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Getting a wake up call

Monday, November 07, 2011

OMG I have gained more weight, I was not able to weigh in for a week because I needed a battery in my scale, I thought this is the time to get over my obsession with the scale....
My original weight goal was 145, some how i got down to 140 and so my range was 140-145.....well as time goes I kept between those weights, some time creeping to this morning when I was 154 I almost had a could this happen, even with sodium being high from eating out Friday and having soup.....all I can say is back to the basics starting right now.....stop having those small bites of this and that , and all the morsels while baking all those sweet breads, they sure do add up don't they.....
This is my wake up call to knock it off or else......

I am determined to get back to my weight range by fear is it's happening's happening to me.. the weight is slowly creeping back on, so time to get the gloves on and STOP it before it gets way out of hand....

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    good luck in getting it down
    2926 days ago
    You recognize the "creep" and will do what you have to do. Look what you've already accomplished? emoticon
    2927 days ago
    Oh how I feel your fear! I have been there and done that! HOWEVER, you have gotten a much better handle on healthy living than I, and you have proven that you can do it. I know you will get back in range. Your other friends have given you wonderful advice. I know you will follow it. I also thank you for sharing this with us, it is so easy to watch someone who is successful, ant think that things just roll along smoothly for them. This shows that it can happen to the best, it is just a part of life. It is how we handle it that really matters! I have confidence in you!
    2927 days ago
    It's a wake up call and nothing else, just your body letting you know that the corners you are cutting are showing up. Don't focus on your fear, but on what you know you are capable of! You are a strong, tough woman and you can easily smack down a few pounds! I know you can do it!
    2929 days ago
    SOCKITTOME spoke wise words.
    emoticon emoticon
    2929 days ago
    emoticon its just a small set back
    2929 days ago
    Hang in there. You will get those pounds back off. You are right about a bite here and a bite there adding up. But you have caught yourself. emoticon emoticon
    2930 days ago

    First, take a deep breath. In and out. And do it and out. the scale is wonky after changing the battery and it says you're up. How are your clothes fitting? Are you still in your normal sizes? If so, the scale is a bald-faced liar. See if it needs calibration or something. If your clothes are getting a little snug, then okay, so you're up a little. It happens sometimes. Keep things in perspective and get back to the basics.

    I seriously doubt you nibbled enough to gain 17 lbs. Keep doing the healthy things you've been doing and see how the next few weeks go. Try not to obsess about it, however. Keep your focus on the positive and see if there really is a problem. If so, deal with it. If not, toss that scale and get a new one.

    Hang in there, Kitt. You are going to be fine, seriously.

    2930 days ago
    emoticon and I know you will. Just go back to doing the things when you were losing before and the weight will come off.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon you need three of these right now!
    2930 days ago
  • MY1FAN
    2930 days ago
    Settle down Kitt. It is going to be fine. As you say, back to basics. You know how to handle this and there is NO EMERGENCY!!! Take your time and lose the weight properly .No dieting!!! Take it slow and sure and the weight will come off. This is not a race. I love you,

    Gini emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2931 days ago
    Take it one day at a time and one step at a time Kitt. You can do this and it will come off. Getting back to basics will help rooting for you. We all need a swift kick in the pants at times. I know I do every now and then.
    2931 days ago
    Kitt I am rootin' for you! I know you can do it!
    2931 days ago
    2931 days ago
    I'm surprised Kitt, but get a hold of it before anymore happens.

    Like Jo said, there is no way you ate over 7000 calories to gain this.
    2931 days ago
    good for you --I know you can do what you need to do..

    You do know something else is going on -- is it stress?? for your trip maybe..hmm
    just a thought
    There is no way you ate over 7000 calories over your alotment to gain this weight.. I just would not happen with you... so maybe not the sodium or stress or the nibbles but a combination of all 3...

    I believe you would change things around .. You are woman hear you roar

    hugs Jo
    2931 days ago
    I know you are not going to let it get too far. I am so glad you got that wake up call. You CAN do it!!
    2931 days ago
    Kitt, I like your attitude....BRING ON THE GLOVES! You go girl!
    2931 days ago
    It is NOT going to happen to you. recharged scales...water/sodium. Yes you might need to buckle down again, but you are not going to lose this battle. You have come too far and are loving life in your healthy lifestyle.
    2931 days ago
    1st take a deep breath and I agree with you on going back to basics.
    2931 days ago
    I know you'll get back. but don't be afraid -- you have the tools and you know how to use them and it sounds like you know what caused it. Happy losing!
    2931 days ago
    Oh I know you can do it - I've had some of the same experiences - test cooking for Thanksgiving yesterday and I see it immediately on the scale this morning! We can do this together!
    2931 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2931 days ago
    emoticon Just be thankfull you are doing something now before the scales say 20+ pounds. You will get it off. You have come so far that nothing will get in your way.
    2931 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Grab that bull by the horns NOW!
    You know you can do it. You've been such an inspiration for others, now you need to take care of yourself and let all your Spark Friends support YOU!

    Happy Monday and Happy Sparking,
    emoticon Vikki
    2931 days ago
    Kitt, did you set the scale in a different place. Those digital scales are touchy?

    On the other hand if the weight gain is accurate, I guess it is a lesson for us all, we can not walk around testing & tasting this and that. Every thing we put in our mouth has to be accounted for.

    Why oh why does it have to be so hard? emoticon
    2931 days ago
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