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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm REALLY aggravated right now. I just watched Dr. Oz (whose show I like) and I had to leave the room and felt compelled to write this blog. Let me begin by saying I have NO health problems! I have no deep skeletons in my closet. I am a beautiful, educated, happily married woman & I happen to be overweight. And it irks me that the world still feels that if you are over weight, something MUST be wrong with you. There must BE a reason.

Well, let me tell you, there isn't ALWAYS a reason folk are over weight and all over weight people are NOT UNHAPPY OR UNHEALTHY! I'm fat for a lot of reasons....I'm older, I've birthed 3 children, I'm busy, I'm married. But not One reason, is something is wrong with me. Nor did Something happened in my child hood that makes me hate my self and use food to comfort me. What a load of crap.

It's a fact that as most women age and go through hormonal changes, that we gain weight and a million women have had children and found it difficult to lose weight thereafter. And not to mention I'm married. There was a whole article and blog on sparkpeople, about is your relationship making you fat. Now I don't know about other folk but when I met my husband nearly 20 years ago one of our favorite things to do was walk in the park and go get ice cream. We enjoyed each other and we enjoyed all 35 flavors. We were just happy and in love. Fast forward to now, 3 kids later, menopause, and life and yeah 50 lbs (both of us) overweight. None of the flavors were fat free..

I believe that not everyone was meant to be a size 2 or 6 or 8. Nor do I believe that everyone should be a size 16 or 18 or 20. Plus it is not true that overweight people are unhealthy and disease ridden. Even at my heaviest I could do a mile while my sister who's never been a day over 160 lbs could not even walk a block. Fat does NOT mean unhealthy, just like skinny doesn't mean healthy. I know plenty of people who are skinny and have heart attacks, diabetes, etc and here I am, overweight and I have none of those.

I suppose my point is, love yourself. When my husband looks at me, he sees that fine girl he fell for 20 years ago no matter if I'm that size or not. Even my friends & family have told me that I'm not what they consider fat. I'm losing weight because I choose to. Not because society is uncomfortable with my size and it is WRONG for Dr Oz to tell me to lose weight to make him feel better. I guarantee you if I die of anorexia because society told me I was fat, not ONE of those folk would be at my memorial.

So, listen sparkies, if you are losing weight-I applaud you. But if you don't lose another pound, I love you and I hope you love yourself.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree with you. Some of us did gain weight because of kids (like me) not because of any other hidden issues. Thank goodness I am healthy and not on any medication and I am working out to get back into a size that I like because I enjoy nice clothing. I love to shop. emoticon

    I applaud this blog and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts (our thoughts). emoticon
    3070 days ago
  • NEWME0519
    I agree 100%. I'm certainly not in the category of mentally unhealthy and have no other physical anomalies!
    3071 days ago
  • KNH771
    Yeah, the "overweight as mental defect" thing does get pretty annoying...
    3071 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10470498
    Great Comments! Not everybody needs to be analyzed . . .
    3071 days ago
  • ADZY86
    PREACH IT GIRL! Oh wow it's like you read my thoughts and wrote them down. It's the same as people thinking if you're overweight, you must be lazy. Errrr, don't even go there. I'm so glad you wrote this. This should be the blog of the day!
    3071 days ago
    Amen Sistah!
    3072 days ago
    3072 days ago
  • ANJELIA1968
    So so true, and glad someone took the time to say it!
    I used to be rail-thin but after 2 kids and a serious metabolism shift in my 30's (hey, it happens to all of us!) I've gained more weight than I'm comfortable with. When my metabolism was higher I could eat everything without gaining a pound; that's a habit that continued after my metabolism slowed.
    I'm not fat because I'm unhealthy. I'm fat because I LIKE TO EAT! And I'm not losing weight because society wants me to; I'm doing it because I CHOOSE TO!!!
    Not saying that there aren't conditions that cause people to gain weight but it's not an excuse for every person, and doctors can't cure my weight issues --- ONLY I CAN!
    3072 days ago
    Amen & Thanks
    3072 days ago
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