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Very proud

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Yesterday my class at work was cooking. They have wanted for a long time to make peanut butter cookies, I love peanut butter cookie, i have put off making them but yesterday the dreaded day was here...making peanut butter cookie, I was worried and even nervous about how many cookies can I stop thinking was a couple of cookies won't hurt me, I'll make them part of my daily meal plan....I was day dreaming of course.....I don't think I can stop at a couple, heck I love to eat the dough while we care mixing it, I love to eat the peanut butter when I'm measuring it....So armed with my knowledge "I'm in charge of my weight and my fate" so while I got thing prepared and students were asking me a lot of questions about calories, are these healthy for us etc. Read to them the recipe and the nutrient facts, one lady asked "how many can we have and you not get worried about our health" they know i am worried about there health and so what about my health....
things went well they each ate 2 nice size cookie, and they were thrilled and proud of them selves for making cookies that looked so nice and tasted so good. They also decided to pass out the rest of the cookie to the other people at Day program.....and as for me....I did not taste the batter because I taught them we never eat raw batter because of the raw eggs, and we don't sample food that is being cooked for others. There was one big cookie left, and 2 girls came in the kitchen and asked if they has missed out on the cookies as they did not get any when they were past around....I smiled at them and said you ladies are inn luck there is one big cookie left, made for me but I'm going to give it to you, they both smiled and said can we please share it, it would be nice to have you share with us....Yep I said sharing is the best way and one said remember how we made it through the fair last year, you shared with us the funnel cake...that was so nice and then I realized how proud of all of then I am for know that we can share and we need to be concerned about our health no matter who we this morning as I was going to by pass a blog I thought this was a sweet thing to share, people who have special needs can also be concerned about there health and learn to share with other when someone cares enough to teach them, we all can learn to be healthy when we just try each day to do our best.....anything can fit in your meal plan

Have a healthy day
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