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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ok... Well today is day 1, and I'm super STRESSED about my Med-Surg final on Jan 5, 2012!!! I need to make at least a 74 to make a 70 (C) in the class! I feel as if my families future is on the line... I try so hard to do good in school and at work, but sometimes it's just so over whelming!! I want a better future for my children. I am going to study hard this weekend and start 2012, with a BANG moving onto quarter 5 outta 7 in nursing school!!! :-) ttyl blog
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    Well this week has been the same stress of James and not having any money. It is getting kinda hard with no support from him and I understand its the cold season but really how long can you sit home and sulk and pout about not having any work when you dont get off your BUTT and make some money else where??? emoticon But like my therapist said "Dont force him to do things that you think he should do, Let him make the choices." But i have always done that and WE ALWAYS end up in this SAME SITUATION! Every year! I think with my new state of mind i am thinking of finally leaving FOR GOOD! I have so much more in my life being alone, I am my only support. He gives me little support in my life style change but usually always complains of the money i am spending on healthier food. And i dont like that...I know its a little bit priceier but i need to be HEALTHIER!! I dont think he understands. I am growing mentally and emotionally and i want more than he can give me and I think i am just resenting him for it. I need to just do it and leave for good and make it a clean break. I always go back to him financially....but besides that I dont think im in love anymore with him. UGH...the stress of RELATIONSHIPS!!! i hate it... emoticon emoticon
    3001 days ago
    This week was pretty stressful with finals and kris's doctor appts..i have to take him for some more appts hopefully my baby is ok!! I am enjoyin my last saturday off with no studing till quarter 5 starts on Monday!! emoticon
    3011 days ago
    Today was a good day! I went to the gym, and did the Aqua Fitness Class. Took the hunny and it was so funny...he could not keep a balance for his life!! That Noodle kicked his butt!! Too funny the lil older ladies were laughing at sure they enjoyed his company! emoticon Then i came home and studied..(Well tried to get into studying) emoticon But how ever long it too me i did it!! Then I did the 10minute Boot Camp Cardio workout with Coach Nicole...that kicked my butt!! Then i was off to take my test at, did an awesome job i think..there were about 12 i was iffy on...but that's not bad outta 100...So its looking good! Pretty stress-less day! And got awesome news....I will be off on FRIDAY ALSO!! so enjoying my time off from work!! I wish i could stay home and cook for the kids and go to school at night...and not work...but until i finish LVN school, and start the RN program in October...i shall have to wait and endure more LLOONNGG DAYS... emoticon
    -have a SPARKY Peeps!!! emoticon
    3014 days ago
    Today wasnt so stressful...i had a great day today! No problems..i went to the gym and exercised and felt great..took pops, desipoo and carlos..i worked them
    3015 days ago
    Well today was an awesome day...I was off from work...and so was James..We had plans to go wash clothes this morning...and we got that done...but idk what he problems was he woke up on the wrong side of the bed...or something...he was being a you know what! And i kinda brushed it off here and there...but when he gave me attitude at the washateria...that kinda flipped my top..i sent him a text since i didnt wanna embrass him there...telling him he was being a you know what and needed to calm down and stop being a groucho! and he did..and i also sent him a text telling him what i wanted for Valentines Day...which is the Spark 28 Day Boot Camp DVD, and the Spark Cook Book!! So lets see what he gets me..if not i will get it if I get my goal of 2lbs per week. ;-) So other then was a great day! emoticon
    3016 days ago
    Well i didnt blog yesterday, I really didnt have anything stressful going on...the only think i can think of was...i was doing my med surg studying and james came in and bothered me and i lost my document that i had been typing on the last 1.5hrs!! and the damm auto save didnt AUTO SAVE IT!! So i had to start over...but i didnt i just but a blurb to just read those questions i didnt get to auto save! use crying over split milk!
    3017 days ago
    well i thought today was gonna be a good day and actually it was until about 1225pm, when my boss came to our cath lab and said "Crystal, I need you to go to clinic from 1-3, to help out." i was like WTF!!! in case you dont know i EFFIN HATE WORKIN IN THE CLINIC...not because of the patients, but because they have a RN, 3-LVN and i have to go over there to EFFIN HELP THEM....i am just a little ol' MA!! I can run a EFFIN clinic in circles around them FOOLS!! If they can get their RN,LVN then i can definately get it!! I swear they are a bunch of EFFIN IDIOTS!! I hate stupid people and they are stupid, not to mention the idiot in our scheduling office!! UGH!!! anywhoo...i left at 230...and bugged the EFF outta there....screw them and their hurt arm, and momma who fell in FRIGGIN eagle pass that you cant get to for hours!! FINISH YOUR EFFIN JOB so i can do MINE!!! and not YOURS!! emoticon
    3019 days ago
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