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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ok, so it's been a while since i've updated this blog. I wont lie, things have been rocky.
The weight loss and fitness efforts are actually fine, one of the only constants my life actually has to offer right now oddly enough.
I got down to 249, but the scale is back up to 251, which i all likely just water retention and what not,so no big dealio.
My doctors appointment least week went well, the nurses and doctors were very impressed with my weight loss, i still cant see a real substantial difference though. I guess I eat too many lean cuisines and other microwaveable meals, sodium and what not, not letting me release inches. Tired of still looking so gross despite how much i've lost.
I want to make more homemade meals and snacks and what not, but I dont have my own kitchen, and not enough refrigerator space to keep all the ingredients needed to be consistent, so i make do with what i have.
dont even get me started on the cost...
So at work i've been cut down to 4 days a week (so has everyone else) in order to make payroll for the last 2 weeks of the fiscal year, and im averaging about 2 dogs a day, as usual, our business is up to us, but there just arent that many people willing to get their dogs groomed right now. So i'm barely making any money, my boyfriend is already going to pay about 200 of my rent, and bills are a whole different thing, i had to postpone the payment of my care insurance and incur a late fee just to get through the week.

So the doctors put me on lamictal, which is normally used to treat epileptic patients, but also worked well in the treatment of bipolar disorder, as well as celexa for the depression, i dont start the celexa until ive been on lamictal for 2 weeks just to make sure there arent any serious side affects (believe me, the list of potentially dangerous ones is long)
I still cant really manage to pull my self out of this funk, still so depressed, theres no reason to be this low, despite the normal factors like the fact that im making no money among other things.
at any rate... thats how things have been, more from me later
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    Aw, boo! I hate it when I'm inexplicably mopey. The weather definitely hasn't been helping, either.

    Dumb question - have you ever had your thyroid numbers checked? For me, my thyroid (and subsequent issues) were what was ultimately behind my depression, so normal depression medicines just never did anything for me.

    Overall though, super amazing YAY for sticking with eating well even while depressed! That's the hardest thing ever.
    3232 days ago

    == theres no reason to be this low ==
    This is actually one of the key differences between Depression and simply feeling down once in a while. Things could be going absolutely perfect in a person's life when Depression hits, they can do all the things that ~should~ make them happier with no effect.

    Hopefully once the two weeks are up and you start in on the second, you'll start seeing some more emotional improvement. Unfortunately, there's a lot of guesswork that goes into which drugs and which dosages will work for any particular person. They aren't "happy pills" the way ads make them sound.

    emoticon on sticking to the fitness activities and healthier foods. It can be rather hard to see changes. I'm only barely beginning to notice some and I'm bouncing around 32-33 pounds down from where I started. Sounds like a huge amount, but normally when I look at myself I just don't see that much.

    Then I do something like last night and put on the pants that fit then so I could wash everything else ... and have to keep tugging them back up. If you have one of your starting weight outfits, try putting it on.

    It's definitely hard to see the couple pounds here and there or the inch off this or that, especially because we look in the mirror and we're so far from where we want to be. But they are coming off slowly but surely!
    3232 days ago
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