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Monday, February 06, 2012

My son is in the junior archery league at C&B Archery (and he's doing very well!!). His league meets every Saturday morning and then he and I go for practice on Sundays after church, Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings. So....going that often, we are pretty well known there.

The owner, Ralph, is a great guy. He is into many things and is always successful in what he ventures into. After many years of training and certifications, he has started a hypnotism seminar series and set up a practice in one of the spare offices at the archery range. I have to tell you honestly that I thought it was a bunch of bloohey and just smiled when he'd make a pitch every now and then. But, he is such a kind man and so great with the kids as well as the adults, that it was not hard to be polite and listen to him.

As an example of his kindness and intuitiveness, last archery league session, my son was in 2nd place for the entire 3 months. So he thought he was finally going to get a trophy. He said he didn't even mind if he got 3rd place, he just wanted the trophy so badly. He really worked hard for it. Well, the very last week of the league, another archer had 3 games to make up. He was in 6th place at the time. Well, he made up the 3 games the week before the finals and scored tremendously high....higher than he'd ever done before. And, it was enough to knock my son into 4th place. He was heartbroken and felt defeated. When they posted the results on that last day, he told me "I'm so done with this" and he couldn't bring himself to participate in the party and just went and shot some targets.

I asked Ralph if there was something he could say to Marty to help him feel a little bit better. He brought Marty over to the leader board and said "So, let's see here. You wanted to beat one of these 3 kids, right?" (he pointed to the top 3 places. "Well, let's just count how many kids wanted to beat YOU." They counted 18 people who finished behind Marty. It gave Marty a different perspective and he felt good again. P.S. He's now in first place so far in the new league.

So, like I said, when Ralph pitched his latest venture to me, I politely listened. I told him last week, I'd love to try it but for 2 reasons, I couldn't. Number 1, I did try hypnotism before and couldn't be brought under. He told me I was trying too hard. Then I told him I really couldn't come up with the $99 for the session and he told me that I didn't need to pay him. I said I couldn't possibly do that, but thank you.

This past Sunday, I put on my awful sweat pants and a long tee shirt that sort of hugged my middle section in an unbecoming way! But I thought I'd be ok because I never take my coat off at archery because he keeps the place so cold all the time in the winter. Seriously, I've never taken my coat off there!! Well wouldn't you know it, the place was 71 degrees yesterday. I was telling one of the parents that I dressed like a slob in too tight clothes and now I can't take off my coat. I said one of these days, I've GOT to get my act together.

Ralph overheard me and said "Come on, come with me." So we went into his private office and I was expecting the hypnotist thingy and thinking what am I going to do, I know I'll never be put under. Well, I never had to be. He spoke to me for nearly an hour about the power of the subconscious mind and how what we tell ourselves in the conscious mind instructs the subconscious on what to do.

He told me to close my eyes and picture myself on how I want to look. When I opened my eyes, I surprised myself and found that a tear came down my face. He told me when I look in the mirror, to see the person I want to be and to love the person that I do see. I think I shed those few tears because I realized that I don't look in mirror anymore because I hate what I see. I hadn't realized that I had been doing that until that moment.

Anyhow, after a lot of good advice on that level of positive thinking, he told me that the subconscious listens to the very last thing you think about before you go to sleep and it sticks with it for the entire time you are sleeping. So he told me to put my index finger to my thumb (in sort of a pinch stance) and say "Yellow Jasmine. I am in the process of becoming thinner and thinner." Just that simple gesture and simple sentence. There was no "You are getting sleeeeeepy" stuff. And then I went back to watch Marty shoot targets. I felt so much better about myself. I felt so hopeful. (And, he didn't charge me.)

It reminded me of what Joyce Meyer has so often quoted "Speak things that are not as if they were." She said she used to look in the mirror and say "I am nice, I am pretty, Everybody likes me, and I weigh 135 pounds." Then she added "And NONE of those things were true!" hahahaha But, of course, they are true now, that's for sure.

So I did it. I did it not only right before I dropped off to sleep last night, but I did it several times during the day and also this morning. Today, I came to work and everyone brought in their cakes and cupcakes that were left over from their Superbowl parties and put them right next to the office coffee machine. I was a little tempted, but then I put my finger to my thumb and I immediately felt a bit stronger, and then I repeated the words he told me to say, and I walked out of the coffee room of my own free will and am not in the least bit tempted.

It's just funny how you can find help in the most unlikely of places by someone's random act of kindness.

I have to say that I truly feel that I am in the process of becoming thinner and thinner. Wish me luck!!

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    You don't need luck. You've got the power of Yellow Jasmine.

    3278 days ago
  • DARA52
    What a wonderful story. I think there are alot of us here who do not want to look at ourselves. In more ways than one. Thank you so much for sharing this. Such a good thing to think about.

    And tonight I too will be speaking to/with Yellow Jasmine.

    Hugs to you!
    3278 days ago
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