Thursday, October 20, 2011

Or as our silly local weatherman dubbed it today, Friday Junior. Lol.

Today I will make healthy choices!
Today is great because I do not have to work tomorrow!!!!

First day off in over a month!!! Of course, it has already felt like a mini-vacay just getting out of the office when the sun was shining! It has also been nice to have given myself permission to not exercise this week. Although, we did the office laps yesterday, and will do so again today. So that is at least 15 minutes of exercise. Then this weekend will have lots of walking between the state fair and the WORLD SERIES!!!! I wish I could say we were up game one, but we lost :(, but it is ok as there are still at least 3 games left! Hopefully 4 games are left and we will win the next 4!

I am making better choices already. It is easier to do when I am not so tired. It is so true about the lack of sleep equating to it being harder to make wiser decisions. I know during tax season, at times, I would know that I was going over calories, but I wanted it (I was hungry) and I even told myself I just did not care. Which I took as a good indication that all these healthy habits I have been working to establish are still kicking. I acknowledged what I was doing. Made a concious effort to say I know. And then I did eat it. I will work on that for next year. What is really great is that I am ready to back to this healthy life-style 150%, I think I was at around 75% during the really busy weeks here towards the end. Which is still sooooooo much better than last year.

Things that have changed for me: instead of binging on a whole bag of chips, I had 1 bag of a single portion of chips. Instead of having dessert at lunch, dinner, and sweets inbetween (sugar gives you instant energy, right??), I limited myself to one serving of sweets a day. That's right. Just one. At least 95% of the time. I can recall a few times I had more, but it stopped at 2. Instead of going home and eating too much too late, I stopped myself, even when it was really good for me. If I am full, I am full. No matter if it is steamed broccoli or cod, I need to stop when I am full. I did that. I ate less overall. I did not go out at night because I was too tired to cook. I know that at 9pm a bowl of cereal or oatmeal will fill me up just as well as that burger and fries. Just because I am stressed does not mean I need to fuel myself with crap.

I had a not great day during this tax season and it taught me a real valuable lesson. I had not slept well the night before, still had to be up early, and while I did have a good breakfast (smoothies are lifesavers!), I was tired and went and got a kids meal for my lunch (yes, another change, ordering smaller vs larger) and it was pretty tasty. And it gave me a spurt of energy. Come 5pm, I was exhausted again. Went home and had a healthy dinner. But I reflected on how that fast food meal made me feel (it was from Texas Burger, not McD's fyi). And it really made me think. How would I have felt had I taken the extra time, gone home and made myself a tunafish sandwich, had it with a serving of pretzels, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a green veggie? I probably would have had longer sustainable energy. And quite frankly, my taste buds would have been just as happy. And I would not have had the energy drop. I took that lesson and aplied it. No more non-veggie meals at lunch. If I knew we were going out, I would bring extra veggies for snacks. It worked too. I remembered that feeling of blah. I need to be kind to me and fuel my body with what it needs, not what my tired/cranky/childish brain says it wants.

So those are my take aways. I did better. I can still do better. But for now, it was a huge improvement. No to just learn to say no even when everyone else in the office is having a cupcake. I can do that. Even if it is just once. I can do it. I have it in me. I will find that strength and confidence to be able to say no. I have faith.

Well, have a happy Friday Junior everyone! It really is my Friday today! I will be out until next Wednesday most likely, but I will try to update on Saturday for teams. We are still pretty busy around the office, as we now have Texas tax returns to get done, but it is not working on weekends busy, just working lots 8-5. Which is a blessing because we have sooo much work!
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  • no profile photo CD1610124
    So happy that you are getting it all back and moving through this journey. I hope the Friday off will allow this week to start easier!
    3254 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8640526
    I think you're doing great. I wouldn't want your job, it's HARD! So I can imagine wanting to eat chocolate everyday!

    Well, I still want chocolate everyday... :P

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog! emoticon
    3256 days ago
    emoticon post my Spark friend! I'm glad you have a day off plus the weekend! You work so hard. I love reading all your positive experiences & how you take the non positives and learn from them.

    I DO have to say tho... we are friendly enemies as far as the World Series goes! I'm of course a St. Louis Cards fan! (50 mile away!) - but I'm sure you were happy tonight that we are now 1 / 1. You guys beat us tonight. emoticon
    3257 days ago
    What a great post! You are making wonderful choices and continuing to look for ways to improve!
    3257 days ago
    I fully agree - more sleep, more relaxed, easier to do healthy choicese. I also noticed that when I sleep 8h in a row for many days, then somehow I start to loose weight again. This week was not so good for me from this point of view, I averaged only around 7h per night.
    3257 days ago
    HAPPY FRIDAY JUNIOR!! :) That is hilarious. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend because you thoroughly deserve it!! It's amazing how, when you really sit back and think about taking the time to make a healthy meal packed with veggies vs. going out and getting fast food quickly, that it's worth it for feeling well and for your taste buds to take the extra time to make a healthy meal. I know this was a huge revelation for me as well! I really have been continually amazed at my increase in energy since we started making food at home instead of going out all the time. You're doing such an amazing job with your healthy lifestyle--portion sizes and lots of veggies go a LONG way! Enjoy your time off and your Friday Eve!! :)
    3257 days ago
    HOORAY for better choices!!! emoticon
    Enjoy your weekend!
    3257 days ago
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