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Feeling let down depressed and even scared

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today I read the article from the New York Times, about a study Why it's so hard to keep the weight off once you lost it....if you have not read it , it is an eye opener and gives good reason why most gain back the weight....please read it but I'll give my take on what it says to me....
As most know I have lost over 200 pounds and have share how it seems I'm eating less and exercising more but still struggle with gaining weight.....well now I know why, the article says that loosing weight makes your hormones change and stimulates your appetite and even lowers your metabolism. not sure I completely understand it all but they talk about the study they did and ....I sure do believe it..Weeks back when I had one of my melt downs, crying that I can't eat less nor exercise more.....I was very tired and have been working so darn hard....
So dear friends what is the answer for sure is stop hating yourself for what you weigh, and if like me you wonder how much more you can do.....I don't know what the answer is, the study shows that even after more than a year the hormones are still low and so is the metabolism.....

please read this article, I found it through the sparkpeople healthy living blogs for today Sunday, I could not seem to get the web address or you might try the New York Time, the obesity section...

I seem defeated by this news.
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    I get this - I really do! But I know that you can do it. . . . and 500 calorie diets? What's up with that? Their bodies were probably still in starvation mode from getting only 500 calories per day.

    2933 days ago
    Kitt, dropping by with some support --- you are going to be fine! You make sure to stay focused every day and do your very best... I know you will continue to do awesome! I think some days are just better than others, especially when you come across articles such as this--yes, very informative & interesting, but sometimes we can hear or read things that throw us for a loop at times. Just keep doing what you are doing and things will be great! You are doing fabulous! emoticon
    2935 days ago
    Do not worry you are so healthy and active and alway do such a fine job. You eat right exercise and love yourself. You are a beautiful, strong woman and we are all so proud of you. You have changed and are never going back to the way you were do not stress over the little things. Enjoy the new life you have an brace yourslef you are an amazing woman no matter what.


    hugs here for you
    2937 days ago
    KITT it is going to be a lifelong struggle to stay healthy you have lost so much NEVER GIVE UP NOR GO BACK
    2937 days ago
    Hi Kitt. I don't know you; just stumbled across your blog right now. You have done an amazing job, and from what I gather, you've been keeping it off for quite some time.

    I read the article; this so called study is strange indeed. I wonder who funds these crazy researchers.

    i'd say, don't panic. You know that if you go back to your old habits, you'll likely regain your weight. You also know that if you stick with your new habits you will be able to keep it off.

    Hormones, metabolism, whatever... We'll do what we have to to maintain our success.
    There are too many topics this article did not touch on.

    First of all we all know that 500 calories over weeks most definitely does damage. Apparently more damage than anybody realizes.

    i'm sure you lost your weight the healthy way, not by crashing on 500 calories a day. True that once we lose weight we have to be extremely careful in order to maintain. I cannot cite it, but I read somewhere that it takes years of maintaining before our bodies shift back into "normal".

    And what if they never do? Let's keep doing what we know works for us. You can't go wrong with healthy food and exercise.

    Wishing you well.
    2937 days ago
    Kitt, step away from the computer and take a deep breath. Okay.

    I heard something about this article (haven't read it) and I don't think it's time to throw in the towel. You are feeling better, yes? You are eating healthy, yes? And doing things you haven't done before, yes? Okay then, stop panicking. One day at a time...don't look so far down the road that you wig yourself out. You are NOT defeated, you're just having a bad day.

    Keep things in perspective, Kitt. There are people out there that have lost weight and kept it off for years and years. You are on your way to being one of those people, if you don't do yourself in by letting these types of things get to you. You are strong and you're doing great, Kitt. Just keep doing what you're doing and work on focusing elsewhere for a while. Staying focused on weight and weight loss all the time is not healthy. Broaden your horizons and LIVE. Enjoy the new life you have, girl! You have earned it and you need to move on. Keep trucking, one day at a time!
    2937 days ago
    I am not going to read the article Kitt because we don't need to hear more negative news. I have met people who have kept the wieght off. Is it a struggle - yes. I do believe we have to be more diligent than those who never have gained all the weight and fed the fat cells. But it is possible to keep it off. Sometimes I do think it may not be possible to lose more no matter what we want or what a doctor says.
    We really have to take all these published things in our stride.
    My son in law just told me that you need to measure inches and record, do body fat readings, and use all indicators of the progress we make - not just weight.
    I have been looking up suppliments and one study says it does this and another contradicts it.
    I think it would be impossible to gain back 200 pounds eating wkise foods in your calories level and working out regularly. It may be hard to continue to do that but it could not lead us back to obesity.
    We are so tender all of us that have lived this life. I only started reading your blogs a short time ago and they were so upbeat. Go put that paper in the garbage where it belongs.

    2937 days ago
    oh my dear do not stress ... remember all studies are done with just a few cross section of people - they are acurate to their study but does this really mean they are the norm for everyone? I do not think so ... I feel (my thoughts) that every one is different and some people are weak and do not have a desire to be healthy..YOU do! YOU are strong ..

    Our metabolism changes all the time as we age.. soooooo.. we must go with the flow .. keep doing what you are doing within your limits.. do not go beyond by pushing yourself to the brink a nd crying that is not good for you or your body..

    You know and I know our body flucuates within 5 lbs per day!! Being up 5 lbs or down 5 lbs is no big deal.. now if all of a sudden you stepped on those scales because your pants were not fitting you or your blouses were tight .. and the scale said you were up 10 lbs.. then I would be running to the doctor.. to get some test done ... something is wrong.. and it isn't your metobolism..

    You are doing great .. don't sweat the small stuff ... bask in all you have accomplished and how far you have come..

    hugs Jo

    2937 days ago
    I've read the article - and while we all know that maintenance is hard - we don't need a study to tell us - there are so many things the article doesn't say:

    Did the extreme low calorie diet cause the hormone levels and decreased metabolism? Would a less restrictive diet have different results?

    Did the remaining participants "cheat" on the maintenance diet and was that due to haormone levels? Or did they stick to the diet and gain due to decreasd metabolism rates? I assume what they ate on the maintenance diet was self-reported.

    Were any of the participants exercising - and what effect did that have on their hormone levels?

    What ages were the participants?

    Like most research, this study raises more questions than it answers - and while it raises some good questions for further study ( it would be nice to know why so many fail at maintenance and how to help them) - it isn't definitive in itself.
    2937 days ago
    I haven't read it. I will, but I haven't yet. There is a big difference between being on a diet and changing your lifestyle. Focus on being healthy. Let the weight loss be a bonus.

    Someone who is starving themselves on 500 calories a day is not focusing on their health. They cannot succeed long term.

    FOCUS on your health. Let the weight loss be a bonus.

    Don't stop what's working for you based on one newspaper article. They write those articles to sell papers. Period.
    2937 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    Don't focus on any one study. Conflicting reports are in the news all the time. My take on the whole thing is "there is not a pill for weight loss, nor will there be one."
    Live the healthy lifestyle and remember to celebrate those nonscale victories!
    2937 days ago
    Kitt, I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you're not starving yourself. Not all research is valid. You have to take it with a grain of salt. You're doing awesome and such an inspiration to all of us. Please don't let this article get you down.


    2937 days ago
    Kitt, I agree pretty much with all of these posts. You have done a terrific job to get where you are and you are still doing terrific. You are a true inspiration to everyone. Like all are saying, they are talking about such few calories a day and we all know you have to eat enough calories and exercise enough. emoticon You have proven it over and over again.....just look in the mirror or at some of your beautiful pictures. Nancy

    p.s. we are all here for you....
    2937 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/30/2011 7:32:32 PM
    Take heart, Kit! And take this study with a grain of salt. The people conducting it used only 50 people and even then they gave a disclaimer that they don't fully understand the outcome and much more study needs to be done. Continue to do what has worked for you. Yes, we have to stay diligent, but I truly believe the weight can be kept off by adhering to a balanced healthy lifestyle. So set your face like a flint and refuse to let fear and discouragement take your joy.
    emoticon emoticon
    2937 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/30/2011 7:06:50 PM
    I hope SP responds to this. I have NEVER read this. I think that sometimes people report 'findings' before accurate or enough studies have actually been done. Since this is a new kind of finding, I wouldn't take it too seriously.
    2937 days ago
    Let me asked you something?

    Do you really think that you could go back to the old you?
    Do you really think you could stop exercising?
    Do you really think you could sit down and eat cake
    5 days a week?

    Kitt you have changed, believe this.
    2937 days ago
    Oh Kitt you have to stop this.
    You have to believe in you.
    There is no going back for you, it is a matter of eating enough healthy food and a balance of exercise. You do both.

    Mindful eating which you do at all times.

    Your metabolism works just fine with your exercise, you never miss a day---

    "theories" we can read them every where---

    I am with the others here-- when I gain my weight back--
    I KNOW WHY-----

    If I was more like you I would not gain---- you have won Kitt you have Won---- you will be OK---- stop stressing about this--- if you find your self going back to eating I am sure you have us and your dear sweet Hubby to Help you!
    You will be thin now--- you will.
    2937 days ago
    Oh no!!!! Horrible news!!!! --I will continue to try to get to goal however as I feel SO much better now----and I'm only half way there!------Rip up the article!!!!!--LOL-----Keep up the Sparking----Interesting blog!-Lynda
    2937 days ago
    The article is for CORRECT - but only for people who ate a RESTRICTED calorie limit of 500 calories a day. That's an excellent way to trigger a lower metabolism.

    Lowering your calories and increasing your exercise and building muscle mass are all ways to INCREASE your metabolism. I am not at goal and have 40 more lbs to lose, but I am maintaining with little effort over the last 4 + lbs during a time of change and high stress. Why? Because I eat a calorie range that I know I'm burning at a normal metabolism for the 1st time in my life.

    Try not to let these articles scare you.
    2937 days ago
    I'll have to go read it. But everyone has made some awesome comments. There are some really smart people here on SP!!!
    2938 days ago
    My take on that article is, that is not how I am losing weight. By that I mean I am not on a 550 calorie per day diet. I am losing weight within a healthy weight loss calorie range (around 1400 calories per day). I am also exercising at least 5 days per week for about 1 hour. These are guidelines that are working for me.

    I believe that if I did restrict my intact to only 550 calories then I would surely fall into the category that the article refers to. That is a starvation diet and not healthy. The body will naturally react to the restriction.

    I will succeed at this weight loss and I will maintain. It will be choices that I make daily to eat within a healthy calorie range and get some exercise in. There is no easy fix.

    If I binge on a regular basis, I will gain weight. If I become lax and decide that I am not going to take my daily walks or exercise on most days, I will probably start gaining weight again.

    You will succeed too! Believe in yourself!


    2938 days ago
    I have read that article and others like it. I CHOOSE to believe that by being "Ever Vigilant" I--And YOU!!--will maintain our New Healthy Weights.
    emoticon I will probably Never be able to eat like "Normal" people, and I will probably always have to be mindful of what I eat, Just like a Diabetic always has to watch their Diet. But the Pay Off is WORTH IT!!
    emoticon Please hang in there and Know that ou CAN DO THIS with the help of your Spark Friends.
    2938 days ago
    Kitt, I know it seems defeating but look at it this way, they write so many "theories" and then back track on so much, it is impossible to really know what's true & what's not. I met with a PA in August to help me lose the weight. She is 62 & has maintained her loss for quite some time (although I am unsure of the years right now). She told me 2 things, 1st increase exercise to 250 minutes per week (about 35 min per day) if possible & 2, once I reach my goal, weigh myself each morning, when I get 3 lbs above my maintenance weight, time to shake things up with my eating. Build your lean body muscle mass with protein & I think you'll find that you have nothing to worry about.
    2938 days ago
    Articles like that are scary things. I am one of those statistics that gained the weight back, and it was so easy to do, without really trying.

    Kitt you have totally changed your lifestyle and I believe you are going to do whatever it takes to keep your weight off. You will be the one that will defy this article. emoticon
    2938 days ago
    I read the article too but I don't believe it. Whenever I have a gain I know why? I just ate too much junk. And doesn't exercising raise your metabolism.And then people always say it's harder to lose weight when you are older . Well I was 68 when I lost the 18 lbs here. and thought it really wasn't that hard. However that being said, I AM having a hard time losing that last 5 lbs. but I think it's more a lack of motivation than anything else and net exercising.
    Don't worry, Kitt, be happy!
    2938 days ago
    Kitt, last time I lost weight I kept it off for four years. (85 pounds) The only reason I gained it back was because I had an accident and emotionally it took me a while to recover. I hope this encourages you that the weight can stay off. emoticon
    2938 days ago
    Kitt, I saw a story about this article on the news a few days ago and it upset me also. I then read the article. Am I doomed to fail in the end? That is the last thing that I want to happen. All I know is that everyday is a fight.
    2938 days ago
    That same article was in our local paper late last week. Scared me too. Sounds like those hormones keep raging for 10 years or more, telling you that "YOU'RE HUNGRY!" How can we defeat that?

    Like you, I am struggling every single moment with maintenance. Sometimes I think, if I can just deny myself this second, it will be one more moment I have made it through. Sometimes I go to bed early just to avoid evening snacking. I always hope that if I don't give into this one craving, I'll be one second closer to maintaining for life. And that's how it goes with me--moment by moment, second by second, not even hour to hour or day to day.

    I have been looking forward to that cookbook I'm being featured in coming out in Dec. All along, I've set my sights on maintaining my weight loss until then, so that people won't look at the feature and whisper, "Gosh, she's gained weight." So far so good. But what will keep me going after December? I hope Spark can keep me motivated, as it has right along, but it would be so easy not to come here every day and ignore the scale and start eating. SO DARNED EASY! But....then I look at that closet full of new smaller clothes, and think about all I have REGAINED since losing 189 pounds, and I know I just cannot go back there to that sad morbidly obese woman again. I just can't.
    2938 days ago
    Sorry, that didn't work to get you the link. But if you google New York Times October 30 and when you get that, go to health and scroll down to find the article.
    2938 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/30/2011 2:16:15 PM
    I, too, will look for the article. And I know that maintaining is every bit as hard as losing. But reading what Froggggy13 wrote, if they did indeed stick with 550 calories, that is no healthy at all. And we aren't doing that. Yes, we can no longer go on extended binges, but I am sure that we can maintain if we stick with 'healthy'. My gains in the past have all been due to extended binges. You are doing great, Kitt. Don't let this article do you in.
    2938 days ago
    I did read the story, but not the actual article,, so I don't know the details of their methodology. However, one thing really struck me: the researchers had subjects lose weight by eating 550 kcal a day, which is extremely restrictive. After that treatment, I am not surprised that their bodies were in starvation mode even a year into maintenance. Also, there was no mention at all of excercise, which we all know is a very important part of the loss/maintenance equation.
    Don't take this study as definitive, no research ever is. It was just the outcome in this particular set of circumstances.
    2938 days ago
    Kitt, I know the thought of gaining back weight we lose is scary. I believe maintaining is every bit as hard as losing the weight is, if not harder. It's at least a lifetime of continuing what was done to lose. I haven't found the article yet, but will look it up and read it. I know you have the drive to succeed and here you have the support too. emoticon
    2938 days ago
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