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Sorry But Here Is Your Long Overdue Painful Lecture

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It sleeted and snowed much of the day yesterday and last night but melted on contact. Very weird weather. Today was bitterly cold and it started out around 12 and warmed up to 26. We didn't care and went outside anyway for a very long walk. It was definitely cold but at least the sun was out and we walked longer than usual. We ate well today too.

Now to the lecture. Some of you have earned this.

As you all know I read a lot of blogs and some of them have changed my life. They have inspired me and I have learned invaluable information. Others have almost made me ill. Sorry but I must be brutally honest. This may sound mean but some people should read their own blogs from an objective point of view.

This only applies to a few people I know but it is a chronic problem. They resurrect a recurrent theme - they blame their cheating on other people: I had to eat the Twinkie to make my hubby happy, my daughter will get mad it I don't eat her birthday cake, the people at work keep forcing doughnuts on us, the hostess will be hurt if I don't eat the brownies. Yeh, right. Sorry but I'm calling you out on this. It's total B.S. and so lame to blame others for your cheating. It reminds me of my son's grade school chum who told me he was allergic to vegetables. LOL. Total bunko. Stop using others as an excuse.

When I eat "garbage" and, trust me I do, it isn't because my son and husband forced me to do it. I'm not going to blame my cheating on the cat or dog or the devil or a boll weevil. It is because I'm weak-willed and wanted to eat bad.

Do you know how stupid this excuse sounds? Please grant me some intelligence. I'm a nurse. I know better when you try to feed me this crap and so do you. Why do it. Own you mistakes.

And, PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE don't ask me the next day why you can't lose weight or why you gained weight when you have been soooooooooo good because I'm at the point where I want to tell you the truth and you won't like it.

You can either be a loser or a loser and there is a difference. With one kind of loser you drop unwanted pounds and with the other kind you haven't lost an ounce, just any semblance of integrity you ever had by making lame excuses. Your choice.

Hopefully for your sake Nice Morticia will be back tomorrow. LOL.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great rant! When pointing fingers it is only polite to point to yourself.

    3068 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    This is sooo good! Thanks for writing this, even tho I know it wasn't from one of my blogs, but it sure is with my own eating. I am the one in total power. Not someone else. I remember my dear mother-in-law saying, "Oh, there's just a little sugar in the whole thing"!! It was always things like this that made me give in, but I've truly learned quite a bit over the years. I tell alot of people that diabetes runs in my family and i can't afford to keep gaining weight and they always get that right away! Thanks for reminding me about my very self being in control of every little bit that goes into my mouth! Like eating too much fat on my food tracker and everything else is great, even lower calories!!! I know I need to change! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3068 days ago
    You are my kind of person! And then a hug for those folks you are talking about.
    But we all know that we want to be on the road to better health, stronger bodies and clothes in appropriate size (the size we choose to be).

    Weak-willed or repairing a 'shut-off' valve that doesn't always work. I prefer to think I'm someone leaning toward improvement. emoticon
    3068 days ago
  • GGMOM06
    emoticon GUILTY AS CHARGED ! I do know the difference and chose which one i will be b4 i "eat,do or say it" emoticon emoticon DON'T GIVE UP ON US emoticon
    3069 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4274730
    Heck, why do you think I always come back the the SBD group? I know nobody's going to coddle me there, especially you and Kierae! I love this. I always appreciate everyone's time when they comment on a blog of mine, but there have been some blogs where I probably needed somebody to kick my butt instead of telling me it's, it isn't ok! I've been B****ing about this for how many years now? How many pounds have I gained in the interim? I don't know...about 30. At some point you have to stop making excuses. Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near there quite yet, but dammit, I'm trying! Thanks for always being REAL :)
    3070 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6550047
    Its kinda funny because this last weekend was hubby's b-day and we had cake.. then he wants to celebrate Valentines and our anniversary this next weekend,, and I'm thinking.. gosh when can I start eating right for more than a week at a time... I promptly told myself.... anytime I feel like it... I have to admit we eat pretty darn good when we go out of town... we always take salads and veggie trays.. it the darn desert...LOL thanks for the blog... I'll be strong and its good to see someone else put it in print... By the way thanks for the compliments... they really mean a lot, I'll knit my sweater or poncho next.. still playing with the yarn...LOL
    3070 days ago
    3070 days ago
  • DEE797
    Definitely needed to read this today. Thanks for telling it like it is for many of us. YOU ROCK!
    3070 days ago
    Even read some to my hubby~!~~~
    3070 days ago
    you are right -- good job, hopefully opened a few eyes... :0)
    3070 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6966999
    Oh yes, I've done every one of those things at some point. LOL! I think everyone needs to learn the hard way that making excuses isn't useful. Unfortunately I see a lot of folks that have been struggling a really long time and still haven't figured it out. It makes me sad. Honestly tough love doesn't work with them either... They just get defensive and angry. I hope that changes at some point but we can't make them change. It is very frustrating to watch though, and I'll admit I've removed a few friends over time that are too self destructive to watch.

    3071 days ago
    AMEN, sister!

    Another whole set of excuses, which are likely to turn me into Sadistic Suzy, go like "I was in so much pain I couldn't do my 5-minute workout today and I had to take pain meds and sit under an electric blanket for the rest of the afternoon." What about your SparkFriends with RA who work out for two hours on the elliptical, or run marathons until their gnarled toes bleed, or (ahem) slave in the pole barn for half a day in subfreezing temperatures? What about them, huh? Why aren't THEY making excuses? Because they're WINNERS who are truly inspirational, that's why!

    (Okay, I'm done now.)
    3071 days ago
    Where is the like button! LOL I was given a bottle of wine actually 2, that I took and don't want, so gave one to dd, and the other sits up opened and some day I may decide to open it, but not any time soon. Sorry bil but saying it was okay- good didn't mean I wanted a bottle. lol
    I used to get frustrated and not want to make 2 meals or decided to he!! with it I will eat what he is. But since the new year, I have either made what I want or added a baked potato etc. for him, easy but not an entire diff meal.
    HUGS and hope you continue to have a great weekend LOL

    3071 days ago
  • FITB4-40
    Tell it like it is! Sometime I find people are overly encouraging when they respond to blogs and in doing so, they allow the writer to make excuses or remain in denial. Sometimes you need to risk offending someone in order to be truly helpful. So I'm all for not sugarcoating our comments. And, we all know how bad sugar is for us! emoticon
    3071 days ago
    I am so with TEDYBEAR2838, I too amm looking for the nice Morticia tomorrow.
    I love you "M" Pat in Maine emoticon emoticon NO EXCUSES!!!
    3071 days ago
    Thank you! Great reminder--of course, now I'm hoping I've been taking responsibility for me!!! LOL What you say is dead on--have a great Sunday!
    3071 days ago
    Couldn't have said it better myself
    3071 days ago
    Unfortunately emoticon you are right on with this one. I ate sweetened yams for years thinking my MIL cared. Then I became diabetic and decided they were not worth it. I don't like them. I don't eat them. Most people don't care if you eat the dessert. Only once when I threw away 1/2 a piece of pumpkin pie die the cook seem to care. It was yummy but I was satisfied. I told her so. I don't know that she believed me.

    But, you are right whatever we it is our own responsibility.
    3071 days ago
    Love this because it's so true and I'm guilty of it at times, something I've been working on not doing. Thanks for being brave enough to blog about it.
    3071 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3409143
    You are right I should own my mistakes but bear in mind we are all imperfect humans. I have to realise for myself that this is a lifetime process and that I will not be perfect 100 per cent of the time that would be impossible - I have to be grateful to my higher power (Jesus Christ - no I am not swearing- sorry 14 years going to a 12 step program changes people) for what happens the efforts are mine, the results are HIS. I keep wondering what you did with Uncle Fester. BTW I used to work for the Meteorological Service of Canada - there is NO such thing as sleet - there is rain or snow or rain and snow mixed. Don't believe me look it up.
    3071 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/12/2012 1:35:43 AM
    Your blogs and your posts are always inspiring to me. I think I can speak for a lot of others when I say you make us all feel like we're part of "the family" or the "circle of friends".

    I learned many years ago that I can't blame anyone for my own poor choices when I make them. I do make poor choices on occasion, although I am getting a little better as I go along.

    with age comes wisdom??????? emoticon At least that's what I've been told!
    3071 days ago
    emoticon Too true!
    3071 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    You are so right my friend and I have been saying more or less the same things to my teams.
    We must take responsability for our own actions .. and we must stop making excuses.
    No-one can do this for us ... only we can do this for ourselves ...
    Hugs Susie
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3071 days ago
    You're the reason I get up and work out in the morning, darn you!!


    Sometimes blames works, ya know.

    I cannot say more without incriminating myself, but I've felt the need - lately - to remind people that the whole "everyone else is doing..." statement should be beyond them as adults.

    Fight your own battles, win your own wars; everything else is fluffy sheepdom, following the crowd to your own self-loathing.

    Then again, I'm usually marching the other way, no matter peer pressure or conventional wisdom. Thank goodness for that, else I never would have even glanced upon all the things that I can (and have) accomplished!
    3071 days ago
    maintaining my 273 pound weight loss for almost four years first time i've ever been small in my life
    the lady mary
    amen morticia!!!! emoticon
    3071 days ago
    Bahahaha so refreshing to not be the only one who reaches this point at times. The reality is it is a lifestyle choice and if you decide to eat whatever (I don't even like calling it cheating), then you deal with the possible ramifications from that. We have to learn how to deal with family/friends who may be "pushing" or encouraging food choices that aren't appropriate for us. We have to grow a set and learn how to deal with being surrounded by food and potential temptations and be able to say NO. For many of us, it is a life and death thing. We have to take a stand for our own health and what we put in our mouths. emoticon
    3071 days ago
    I love you Morticia. You speak from the heart
    and I hope that people take notice and own up
    that we are responsible for our own actions.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3071 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838

    Unfortunately, making excuses is easier than facing the truth sometimes.

    Eventually, we will all realize that at some point.

    I think people don't realize it's a crutch, so I'll cut them some slack for
    the time being. I'm looking forward to the Nice Morticia tomorrow ;)
    3071 days ago
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