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Weekly Wrap Up -- 1/21/12

Saturday, January 21, 2012

If you've read a few of my blogs this week you'll already know I've had to step up the battle against night snacking big time. The scale even showed the score in an unpleasant manner this morning, but it only made me more resolved to get the food piece of this journey under control.

I've been trying to figure out what might have sparked all the eating because it truly felt emotional. One thing I stumbled on when I looked at the calendar today was the fact that is the 16th anniversary of my mom's passing. She was 67. Guessing that could have had something to do with it as I knew it was January. If not, I'm moving on anyway! But... I want to share these pictures in her honor. Sadly I have no idea what year they were taken. Mom was taken to heaven after a quick battle with brain cancer. She had a stage IV glioblastoma and it grew back larger than what they removed in surgery within two weeks. We lost her about a week after that. I miss you mom!

This framed photo sits on the shelf above my treadmill.

This is her with her first grandchild. That would place this in about 1982.

She was the youngest of twelve. This photo is of the eight that were still alive.

And this one has always been a favorite of mine. Shows her silly side. to the goals for the week.

1. Gym 3x/week. Resistance work all three of those days and 1x/will be with the trainer. Will continue with the treadmill and my home resistance equipment on the days I am not at the gym.
Only made it to the gym on Friday to meet the trainer. I had planned on Wednesday, but we had a snowstorm all day and that kept me happily at home. I'm going to go ahead and give myself one of these....
....because I did walk on Monday with my SP friend (1/2 mile but it was soooo cold) and got my 10,000 steps accomplished, I shoveled 4" of slush for 40 min. on Wednesday, walked on the treadmill and did resistance work on Thursday and then spent an hour with the trainer on Friday. I even did something crazy for me...walked on the treadmill today. I never do that on Saturday!

2. Carbs down to one serving a day and one day carb-free. (The carbs I'm stopping are the "big" ones such as breads, rice, pasta.)
This is a definite...
....because the night snacking was carbs, carbs, carbs!

3. Stay near lower end of calorie range. (1600-2010)
Because of the night snacking this didn't happen either. I'm just thankful I made decent choices with the planned meals as it helped offset it some.

4. Begin working on stopping the soda by the end of January.
I only had 3 out of 7 days. Progress!

5. Lessen the night snacking.
We won't even go there.

6. Bible reading, devotion & prayer time consistent.
Weeks like this really do help me stay on my knees! Also started a new Bible study for our ladies mid-week study and it took me a couple days to complete.

7. Food Intake: Meal planning and “force” the family to eat the things I need to be eating. I am also going to begin the process of weighing and measuring everything back in place.
I have been planning and preparing meals that are better for me, but need to add in the weighing and measuring. I found a spare set of measuring cups so I need to place them on the table and put them to good use.

Other Team Challenges:

LIL Mommies 12 for 12 in 2012 Challenge
I started round two on 1/16 and have kept it going!

Beautiful Butterflies 5% Challenge
Exercise up to 120 minutes and earn points for blogging and offering feedback to others.

Biggest Loser - Jade Dragons
We are to make a list of five things we want to accomplish in the next five weeks (last half of our challenge). It can only be things for ourselves, not for others. We are to blog or write our list in a journal and pick one of those things to complete by the end of the week. Our bonus is to do more than one of those items.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I will keep the goals in place once again as I still have room for improvement! Will list the new challenges for the team challenges.

Beautiful Butterflies 5% Challenge
Exercise up to 120 minutes and earn up to 30 points for not adding salt to meals.

Biggest Loser - Jade Dragons
Try something new OR make an exercise already being done more challenging. Try to do this 3x/this week. Bonus is to earn 20 spark points each day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LOL! Just realized I put sad faces where there should have been goal mets! I've fixed it!!
    2880 days ago
    You go, girl! Even if it isn't perfect, you are right on the money ... IT IS PROGRESS! And thank you for sharing the pictures of your mom ... that was very sweet!
    2880 days ago
    Janet, I LOVED the photos of your Mom! Thank you for sharing them! Do well this week! I know you can do it! emoticon
    2880 days ago
    What neat pictures of your mama. emoticon
    2881 days ago
    I've had a horrible snacking week too Janet. We will be strong this week! We can do it!!
    2881 days ago
    Somehow that relationship with our mothers is one that is really missed once they are gone. My own mother died when I was in my twenties when she was just little over 47 years old.
    2881 days ago
    It seems to me that you are more successful than not with your goals. No one is perfect, and the more we try to be, the less we are.

    Sometimes I think winter eating is just our bodies' memory of winter famine for our distant ancestors. Other times, like this year, I can clearly identify some emotional issues around the holidays that keep me eating 'holiday' treats long past the time New Years is over. It doesn't help that my anniversary (also hubby's birthday) comes just three weeks later...I give myself the excuse that the partying isn't over yet, so why bother until it is? But that excuse could last well into the summer, the way our family's birthdays go, lol.

    So...what is the new thing you'll do for BL this week? I haven't even started thinking about it, could use some ideas!
    2881 days ago
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