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Weekly Wrap Up -- 2/4/12

Saturday, February 04, 2012

I know there had to be success this past week even though the scale has moved up. I don't know what is up with that, but my suspicion is perimenopause and all that comes with the wacky cycles. It's the only thing that's been different.

Just going straight to the goals.

1. Gym 3x/week. Resistance work all three of those days and 1x/will be with the trainer. Will continue with the treadmill and my home resistance equipment on the days I am not at the gym.
I made it to the gym twice. Appears that is how it will be while co-op is in session. I did get on the treadmill two days at home so it's all good! Friday the trainer really worked my upper arms/back and the abs. I'm feeling it, but not like I thought I would! Must be getting stronger!

2. Carbs down to one serving a day and one day carb-free. (The carbs I'm stopping are the "big" ones such as breads, rice, pasta.)
Must pay more attention to this one in the coming week.

3. Stay near lower end of calorie range. (1600-2010)
I would say 6 out of 7 days is good!

4. Begin working on stopping the soda by the end of January.
I didn't make it completely gone by the end, but it has lessened considerably.

5. Lessen the night snacking.
I fought it several nights, but I'm making progress.

6. Bible reading, devotion & prayer time consistent.

7. Food Intake: Meal planning and “force” the family to eat the things I need to be eating. I am also going to begin the process of weighing and measuring everything back in place.
I got the weighing and measuring started. Still room to improve!

I was right! There were successes even though the scale isn't cooperating. LOL I must get the upward spiral halted quickly somehow so will pay attention to details this week.

For the coming week I'm just going to keep the goals the same. The "Other Team" challenges are below.

LIL Mommies 12 for 12 in 2012 Challenge
This challenge began on Jan. 1st and the goal is to get 12 minutes of exercise for 12 consecutive days.
I am on round 3, day 7.

Biggest Loser - Jade Dragons
This week our extra challenge for Week 8 is to just have fun encouraging our team mates. We only have 3 weeks to go for the Winter challenge.
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