sick, but still a good day!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm done walking in any kind of rain for now...two days in a row, and I have a cold. Grrr. The cold is making me be a giant whiny baby...and while I'm still managing to get in some exercise, I don't feel like it's "quality", so I feel like a lazy lump. The good news is that I have zero appetite today, and the thought of eating anything with milk in it is making me ill, so the Klondike's have not been an issue!

After the soccer game this morning, I was coerced into attending the Silver River Festival at (you guessed it) Silver River Park. I went to this park once 7 years ago, and it was awful, so I never went back...and was pleasantly surprised to find that it's grown...A LOT! Tons of stuff there, nice little playground, and they've made TONS of hiking trails...I'm going to be visiting this park more often, for sure! I took the kids on several hikes while we were there, and managed to get in a lot of (if not earth shattering) cardio. Since they were having a festival today (and one of my uncles was "running the stage" for the performers), the kids got a really full afternoon of being outside in a stimulating environment, so it was pretty great!

I ended up not getting my nap after all, but I'm still doing okay...cold medicine is not making me as groggy as it usually does, so as soon as I can wrangle my girls into bed, Hub and I are going to watch a movie, and I plan to eat grapes instead of popcorn, and probably drink about 10 more cups of Earl Grey, as it is making my throat feel better.

I am now done whining about being sick...have a great night everyone! :)
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