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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Prompt #1
1- Why did you choose to participate in this challenge?
2- At the end of these 15 days, what do you hope to accomplish?
3- What do you want to feel like?
4- What is going to tell you that you are headed in the right direction during this challenge?
5- What is going to be different?
6- What will make 2012 different than 2011?
*******My Answers******************** ;-)
1- I needed some motivation, and found it in Lauren's page. So i wanted to get on any challenge she started so i can keep up the MOMENTUM to get to my mental happiness!
2- I hope to accomplish a better mindset and better out look of exercise. i want to have the mental power to tell my self to get up and GO even though i am tired from work/school! And to make sure i keep up with my blogs.
3- I want to feel like a MILLION DOLLARS!! lol And i want to be proud of my sillouette!
4- I get on daily to SP, and I track my food, fitness, and team goals for the challenges im on. And i am having to fight myself less going to the gym and making up excuses why i cant go!
5- My ultimate motivation i got in seeing that I am not the only girl, who wants to be healthier I am not alone and have ALOT OF SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND SPARK FRIENDS!!
6- I really didnt feel motivated in 2011, i was still depressed about my weight and my mentality about having to go to the gym, i complained alot and didnt really think i was a BIG as I am NOW! I have come to the realization that i am OBESE and i can say it without DENIAL, and I can own it and NOW I CAN DISOWN IT, by getting rid of all these years of pain and suffering i have carried with me my whole life. I am DONE being the FAT GIRL!!! ;-)
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    Prompt #5:
    Write a letter to your future self at your goal. I know this will probably include a particular weight, but make sure you are including the more important stuff that will ensure you success as a maintainer. How do you feel? What are your habits like? How often do you work out? What is your diet like? What type of self-talk do you participate in? What are you doing for work? How have you changed emotionally, mentally, and physically? What other goals have you reached? How has being successful on your healthy living journey changed other areas of your life? How confident are you? What else has changed?

    Dear Crystal,
    Well this is a a new day i have been hard at work this last past year. I started December 2011, and started off 2012 with a band. I set myself up for a weight loss/strentgh training program in the pool at Gold's. I started at the water aerobics then went on my own doing what i learned in class. I set a goal to go at least 2-3 times a week. And worked up my endurance and strength to go 7 days a week for at least 1 hour in the pool and 1 hour on machines and finally im able to run on the treadmill. I feel totally awesome...i have more energy and am able to run around with the kids and we go to the park and play volleyball and baseball! I never dreamed of being able to run around with them on the playground. We also go to seaworld and i finally bout tickets to fiesta texas...NOW THAT I DONT HAVE to feel embarrased i couldnt FIT on the rides with my kids. And get tired walking around the park with the kids. I am not ashamed of the stretch marks on my body and small areas of extra skin. But with continual work and determination i will have more Lean muscle mass then fat %, which will fill out that skin and i will be toned and fill out that gap. Thank god i did this while i am still youthful to prevent having surgery for the excess skin from losing over 100+lbs. But anyway...extra skin or not....I am healthy and living life now to the fullest and am never caught indoors sleeping my days away depressed at being the FAT GIRL! Cause on 12/28/2011 i was DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL, and changed my life FOREVER and was never on a "Diet" but a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!! And i had motivation from all my Spark Friends and my Vitality is BACK! Being 30, has changed my life..i thought it was the end of the world, but in 2012 i became a LVN and am working on my RN and lost 100lbs of pain and suffering for 28 years. It was my year for a life changing awakening.!!! Thank you Spark People and my DONE sisters in sweat! I made my emoticon a reality!!
    3004 days ago
    Prompt #4:
    For today’s prompt, I want you to pick one affirmation and explain why you chose it. I then want you to write it at least 20 times (the more the better! I recommend 50-100 times). This affirmation may not be exactly true yet, but I want you to fake it before you make it.
    My Desire: To be a healthier Happier Woman!
    My Affirmation: "Woohoo!! I made it to my goal weight in one year!! I love the way i look now and Now i can take Vertical pictures of myself and not crop them out!! I can wear High heels and not have my FAT FOOT hang over the sides!! I can now shop at Victoria's Secret and be PROUD they have my size infront of the rack!! So LONG....LANE BRYANT!! Thanks for all the sexy clothes you had for me 110lbs AGO!!! emoticon
    3004 days ago
    Prompt #3:
    How has negative self-talk affected you up until this point? How do you think your journey would be different if you didn’t participate in negative self-talk? What would that mean for your weight loss? How do you think it would change how often you ate a hefty amount of calories because you felt like a “failure”? How would you feel about yourself if you made a conscious decision to eliminate the negative self-talk? What kinds of things do you catch yourself saying to yourself that you would be absolutely horrified to hear someone saying to your best friend? What are you going to do the next time you catch yourself participating in negative self-talk? How are you going to remind yourself to stop?
    The negative talk has pushed me to feel defeated and quit and just give up on my "diet." I would always think i just knew i couldnt do it...and THEN i would eat until i cried... emoticon I think if i didnt have the negative thinking i would have been successful YEARS ago. But its ok cause i think you have to be fully devoted to change and not just change because we think we need to for someone else..but most importantly for OURSELVES! I ate all the time i felt like a failure yet AGAIN, and i would eat when i was under stress or feeling down...and then i felt even more horrible once i ate all the food. I sometimes wished i would have a mental disorder like bulemia or anorexia so i could eat and "Make" myself throw up...i tried it a couple of time when i was younger but i just couldnt bring myself to do tasted nasty and felt horrible...i wasnt a great "Fake Bulemic Person." And now that i am older i realized that it is a true mental disorder and I wouldnt wish that on anyone. I really didnt have horrible self talk to myself saying horrible things...but i would just ignore my appearance and my weight with laughter and jokes...i had to over come my weight by having an outgoing personality...but by doing that i realized that no matter what my weight was i was an AWESOME person and either people loved me for me or not at all...I havent really done any negative talk, i think because i am so DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL!! And all i have is positive thinking NOW!! emoticon
    3004 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8823592
    That's a great plan! With your determination, I know you can do it!
    3013 days ago
    Love your prompt #2! Isn't it so funny how we don't have money for healthy food but always find the money to eat out? I am sooo guilty of this :) Glad to have you on the challenge and I'm also glad you are setting out to be a good example for your daughter! What a great mom you are!! :)
    3014 days ago
    Eating healthy can be very expensive! It is difficult to take the time when you are a busy mom. That is what I wrote about in my response to this question as well. It sounds like you have a great plan! Good luck!
    3015 days ago
    I loved what your plan is to keep at it this time around. I know what you mean about thinking you do not have $ for healthy food yet spending it on junk food. Great job!
    3015 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7935209
    Good start!! I love your game plan for this year.
    3015 days ago
    ****PROMPT #2*********
    Was it hour-long workouts six times a week when you hadn’t worked out in months (or years!)? Was it jumping into eating 100% clean instead of slowly easing into it? Was it being 100% perfect on your diet plan and not leaving any wiggle room? Was it second-guessing your ability to lose the weight, even though logically you know it’s just a matter of time and healthy habits? Was it believing you can’t lose weight at all? Really scan your brain for every factor that has held you back! Then, list a game plan on how you are going to make sure NONE of this gets in the way of making 2012 YOUR year of Vitality/losing weight, gaining confidence, and living with passion :)
    I think for me the main reason was the cost of food to eat healthy. I have 2 kids work full time and go to school full time..and my ex-husband current boyfriend works in Air Conditioning and this cold weather flucuates so much that this year i couldnt really afford it. That was my excuse..and before that was that he didnt work enough to have enough money to buy healthier food...but yet we ate out every night for fast food...i just didnt wanna cook...and blamed the no $$, but yet we always had enough to by dinner or lunch and eat out on the weekends 3x a day..which is kids started gaining weight..and i dont want my daughter to struggle as i have. So I started sparking and finding economical recipes and it has worked! If i can only figure out how to batch That is one of my lil million goals.
    So my list:
    1-Grocery Shop with a List- HEALTHY FOOD choices
    2- Cook all the meals, and save the money for workout equipment for home..(dumbells, DVD's, kettle bell, etc..)
    3-Meal Plan for a week.
    4- Pack my lunch
    5- Show the kids how to eat healthy and make better food choices.
    6- And not doubting myself that i cant do it...AGAIN, that i can FINALLY PROVE I CAN! and show every one I have!! By my 30th bday on December 8th, I plan to be at least 96lbs lighter!! My goal is 2lbs a week!!! baby steps!! Small challenges, and most importantly...ACCOUNTABILITY!!! emoticon emoticon
    3015 days ago
    Sounds like you're off to a great start! 2012 is the year! We can do this! If you ever need anything, just let me know!
    3016 days ago
    Thank you all for the kind words!! emoticon
    3016 days ago
  • STARR3575
    I love this! Your list is a prime example of what to look at when you are not motivated. So when your down and don't want to exercise next time just look at this day 1, it should help. I am positive for you and will send that your way!
    3016 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8823592
    emoticon Way to go! I was in a similar place of depression and denial at the end of 2011. This challenge is a great way to kickstart 2012!
    3016 days ago
    You can do this... be kind to yourself. 2012 is your year!

    (P.S. Love the color scheme on your page... ;) emoticon
    3017 days ago
    All very great reasons! I really can relate to wanting to have a better mindset about exercise. I have been trying to tell myself exercise equals relaxation/me time, but I am still struggling to do it.
    You are a DONE girl.
    Will be rooting you on!
    3017 days ago
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