More Wedding DIY and My Bridal Flip Flops! (Pic Heavy)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hi All!

I'm excited to share with you some more of my wedding DIY! I still have a few more things to make but I'm almost done:-)

I decided to personalize our favors/place card holders, so here is a new pic of the top of the chair and the bottom.

Here is our table number holder without the table number card:

And the table number holder with one of our table number cards:

Next up is our sign for the Signature platter. I can't wait until I get it so I can show you what it looks like...I ordered it from Etsy. I took the glass out of the frames so you can actually see the words:-)

Your signatures matter,
So please sign our platter!

Stick figure drawings and doodles
are welcome too,
but sign your John Hancock
so we’ll know who!

And then, there is our Card Box sign. I found a hat box covered in purple and white seashells from Home Goods that is perfect for our card box.

Card Box

Cards arrive from here and there
and get placed who knows where.
If you put them in this special box,
then we'll be sure not one gets lost.

And last of the DIY for now is our Favor sign.

A Gift from the Mr. and Mrs.

For the reception, you’ll know
where to find your place;
Once you are home, you’ll have
something cute for your space.

Any suggestions on changing any of the verbiage on the signs? These would be very easy to change if anyone has any better ideas!

And last, but not least...I painted my toenails the color that I will be wearing for the wedding. I purchased these flips flops from a great seller on Etsy.com and I love the way they turned out! I probably could have made them myself, but my fiance wants me to leave some of the DIY to other people:-)

I will make sure that I post pics of everything at the venue on my wedding day so you can all see how it all came together!!!

Make it a fabulous day!


Edited to add the verbiage on the signs since the pics came out so little:-)
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