking over. As far as TV. Outside of the morning news I too have the TV on for the noise. Night time I'm a "Bones", NCIS, Criminal Minds, Mentalist.....well you get the picture. I allow myself one program a night and if I miss one, oh well. I prefer to watch movies. That way you see the beginning, middle and end.
    We haven't been having too much sunshine, but I will send you some of ours (from Wisconsin) I don't mind sharing, as I know how I get when it's gloomy outside. That's probably why I'm not real keen on winter...short cold days with occasional sun.
    Oh well, been in a four season kingdom all my life and I think I would miss it if we ever decided to move. Have a good weekend, keep yourself busy, watch ONLY those programs you really want to and just keep sparking. Love the blog. emoticon emoticon
    3044 days ago
    I would love to watch tv. I have several favourites (NCIS, and How I Met Your Mother among them) that I would enjoy getting. It's funny because when the children were growing up I banned tv, but now I'm sure I would enjoy it.
    Good luck with the whole sun goddess thing.
    3044 days ago
    If I could be wrapped in wool year-round... but only merino / soft wool. Itchy wool is fine but requires more layers, which makes it hard to bend the elbows.


    Not much TV here and definitely not during the day. It's mostly noise, though we've caught Shadow watching entirely too much television for a cat her age, LOL.
    3044 days ago
    After a long, blistering hot summer, I am glad for the rain. But I understand how you feel. We are under a flood watch again! It's been raining quite heavily off and on for the past 2 to 3 weeks. Goodness knows we needed the rain. Right now we could float a heavy porcelain bathtub right down the street. But it never fails, whenever Frederick's county fair starts, so does the rain, and all week long as well. emoticon

    I can remember from days gone by when both my mom, and my maternal grandmom would watch: As the World Turns, The Guiding Light, Queen for A Day, Liberace, Dr. Kildare, Dr. Ben Casey, and then it got to be The Days of Our Lives, (is that correct? yep, it is), All My Children, General Hospital, The Edge of Night, Ryan's Hope, then The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, then it went to Dynasty, Dallas, Dark Shadows, Melrose Place, Peyton Place, and on and on! I remember some of the oldest ones, sitting with my grandmom watching these shows. Especially ATWT, and Liberace playiing his piano with the candlelabra and his little lady, (don't know how they made her small but they did), she would sit on his piano while he played. And I loved watching Dr. Kildare! I thought he was a hottie! But my favorite all time favorite show was "Robin Hood" with Richard Greene starring as Robin Hood. That show was on everyday around 4:30 p.m. and I watched it faithfully. I loved the show and the medieval ages plus history.

    But I was into all the black & white horror movies with Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and all the others. Plus, anything that was history related.

    Now a days, I like to watch TCM, which is Turner Classic Movies on DirecTv. All the oldies, and mostly black & white.

    Growing up my dad had 1/4 acre of a garden which the whole family worked, weeded, & watered. But my days of gardening are over now as I am not a spring chicken anymore.

    But what I do have are shamrocks which are green on top with purple coloring underleaf and those are house plants and in containers. I've had them for about 6 or 7 years now and they do give me great pleasure. They were some slips from a generous lady from where I once worked.

    Now as far as herbs and invasive plants go, one of the homes which we purchased as 2nd owners, had English ivy growing near the house. OMGosh! talk about invasive roots! And there was also mint along side the back of the house. Another one.

    When we moved again, I was able to plant invasive species in containers such as lily of the valley and mint. I was careful not to let it over grow. But now I just have a few maple trees, a couple of bradford pears, (grafted), holly and weed filled grass. That's enough for me.

    However, I do love the outdoors, all things green, pets, and babies.

    Well, Morticia, hope that you are able to get some liquid sunshine in your house by way of those special lamp lights. I too, do not do well when it is gloomy. My home is painted in light colors, and I like you, generally leave the tv on just for the sound of it unless I am listening to my stereo of instrumental music or Christian worship and praise.

    Hope your weekend goes well and that the sun comes out for you!
    3044 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2011 12:26:21 PM
    DAYS OF OUR LIVES!! LOL the only daytime tv I watch.. well actually I dvr. I have been watching it since I was 11!! HA! It's abolutly ridiculas, unrealisitic and kinda insults the intelligence a bit, but I LOVE IT.
    Watched the new Charlies Angels.. didn't care for it.
    The PanAm show looks like something I might like.
    I have a few shows recorded that I need to watch..
    Harry's's a good one.. Kathy Bates stars..LOVE HER!
    also Criminal Minds
    By the way, you have my vote on the weather God.. a little snow on Christmas Eve and 80 on Dec 26th would be good for me.

    3044 days ago
    Love it when you get on a rant 'n' roll! You'd be plenty busy if you decided to be Sun God down here in Florida (where it appears you really belong). Invasive plants--don't get me started. Mint is the worst, and I don't even like it!
    3044 days ago
    First of all, how many jobs do you think you can handle?? I thought we had decided on ruler of the world! Now you're lobbying for Sun God??? I think you're taking on a lot, missy!!!!!
    I am so in agreement about the weather. The gloom and rain is putting me in a terrible lazy, funk. It is warm and beyond humid here which is even worse. Like living in the rain forest! I am tired of feeling damp and never having any light--I'm sure I'm very low on vitamin D.
    Daytime TV sucks. Actually, most nighttime TV does, too.
    I love hummingbirds but have never been successful at luring them to my house. My MIL put out a little nectar and had flocks of them. My aunt and uncle had 2 feeders and hummingbirds darkened the sky waiting their turn. I put out a feeder and was luck to catch a glimpse of one during the entire summer.
    The painter has been here working in my kitchen. I had to empty out everything and now all the food from the pantry is stacked in dining room. Nobody can find the cereal. I don't care. He had to do a lot of wall work and will be sanding today. GREAT! I will spend my weekend dusting, vacuuming fine dust all over my house. I will be soo happy when this is done. It needed to happen but hate the process. He's a very nice guy and keeps apologizing. He does a pretty good job cleaning up after himself so that helps.
    We would love to get to the boat this weekend. Our trips down to Potomac have been too few this summer. Very frustrating!!!
    Have a good weekend!
    3044 days ago
    emoticon Loved your blog.
    If I could give you more sunshine, I would.
    So... being a fellow countryman of Zeus, I
    will ask him nicely to be kinder with the
    weather in your area. Done deal. emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    3044 days ago
    Oh My Goodness Tish.
    What a wonderful informative quintessential blog !
    You are back in form my friend ...

    Have a wonderful Weekend .
    Hope the weather is perfect for you .
    Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon
    3044 days ago
    Busy, busy. You pack a lot into a day, gf.
    3044 days ago
    LOL lady - you are BACK!! I am so happy to see it.
    Completely agree about TV - I like Grey's Anatomy too but tonight was weird - how many times can you watch these chicks break up with their guy? I love HGTV and the other DIY shows. Completely agree that watching Paula or the Neillys will drive you to dietary indiscretions of massive proportions....that is calories wise.
    Sending my warm TX weather your way with any luck! emoticon
    3044 days ago
    You are the busiest person I know, but I am voting for you for Sun god. You got it!!!
    3044 days ago
    LOL. You've got my vote, Tish. My favorite herb to grow and cook with is BASIL. So easy. I was in southern Missouri over the weekend and it rained the whole time, plus thunderstorms. It was a nice break from the heat, though.

    I am starting to see more hummingbirds.
    3044 days ago

    my mint is peppermint which is so hard to find..i have it contained in a big pot and i love to brush by it and add it to meat and teas
    love you miss sunshine person!!
    the lady mary
    3045 days ago
    I could of written all of this about the weather. This gloomy rainy stuff really has me down. I do not want fall and winter. Hate being stuck inside alot in the cold weather and the kids don't get out much to play. Currently it is just me and my two young kinds that live in the country on a dead end road (still contemplating trying to find a place in town) so the snow and ice makes us have to stay home alot. I just get more lonely and depressed in the fall and winter. I hate the coats, gloves, scarves, etc. Can I just uproot me , my kids, and my immediate family and move us all some where where it is nice, sunny , and warm all year.
    3045 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Yeah, those are the only 2 soaps I kinda "watch", too. I think I'll miss them. Not catching the Angels tonight because I'm recording other stuff. I do still like
    Grey's Anatomy, though it's not as good as it used to be. We could use some sun here, too. We're in for another couple of gray days, including some rain, but it's still plenty warm. I'm longing for bright, cool, crisp days where I can get into my garden and clean up the stuff from the summer. I don't think I'm planting any fall crops, as I wil attempt to do some liming and maybe cover the beds with something. I could use the mowed grass if I can conjure enough energy to rake it up. Come on Sun God(dess?), we need your help.
    3045 days ago
    WHOA, I have never read a blog of yours this long.
    Have you been sniffing the garlic chives or made too much Lemon grass tea.
    I had almost forgotten you have such a great sense of humour. I am so happy to see the original M back to wisecrack blogging. I love to read it, especially coming from you. Pat in Maine is about wiped out. I blame it on sleeping 8 hours last night. I have yawned all day and feel like a slug.
    Bed is calling and it never does. DH is right I just went overboard on the yard work after my walk. I am glad most if it is over and done with by now. We never watch any daytime TV it would be junk food for my brain ,Hugs M emoticon emoticon BLOG emoticon
    3045 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/22/2011 8:53:48 PM
    It really felt like fall today. I used to really love fall and now ehhhh. My turtles have been slowing down lately too. Hibernation mode is on it's way. I am not really a fan of soap operas. I usually try to turn them off as fast as they start. I guess everyone is sad because they have been running since late 60's right? Dr.Who will always be alive and well lol
    3045 days ago
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