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Saturday, February 11, 2012

So I am doing very well in regards to training for my first fitness competition taking place at the end of March!! It is a physical fitness challenge, but my ultimate goal is physique competition, either Nov. of this year or May of 2013 depending on how I progress - Which, if I keep at it, will be quickly judging by this first month! I am very happy to report that I lost 4.5% body fat in 4 weeks and managed to maintain my weight, which means I basically replaced fat with MUSCLE baby!!! My trainer seems confident that I will be at my goal, 18% bf within 3 weeks! from there I need to get it down further to prepare for competition in physique. I am seeing more definition everywhere, it's so exciting :)
As far as the training goes, I went from not even being able to complete 10 box jumps on an 18 inch platform to 50 in 1:39. Today was a record for inverted rows - 57 in 60 seconds.
I also managed to do 5 250lb tire flips today with no assistance!!
In other news, I took my first course to become a Certified Personal Trainer last month, I take my exam for Fitness Theory next week!!! Lots of studying involved, but it is sooo fascinating! Doesn't feel like a burden at all.
Anyways, gotta run! Back to the books...Love ya Sparkies xoxo

Below are some pics taken yesturday!

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