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Urinary Tract Infections.....

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I have been plagued by UTIs for over 4 decades and still do NOT know what to do to prevent them from EVER coming back. With all we read and are told by our Doctors about the danger of becoming immune to antibiotics, I was told today that the danger of NOT treating a UTI is far more serious. After all of the years of fighting UTIs, I know immediately when one is coming on. Even though I KNOW what it is, my Doctor insists on me donating a urine sample and then waiting most of that day for the same antibiotic that I have taken for years. It is frustrating even though I know the reasoning behind the testing for each infection. I was sick all day today with the pain and urgency re: urination, the extreme fatigue that sets in, and the constant lower back ache. I was finally able to pick up my antibiotic about 4 this afternoon so I am feeling somewhat better, but am still so tired.
My question for you is..........Do any of you have any tips that have worked for you to completely eradicate this infection. I don't want to just treat them........I want to prevent them!!!!! Any ideas emoticon
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    Drinking a fair bit of cranberry juice (REAL juice, not "flavoured" is beneficial. Drinking copious amounts of water, but being careful to NOT over-hydrate helps flush the infections.

    Wiping yourself from front to back rather than from the back toward the front helps prevent infections. Keeping the toilet seat and your hands clean is important and even more so if there are others in the house.

    Make sure that when you go to the toilet to pass urine that you ensure that you properly void your bladder - squeeze out every last little bit that you can. This can help to prevent some UTI's appearing.

    Talk to your Dr about using an antibiotic as a prophylactic. You are given a real low dose of the appropriate antibiotic on a permanent basis. This has particularly good results in helping to keep the UTI at bay. (Your kidneys risk damage when you have UTI's a lot - particularly when you have a nasty one.) A lot of people are on this type of treatment.

    Good Luck.
    2947 days ago

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    I have to say for me, anything cranberry . . . be it the pills of the sugar-free juice. That works. Along with what has already been advised re: drinking plenty of water and not substituting coffee, etc. Water flushes.

    Good luck, hope you feel better.
    2957 days ago
  • FLAME42
    I am so sorry to hear you are having that problem again. Can't offer any suggestions because that is not a problem I have. I will say a prayer for you and also send you the best vibes I can. From the other comments posted bet you are drinking lots of water right now.
    2957 days ago
    Patti I've heard cranberry, blueberry or pomegranate juice is all good because of the antioxidants in them. Also keep away from caffeine and keep away from sugar and soda drinks.
    2958 days ago
    I had them. I have had two cystoscopies to determine why. I have what is called a double collecting system on both kidneys. There is an extra section of kidney on each kidney and extra ureters (tubes) from the kidney to the bladder. Some of the tubes don't have functioning valves to keep the urine from backing up into the kidney.

    Only one doctor ever told me this and since then I have stayed trouble free. He said to drink water. He told me that when I drank coffee, tea instead of water, I was not flushing my system. If I drink the kids drink HI-C, I can feel one coming on. He said that sodas, kool-aid, HI-C are acidic and when I drank that instead of water, it was like pouring acid into my bladder. With no water to flush the irritants out.

    He told me that even too much cranberry juice is not good, but that cranberry juice is good for infections. Like someone else posted, I was told to go every 2 hours. Don't get so busy that you put off going to the bathroom.

    The first one I ever had, I urinated blood. I have had a couple like that. If I don't go often enough, because of the valve situation, my urine can back up into the kidneys.
    2958 days ago
    I've had the same problem too. What keeps UTIs from coming back is drinking cranberry juice (preferably the kind without sugar added; juice-sweetened). Also making sure to drink lots of water. Going to the bathroom at least once every 3-4 hours or more if necessary. If I don't drink enough water and end up not going to the bathroom often enough, I would get a UTI. Drink more water on hotter days or if you are sweating a lot. I'm surprised that you have to wait so long to get your prescription. My doctor's office usually asks me which pharmacy they could send prescription to and they do it online so that I could pick it up on the way home from the doctor's office. Maybe everyone does it differently. I hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    2958 days ago
  • no profile photo MARYSABEAN
    UTI's are unpleasant, and I urge you to consult your physician for their assistance.
    2958 days ago
    i saw your blog and thought i'd tell you that blueberry juice not only prevents them but can get rid of one. you can get full strength blueberry juice at health food stores. minute maid and welch's have a blueberry/pomagrannite juice mix in the refrigerated juice section of most grocery stores if you don't have a health food store. i even keep a can of blueberries in juice that's for pies on hand in case i run out of the juice. it does work, i hope it does for you too. good luck !!!

    2958 days ago
  • MJP715
    Ughh. I know exactly how you feel, but watch out. I had some back up Cipro and took that for what turned out to be a cipro-resistant UTI that turned into a kidney infection before I finally went to the doctor. It was bad news, so now I always go for the unpleasant pee in a cup test. That said, i'm lucky enough to have a doctor that has the capacity to have you come in to do that ASAP when you need it.

    As far as preventing them, cranberry pills have worked wonders for me. I take them twice a day with big glasses of water plus after you-know-what. It won't eradicate them but it really helps. Good luck!
    2958 days ago
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