Saturday, January 07, 2012

Do you think Superman ever got tired of saving the world? Of course he did! And when he was burned out, he came to Azure Destinations to regenerate. Azure Destinations is the secret lair of all superheroes. The island's mystical streams offer rejuvenation for the burned out, the dieter who's been around for too long and needs to add some SPICE back into their routine. On Azure you'll rediscover how to be a fun-loving, motivated self-starter, because on our island your captains don’t schedule constant challenges or tell you what exercises to do. But you CAN expect to be challenged! This is not a free ride, you will be expected to post often, connect with the team AND our many visitors, visit along WITH the team and participate in challenges (just not the same cookie-cutter challenges you’ll find elsewhere).

We’re looking for people who know how to lose weight and have seen success, but maybe they got lost, or are missing that magical "thing" they once had. Our island is full of friends and laughter and is a gathering place for ANY BLC team or member looking for a place to hang out or get help at any time. In addition, we SPREAD that happiness wherever we go - and trust us - WE GO. We move around a lot, visiting pages, blogs and other team threads and spread cheer along with magic.

If this sounds like your kind of place, leave a comment on my page and I'll tell you how to join :-)
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