Friday, October 07, 2011

So everyone I know is likely sick of me whining about my fear that winter's onset here in Minnesota will make it hard for me to get my daily walking in, but last night as I was reveling the absolute glory of all the beauty that is fall in the Midwest it did sort of hit me where it hurts; my dogs! No, not my feet euphemistically, but my literal canine walking pals. They've turned off the water fountain in the park I walk to--NOooooo! It's not even NEAR freezing yet! It's still 70-80 degrees out there, ALL week! (I carry a folding water bowl for them and fill it at water fountains.) Oh well, there's also a creek and this time when I led them there they both forged in to drink and lie in the cool water. I was about ready to join them too. Lovely, but yet another sign; winter's coming. I may have to break down and carry a water bottle for them.

My fear of course is that I'll somehow let it sidetrack my progress, and I'm feeling more vulnerable just now because I haven't lost any weight in a couple weeks. I'm really struggling to get my calories down too, which is why the scale isn't budging I'd bet. I did however lose an inch from my hips and thighs, and an inch and a half from my waist--Hooray! I've also gone into my local YMCA and met with a trainer to get rolling on adding strength training to my exercise, and get a better sense of classes that might help keep me from bailing from boredom on treadmill walking. I also talked to a friend who runs marathons, and he says he just runs n the ice and snow anyway. Another one told me about a good path nearby of 2.5 miles that they keep well plowed and salted. Concrete, but then beggars can't be choosy!

My biggest thrill of late has been trying to add in ssllooooowwwwww jogging to my treks. By that I mean that I may actually walk faster than I jog! But it really gets my heart rate up, and I can now jog half a block at a time, or the short end of a whole block. Doesn't sound like much, but that's up from 20 steps last month, so I'll take it. My pedometer says my actual number of steps are about the same, but the number of aerobic steps is way up. The next 'step' is to get a heart rate monitor I guess.

Until I took my measurements today, it felt like instead of getting anywhere with my weight loss, I was walking the opposite way on one of those moving sidewalks and I couldn't get any forward progress. (Scale-wise it still does) BUT-- as I feel inside how hard it is not to get negative about it and eat, I recognize that breaking THAT cycle in itself is progress for me. Being proactive about alternative exercise is progress. Losing inches if not pounds is progress. Any jogging at all is progress. And sticking with connecting with great support like on Sparkpages rather than bailing out is also progress. Thanks to all of you who have great motivating stories, pictures and insights - I'm SO grateful!
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    Well, I am the plateau Queen...so believe when I say I know how you feel!

    However, you do have a great attitude about not just using the scale but measuring tape and pedometer as well. You lost inches and are in better shape! Heart healthy is a good thing.

    As for your dogs, I the rare occasions I take my dog jogging/walking with me, I carry a portable bowl as well and two water bottles. Our bike paths have no water fountains so I have to come up with something.

    Take care, Anne
    3310 days ago
    Hi Kate,
    Down here in the sunshine state, we've had rain and wind like crazy and I've been sad not to have falling leaves and the signs of fall. I've been whining because I'm not up where the snow and pretty seasons inspired me to get out last year! NOT that I did it regularly enough to lose anything at the time, but it was sort of the start of my spark. I guess we are never happy with what we have. Until we are grateful for it. I've got a treadmill available but am unable to use it or the eliptical, YET! Someday soon. I hope. I can get out now even in the rain and on safe sunny days(no lightening) I can swim in the nonheated pool.

    How wonderful that you will be able to get out and about, just have to trudge through snow=NoW that will get your heart rate up! And enjoying it with your dogs will make it fun as well. Water bottles on your hips to make sure you are all hydrated will add weight that you are losing. Regarding inches lost and pounds staying the same.. Wow, congrats on the former. Perhaps the latter means you are adding lean while taking off fat? It takes time to show pounds while adding lean. Have you done a BMI measurement?

    There are more measurements than weight, for sure. Congrats on using your tape and planning ahead for the next season's fitness.

    dDawn emoticon emoticon
    3310 days ago
    Well congrats! emoticon It sounds like you are making progress and making changes in your lifestyle. You have a great attitude and have no doubt that you will continue to make progress even when the harsh winter arrives in MN. YMCA is a great choice.
    3311 days ago
  • LGAR519
    Sorry you haven't lost any weight but losing inches is good too!! Mom has a doctors appoinment next week so I'll get to weigh. I'm expecting a gain. Darn donut and dove bars!! I wonder if Minnesota Winters are as brutal as Indiana Winters?! Cutting off the water fountain in October is a little extreme! I love your jogging attitude. I would be flat out on the ground!!! Linda
    3311 days ago
    Good to see you last week, Kate! Please be careful walking on concrete too much--I used to walk all over the place with no problems whatsoever. In deference to a friend's use of a cane during one walk, we walked a concrete path by the riverside. Ever since then I've had plantar fasciitis problems--if I walk on the wrong surface or for too long on any surface, and forget to stretch and ice my foot afterward, I'll be in pain the next day. And the next. etc.

    It's sooooo much fun when you can add running into the mix! I'm so happy for you. Good luck with it!
    3312 days ago
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