Acupuncture instead of drug therapy or radiation treatment. (?)

Friday, November 04, 2011

I am not sure whether the title is a question or a statement but that is the situation I am in right now. I have had trigeminal neuralgia(facial pain) for several years. This facial pain has only caused me serious problems since last May. In May the pain was so constant I was on pain medication and unable to work for several months. The anti seizure medication used to treat this disorder took about 7 weeks to finally become effective. Now the pain is back and I am taking the highest dose of medication I can. The next option I have is a Gamma Knife treatment which is basically radiation of the nerve causing the pain. The problem is it may or may not work. After learning all the details of the Gamma Knife treatment I decided to try acupuncture instead. I have only had one treatment and so far the pain has lessened.

I am wondering if others have used acupuncture for pain or other things like weight lose or smoking?
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  • GLC2009
    hi there,
    i hope the acupuncture works for you. i have been dealing with a very lame horse since last february. in september, the vet said i might have to accept that he will never be sound again (he's only 7 yrs old). i had an equine chiropractor/acupuncturist come out to work on him and 3 visits have made him sound again. my farrier says it's a miracle. several people have asked for her phone number because they are so impressed with the results.
    i don't know if it's the chiro, the acupuncture or the combo, but, it is amazing.
    and i agree with doing the least invasive things first and seeing how it goes. you can't go wrong trying acupuncture, that's for sure.
    oh, and it would also be worth trying to change your diet. you never know.
    i suffered with lots of pain for many years and getting artificial sweeteners and wheat out of my diet helped 95%. taking omega 3's seems to be fixing the last 5%.
    i've been off artificial sweeteners since 2010 and wheat since january. emoticon
    2756 days ago
    I only found this blog post now, so hope you will still see this. Have you considered trying an elimination diet to see if your symptoms are the result of food intolerance? I know of many people who have eliminated wheat from their diet and symptoms similar to yours went away completely.
    Best wishes,
    2756 days ago
  • JUNEBUG4967
    Yes, my chiropracter uses acupunture as part of the muscle stimulating machine she uses for my bursitis and sciatica pain. I find it does a good job in enhancing the results. Another friend goes to an acupuntcure specialist and has had good results with pain and other symptoms. From my experience, I suggest friends try the least invasive things first and then if need be discuss with their Dr. other options that are more likely to have side effects. Not all Drs. are willing to go this route and it also depends on what you are comfortable with. Usually it does take longer, but I think it is worth looking into.
    3124 days ago
    I had an acquaintance in High School that had acupuncture done for weight loss and she did loose some weight, but nothing drastic. I hope your trigeminal neuralgia eases up for you with the acupuncture.
    3137 days ago
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