Counting to 10.....but it isn't working....not even close

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ok - so for my frustration -- I'm spitting mad right now; yesterday about noon the power started to flicker and then went out - called the power company and got a recorded "we're really sorry the power should be back on between......" I had just stuck some spark recipe muffins in the electric oven. So much for muffins.

So that on again/off again continued for a couple of hours. I was scared for the appliances and computers - we had a whole house surge protector installed when we moved in but I don't trust it...Unplugged all the computers. But not the router or modem. Important detail - didn't occur to me. They were already plugged into an ADDITIONAL surge protector - should be ok, right?

Also realized - as I was headed out to Starbuck's for a hot spot so I could get some work done that I'd promised my boss - garage door doesn't open with no electricity. Duh. It probably does somehow but I couldn't figure it out. Probably has something to do with that frayed red cord that appears to have snapped off about 8 feet above my head. My DH left for Denver Saturday at about 6 am so no one to consult on this.

So I waited until we had a partial current - I know because all the smoke alarms chirp - got the door open and closed, and left for Starbuck's. Got back in a few hours - power on. BUT no internet. Rebooting modems, routers, PC's didn't fix it so....I figure too late for tech support and I'll try again in the morning. Hoping for a return of my patience as well.

Started with my ISP provider early this morning - got that back on and working but no wireless. They would help me with the router ...for 14.99 a month and a YEAR's COMMITMENT! So I say, no, just spent $270 to get Geek Squad Black Tie protection so it doesn't make sense for me to pay you $179 when it could mean you tell me the router is dead and I'm no better off.

Call to Geek Squad Black Tie hot line - by now almost 1:30 Sunday.

Hour or so on the line with Geek Squad dude - who kept trying to install drivers for my wireless card and won't listen to the problem or the fact that I have been using the same router and same PC for over 2 years - then finally gets it that the wireless isn't broadcasting, says pack up the router and go to Best Buy. On a - by this time - Sunday afternoon. Aiy yi yi Lucy!!!!

So I drive over there (30 minutes)......stand in line to talk to one guy - who tells me I'm in the wrong line (apparently under the Geek Squad sign when you have purchased Geek Squad black tie protection is the wrong line - go figure). Shows me where the right line is and 30 minutes later I talk to new Geek Squad guy...who tells me....wait for it....he can't help me because the store is on a broad band connection. I argue that Geek Squad phone guy sent me in there and told me you could help. He finds me the phone number for Linksys - manufacturer of the router I bought from Best Buy!! - and tells me to go home and call them. I'm sure you see the irony. Sort of a Catch 22 wouldn't you say?

By this time it is almost 4:30 - I buy a new router not wanting to risk driving home, calling Linksys and being told router is dead. My day is shot and I need it for work actually today. BTW in a fit of insanity, I purchase Black Tie protection on the new router.

So 5:30 pm Sunday - I open the box for the new Linksys router and there is nothing in the way of documentation/instructions. Nada. Just a cd. Pop that in.....nothing; try again and the installation fails. Tells me I need to disable whatever other software is managing my networks. Funny, that would be Linksys software wouldn't it from the old router?

I call Geek Squad again -- long story short, he can't help, and gives me the phone number for Linksys. It is now almost 8 pm. I'm am stomping around the house mad - my weekend is gone.. I finally figure out what box to uncheck to disable the wrong software and get the through the installation. Have you ever noticed that all their links for additional help require a connection to the internet? If I had that, i wouldn't have bought your stupid....never mind.

Now I'm re-installing laptops, printers, yadya, and I haven't had dinner.

Yes this was a rant. Can't help it. Feel like telling someone to go hang themselves with their Black Tie.
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  • SHARON10002
    I'd be less patient than you have been through all of this! As I was reading, I was thinking that you managed to get through it and do it without strangling someone!
    You deserve a big emoticon ! I do hope that getting it all out here helped you feel better and get something to eat!
    3127 days ago
    I would rant too. You have no idea how much ranting I'd do in your place! I hope things are better today though!
    3128 days ago
    Looks like maybe you should count to 100 on such a stressful day! I hope that today is a better day than yesterday!

    emoticon At least you worked it through and are back up and running and sparking!

    3128 days ago
    I've had similar experiences! VERY frustrating! emoticon
    3128 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    emoticon That is crazy. So much for people being helpful.
    3128 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9450242
    ARGHHHHHHHHH!!! I hate when this stuff happens. You gotta have a good day tomorrow. emoticon
    3128 days ago
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