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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yesterday we drove to the city (a 2 hr drive)-to visit a Dermatologist--

I have developed ''brown spots""--or--""age spots""---on my face--
I needed--or thought I needed --to know how to reverse these.
We have had the appointment for 6 mos----
Well, guess what??--- There ARE ways to get rid of them--I mean--ALL of them----but to me , they seem pretty drastic--
The Dr. did take 2 large ones off--with a type of liquid freezing--or something--
And then she suggested that the best treatment would be a chemical peel---- (No! No! No!)--or a proccedure done with a lazar with water--- a 4 hr procedure done in her office--with antiviral meds (in case you have a cold sore somewhere)--ativan--(for nerves before she starts)--cortisone (to help with the swelling)-and 2 types of narcotics for pain, plus a bit of freezing also in sensitive areas on the face. My reply was, ""It must be terribly painful to have to take all that"", I said----- oh------ and-----the kicker was, the Dermatologist added that you would not want to face the world for at least 5 days as you would not look or feel too well afterwards----(like--""HELLO""
----I guess not!)
""Oh, my Lord"", I heard myself say to her-------""Isn't there any other way to diminish these spots--to lighten them---- ?"""
Well, it turns out, there ARE creams -----but, her procedure wipes away ALL wrinkles too---At least that's what she said----
And it probably does------but, the ""NURSE"" inside me was screaming-----""BARBARIC"""--a
nd ""TOO MANY DRUGS""-----
So, I have returned home-----WITH my brown spots ------I do have some creams she recommended-------and I guess the sun will never be my friend-----
It must all come with age--you think?--or as Kaseycoff says--""AIN"T IT""?
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    I love what everyone else has said!!! You are beautiful no matter what!! HUGS!! Shannon
    2984 days ago
    DOn't even get me started. I am so glad you chose the creams. Those brown spots, I have them too, on hands and face are medals. You raised your kids, medal. You kept your marriage together, 3 medals, that's a hard one. You keep your house and yard every day, medal. The list goes on and on. Be beautiful just the way you are. Would you consider a facelift? I doubt it. Same goes. Nama spots are important and don't you ever forget it.

    2984 days ago
    In addition to dark spots, I also have moles on my face. At first I thought, good one just like Marilyn Monroe and Anne Francis. But then 3 hairs started growing out of it. Not so good now. I have 3 moles and several spots that look like they will develop into moles. Then with age come the hairs on the chin. Moles other places also (thanks, Dad).

    Guess we can either take them as "badges of aging" or try to remove them. It all depends on your point of view or how bad you want them diminished or gone.

    Personally I'm too rattled by medical procedures on myself or family that I have had to care for. Vaso-vagal syndrome (one Dr called it "white coat syndrome") is what I get at times. I'm lucky I didn't pass out when DH had kidney stones(50) removed with surgery on his back to get to the kidney. Had to change dressings for several weeks while he was hooked up to a bag for his urine.

    Good luck with your decision to go with the creams.

    Deanna in Dacula, GA
    2984 days ago
    I'm with Onekidsmom- what are we buying? People have been aging and developing brown spots forever and it hasn't diminished their value as wonderful beings in any way. Like grey hair I see those spots as badges of where I've been and what I've accomplished. emoticon
    2985 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    I had a friend who had the lazar treatments and she was red for a week but the end result was amazing. I am not sure I could do it but wanted you to know that even though it sounds barbaric, it does give results.

    I liked the idea of the ativan. Make it valium and I might consider it. Hehehe (not really)

    Love you - just the way you are - age spots and all.

    2985 days ago
    Holy age spots! That treatment sounds radically drastic to me too! YIKES. The nurse part of me would have been screaming not just in my head, but out loud! LOL Glad you got some creams anyway.

    I have never been a fan of sunbathing, which is fortunate for my skin.

    LOVE your picture of the fall leaves. Gorgeous!
    2985 days ago
    There are some creams out there that claim to do a pretty good job. I would try those first. The more extreme treatments will still be there (maybe even some less extreme ones will come along) if you're not happy with the over the counter results. As for myself, I think I wold try to be content with over the counter results! The procedures you describe sound like they come with some unpleasant risks and side effects. Besides, some spots, blotches, and wrinkles are just plain normal and nothing to be ashamed of!

    2985 days ago
    You know, all those "procedures" sound good in the marketing brochures, but when it comes right down to it, what are we buying? Nothing against anyone who chooses to do one, but when I think of the costs (most of these are "elective", right?)... I have better things to do with the funds. I suppose it would be different if what I wanted to change was truly endangering my health.

    I'm tempted every once in a while by something that might lift my sagging "girls" or reduce the loose skin on my thighs... but at what cost? Still, it's what I've done to my body with how I have lived. That's a level of "acceptance", for me. Each time I consider it, I talk myself right back out of it.

    Hope those creams do some good... that's not such a bad thing to have to do, compared to the drugs and "procedure" you described. Good luck!

    2985 days ago
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