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Stop Dragging My "Butt" Around

Thursday, February 09, 2012

We were supposed to have a rain/snow mix here Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It did snow, I guess, from what the meteorologist said on the weather but the snow did not accumulate. It was wet Wednesday morning and only 32-33 degrees so things could have been better but there was no visible ice. We are entering a cold spell. Winter is not over.

Tuesday was the best day weather-wise we are to have for quite a while so I got out to all my shopping and errands done them. I picked up the mail, went to my Dish provider and paid my bill, got the newspapers for the last week, went to Casey's to buy a lottery ticket as my hubby wanted me to, went to Shoe Stop looking for some new tennis shoes but I'm too picky, went to the bank to report that I didn't get my checks and made my deposit, went to one of my favorite stores - Dish on The Square - that was closed for the day for some reason, went to Big Lots, to my husband's work to tell him our security surveillance system was needing some attention, went to the power co-op to pay the power bill, went to TSC, went to Kohl's, and then IGA, Kroger, Aldi, and Wal-mart to get groceries. I came home and my son was off for the day so he helped me put everything away and fix supper. I came home and did my chores. Baby is always waiting now for me to feed her.

I awakened at 4 on Wednesday and could not go back to sleep. I really wanted more sleep. I never want to get up any more like I use to. I used to spring out of bed. The bed feels wonderful and I want to stay. I don't feel well. My MRSA is back and for anyone who has ever had it chronically it's a big bummer. I always get it in the winter at some time. My back is trying to act up and my arthritis is bothering me. I'm achy and have malaise and fatigue. I'm tired. I have G.I. problems. A mild intermittent fever and feel chilly sometimes which is not typical for me. I have to push myself to do everything. My exercise and diet need improvement. I'm not enjoying my exercise and I really can't think of anything healthy I want to eat. I have tons of things I need to do and don't want to do them. Other than that I'm fine. LOL. I just need a good beating and I'm sure someone will give me one. LOL. I did manage to get my steps in and my chores done. It feels good to feed Baby. She is old and it's cold outside and she lays on her side in the yard. It makes me feel good to know I can afford to give her extra food.

Today I slept better and felt a little better. I put off eating and tried to eat healthier food. I made some cooked cabbage with turkey sausage in it and some fresh pineapple. Baby got to our spot really fast today to get her food. She is not messing around. It's really cold out there now and hope she is warm enough. My son got to work days today for a change - a rarity. He also went to taekwondo. Hubby and I went for a walk after he got off work. It was cold but nice to get outside.

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    Praying for you and all...
    3064 days ago
    Baby is lucky to have you for sure. Pics? Have you ever posted a pic? Can't recollect.

    I'm sorry for your troubles. It was on my mind for a long time to tell you about a probiotic study going on for treating MRSA, did I ever mention it? I listened to a blog talk radio interview with Krispan Sullivan (nutritionist who writes about vitamin D and lectins amongst other things) who said it's about trillions and trillions of probiotic, and in a nose spray I think. If I come across the link, I'll be sure to share. If you think about it, it's not a surprise it crops up in winter as that's when vitamin D is lowest and people don't eat as many probiotic foods preferring comfort sugary type products.

    I could not sleep for the life of me night before last. I wondered if there was a full moon or something. Turned out it was TOM the next day - so maybe hormones need checking? Should have known as I broke out w/zits two days before. I just LOVE menopause! LOL. Anyway, just a thought.

    Your din sounded delish. You keep taking your steps in the right direction and things'll turn around if they haven't already.

    Give the hubster and son a hug cause it's the right thing to do.
    emoticon to YOU.
    3065 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon. I really admire you for
    taking care of Baby. Poor Baby,but she has an angel
    looking out for you. You are such a sweetie. You know,
    I used to get up as soon as the light came in but now I
    just can't get myself up as early.
    Times are a-changing GF. Seems we are getting 'younger'
    emoticon Take care of youself and I am realy happy
    you have a wonderful son who helps you. I envy the walks.
    Take care and enjoy the weekend. emoticon
    3066 days ago
    WOW you did lots, I don't think you didn't do much, but can relate with the not wanting to get up as early as I used to. We are supposed to get that weather this eve/tomorrow - ew.
    I knocked off all the old tiles and drywall from around our tub today! Good workout and feels good to get a noticeable thing started in that bathroom. We are going to buy studs tomorrow as a sale starts sat till noon only!
    Okay best go make a cup of tea!
    Feel better soon, I feel better arthritis wise now that not eating grain, have pain but not the ache. anyway sure hope you feel better soon, perhaps it is just the winter even though it hasn't been bad.
    3066 days ago
    poor baby out there and no pack..thanks for being her pack for dog has an indoor pack me and i feel bad about making her do her thing outside when it is cold but she gets it done and is back inside superfast lol emoticon
    3067 days ago
    I hate when people treat their animals like that... thanks for caring for Baby...
    sorry you feel so crappy..... I know those days when you have to keep pushing yourself to do things everyday.. had that for years , and it was my thyroid... they did not bother back then, when it was at the top but in range... sorry - off track...
    Hope you feel better .. yes we are colder than we had been so far this winter.. I was wishing anyway that it would stay that way... Big Ole Hugs
    3067 days ago
  • 0309COOKIE
    I bet you are the highlight of Baby's day! I thought she had at least a porch to sleep under with a roof. Poor thing. Well, you are her angel. Good for you.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. Let's pray that spring gets here soon. Enough of this cold weather.

    3067 days ago
    I've said it before: Your one day sounds like a marathon weekend for me. And I am accused of being far too ambitious all the time. I can't imagine that kind of energy, let alone with what I know MRSA can do to you! Please take good care of yourself, my dear. emoticon Have a lovely, if wintry, weekend! emoticon
    3067 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8522718
    I hope you are feeling better so you are able to keep up your normal pace!
    3067 days ago
    Oh honey! I wish I could make it all better. And a good beating is NOT the answer!
    3067 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Hope you have a Fabulous Friday, my friend.

    Thanks for you support and for your very kind words. It is a tough time but we will be OK.

    3067 days ago
    Hey, GF! You have quite a list there!Maybe your body is telling you to slow down a bit and rest. I know you hate to do that but sometimes that's just what we need. (especially with yucky weather!) Don't keep trying to push yourself--I don't think you will feel better. Take a couple of days to just baby yourself---all those chores will still be there. You need to focus on you for a bit or you are going to feel worse! Love ya!! Feel better!!!!
    3067 days ago
    Hope you're feeling better soon. The cold weather always does you in, so hopefully the cold spell will be a short one and you'll be walking in the sunshine again before too long.
    3067 days ago
    Sorry it all comes at once. I guess your resistance is low. Sleep will likely help, I hop you are eating well. Since you grocery shopped I am sure you will be,
    I walked indoors big time to a DVD never thought i would but ice is such a bummer for me. I am just a scaredy cat these days it really bugs me. I should be able to be braver than that.
    Take care, hope the pains will go away , sorry MRSA is back, HUGS Pat in Maine emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3067 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Hi Tish !
    You are one very busy lassie...
    So sorry you are feeling so unwell I hope you are not sickening for something nasty ..

    Glad you are feeding Baby a bit extra .. Poor doggie!! why doesn't she have a kennel or at least can sleep in the barn.
    People shouldn't have animals if they are not prepared to look after them ..

    Glad Ian helps you... most kids his age wouldn't bother, so you must have brought him up really well .
    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you my friend .
    Take Care ..
    Love and Hugs Susie
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3067 days ago
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