January 18, 2012 - The meeting at school about wild man.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well, my husband and I met with the school psychologist and my son's teacher today about his outrageous behavior. The teacher walked in with a broken pencil and a straightened out paper clip. She had just confiscated them from the little wild man, who had been breaking pencils all day and he was using the straight clip to poke the other boys to get them riled up. I just shook my head. The school psychologist, who is a friend of ours (and is always so pleasant and positive, and his wife is too), just smiled and said, "Well, let's talk about all these behaviors." He told us that he had observed Justin and that he thought we had cause to be concerned that Justin has trouble focusing on his work, controlling his impulses, sitting still and complying with rules. We went over lots of his behaviors and talked a lot about his strong points along with his less that nice behaviors.

His teacher, Mrs. M, asked us how long we had seen these behaviors. I said, "Since he started walking." She also wanted to know if he acted out in after school so I told her about the time he had come home from the YMCA summer program wearing another child's underwear with his in his bookbag, and how he had been kicked out of day care right after turning 3 years old, and about him stealing money off his daddy's desk since he was 18 months old and also about him calling us stupid and being defiant and "hating" us. We talked some more and she said that Justin lies to her so she doesn't know what to believe. I said, "I can tell when he is lying." She said, "How can you tell?" I said, "When he starts talking." It took her a second and she just burst out laughing. She looked at my husband and said, "I have to tell you, when you were sick for the several weeks you were out of work, I really had a great time getting know your wife!" She just patted my arm and said, "You make me laugh." I told her that if I didn't laugh about our situation, I would go crazy with it.

When we got finished talking some more, I made sure to tell Mrs. M that we were behind her 100% on the little wild man's behaviors and were doing all we could with him. She assured us that she knew we were doing our best at home with him and that she felt that we totally supported her in her efforts with him. Then the psychologist asked us how we felt about medication because a lot of people don't want to give their kid the medicine and don't want them labeled. I just looked at him and said, "Why wouldn't they! We are living in hell at our house dealing with this. I told him that we certainly want to do something to work on this and if medication and behavior plans could work together, then we would not rule it out. And as for labeling, he was overly active, NOT a felon!! Besides, if we can't get this under control and he can't be medicated, then they will have to medicate me or I won't make it to the second grade with this kid!

So, we are now going to talk with his medical doctor and see what he says. If he is not on board with us about this, then we are going to see a psychiatrist that my sister took my nephew to. This lady helped him tremendously. He went from almost failing the 8th grade (saved only by the end of grade tests), to making all A's and a few B's in the 9th grade. It has done wonders for him.

I will not let my child or his education suffer because of being afraid he is "labeled" or "medicated". His behaviors are certainly not the most severe, but they are definitely at least moderate, or most likely, somewhere between moderate and severe. But, the teacher agrees that he is very intelligent. To squander that without trying whatever we can, would be a huge waste to him and could greatly affect his future!

So, off we go into the land of hyper kids! This is overwhelming..... emoticon
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    Thank you Slaws! It is always good to hear about improvements and things working. I have a co-worker that is warning me not to "let them drug my kid". Her son is ADHD and she is trying herbal and other "organic" remedies. All I hear, though, are the stories about the daily fights at home and the daily behavior problems and the grade problems with his schoolwork. At our meeting today, Justin's teacher said that her daughter, who is now 30, was ADHD and she would not medicate her. She really blew it on her grades in the 9th grade and the teacher said she regretted not allowing the medicine sooner. It ended up pulling her high school grades down and she could not go to the university of her choice. She seem very approving of us being willing to try whatever it took to get Justin settled down in the classroom. He is NOT going to succeed like this!

    Thanks again for your support!!
    3173 days ago
  • SLAWS1
    I completely feel your pain. I have one of those hyper kids. We put her on Vyvanse @ 9 years old and have never looked back. She is now 12 1/2 and doing great. Not to say that everyday is great, but it's WAYYYYY better.
    Good Luck!!
    3173 days ago
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