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Night Snacking

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 Cor. 10:31
Therefore, whether you eat or drink , or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.


Pretty straight forward isn't it? Why is it so hard to attain?

My latest battle is once again with night snacking. It's crazy. I totally had that under control! This morning was weigh-in day for my Biggest Loser team and the scale was up for the first time in quite awhile. Not much, but up is the wrong direction and alerted me that something else is going on. I looked through my "other goals" to see if there was anything glaring there and there was. night snacking. There weren't any checkmarks which means I have snacked every night since Saturday. I am going to make sure I have my notebook and pen in hand tonight while sitting on that sofa watching Stargate (worked before) but I need to spend time figuring out why I slipped back into that old habit. No answers today, but it feels good to know I'm stopping it in its tracks before more damage is done.
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  • CARRIE1948
    Try finding something to do with your hands while you watch TV.
    2872 days ago
    Don't know what you do at night when watching TV, but sometimes if it is something that I watch and can knit or crochet during commercials it keeps me from making the raid in the refrigerator. If you do puzzles, either crosswords or word searches, you could do those when the commercials come on to keep from making the kitchen trip.
    2879 days ago
    Janet, I really admire your matter of fact approach to the ins and outs of this process. You'll get there!

    I also love the verse. It's funny how certain words become more profound when you least expect it. I guess that's why it's the living word.

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}
    2879 days ago
  • TINATC26
    Good Luck with this Janet! I know it's a very hard thing to overcome, I have found that the best solution for me is to just GO TO BED!! Is that avoidance, you bet, but nothing else seems to work for me.. Sending good vibes that you find your way from this!
    2880 days ago
  • LINDAJ0621
    I am struggling with this too. My problem is waking up around midnight or later and starving, no matter what time I eat dinner & have a healthy snack before bedtime. I have been eating 1tbsp natural peanut butter & a glass of skim milk, but now I think I have created a monster habit! I need to back off the peanut butter!!! I just have to find the willpower to not cave to the call of the kitchen!
    2880 days ago
    Night snacking is my downfall, and if I don't keep it in check, way too easy to fall back into bad habits. I actually blew it last night, so had to comment here--know you are not alone! We can do this, and the support of others truly helps.
    2880 days ago
    Janet I had a terrible time last night. I was craving chocolate! I have none in the house. I had been doing wo well since home from Christmas vacation, then all of a sudden BOOM. I made some sugar free grape kool aid and that helped a little. I think it is fatigue. When I get tired I look for food. I think that will have to be the back to basic challenge for this week. I have them all planed out, but I am open for change :)
    2880 days ago
    Oh, Janet, you're sure not alone! I have a ripped open chocolate Santa on the counter that I took a half of a bite out of, and thank goodness, my mind kicked in! I put it DOWN! What do we THINK about sometimes! Now, that was mindless, I have to say! And if I don't count out each Pringle potato chip, goodness knows, I'll wolf down that whole can! emoticon Before SparkPeople, I can assure you, I would still be doing so! emoticon
    2881 days ago
    Since I am diabetic, I am supposed to snack - even shortly before going to bed, but I emphasize a little bit of protein to make sure my blood sugars stay stable overnight.
    2881 days ago
    Night snackingis a horrible habit, and so easy to slide back into. Some people plan healthy snacks for evening. It works best for me to just say no: don't negotiate, don't waiver. My brain can accept that.
    Now that you know where the problem is, you are on your way.
    2881 days ago
  • BETTA13
    Snacking is out of control right now, Grr.
    2881 days ago
    Good job, Janet, in searching for answers! THere is a quote from one of the ancients that says, "An unexamined life is not worth living." THank you for inspiring me!!!! {{{{huge hugs}}}} Susan
    2881 days ago
    I've been having the same problem. Not necessarily night snacking, but snacking in general. We will overcome this!!
    2881 days ago
    Half the battle is recognizing there is a problem. The trouble with snacking is that you just do it without thinking. I think having a notebook and pen handy will help make you more mindful about what you are eating. You CAN do this!!
    2881 days ago
  • NEWNAC304
    I struggle with night time snacking too. I'm going to start drinking hot tea when I want a snack to see if that will help.
    2881 days ago
    Hang in there Janet. That is hard for me also. I've been having a cup of hot tea and it seems to help. emoticon
    2881 days ago
    Someone else I know uses a notebook to track everything. Is that what you do? I'm wondering if that wouldn't be a good way for me to focus. My snacking is way off the charts and it is more than just at night. I have no self-control with it right now at all. Great scripture focus!
    2881 days ago
  • TEXANMOM81275
    That's great that you caught it before it snowballed. Good luck in stopping it in its tracks. You absolutely can do it! emoticon
    2881 days ago
    Thats great you quickly pinpointed the problem! Now its commited to God and is back under control!
    2881 days ago
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