DD's professional theater debut with photos

Friday, February 03, 2012

poster & playbill cover

Theater Marquee

DD found out that a local theater was having auditions for their upcoming season last June. This is a professional equity theater, one of the top regional theaters in south Florida. She got a call-back which was pretty exciting and then, about 2 weeks later, had the final audition where there were 8 girls vying for 3 roles. After several hours it came down to the final 2, DD & another girl, and they were both told they got the parts (the 3rd part was just 1 page.) Much crying happy tears, jumping up & down. Disbelief, excitement.

Rehearsals started in mid-December. It was a difficult time because we had discovered that DD had an eating disorder for which she had been in treatment for just a month when rehearsals started. Fitting in treatment & eating meals was a challenge and DD showed how strong she is by dealing with everything in a professional and mature way.

The 3 girls in front of their cast photos for the show

Opening night was really exciting. I probably would have been really nervous except that I used up all my nervousness during the rehearsal period.

In front of their dressing room with their names on the door

The play was fantastic and DD was terrific. It was a role where she had to show a lot of different emotions and even had to do an epileptic fit at the end which had many people in tears because it was so authentic. She did 32 performances in 3 1/2 weeks (I saw 12 & listened to 15)! The show got rave reviews (a half page in the Wall Street Journal!)
and she got excellent reviews such as "she was like a veteran of the stage", she was "luminous," etc. The show broke box office records and sold out most performances. DD knows she could do a play for a year and that this is definitely what she wants to do with her life. I always thought she was talented and it was amazing to see her grow from performance to performance. I think she will have a great career ahead of her.

Publicity photo that appeared in American Theater Magazine & other publications. DD is in the middle. The other 2 actors are really mother & daughter and it is their rabbit!

DD is on left. From 1st scene of play.

Mother & daughters. DD is in the background.

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