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Robins are back

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We were exercising the dogs when my Hubby told me there were some birds in the front yard, and next door. I took my camera expecting to find Ravens, or Mockingbirds. I looked in my friends tree, and saw a reddish breast. I was hoping it was a Robin, but not sure. I used the zoom lens, and saw the bird was a Robin. I must have been in the front for 20 mins. hehe...Here a few pics that turned out good. Oh, I should say this is the same bird in all my pictures. It was showing off, and toying with me. It knew I was taking pictures, so it would look at me, and jump around, or fly to another twig. What a cutie!

Just as I was taking another pic, the bird flew to the other side of the tree

The next door neighbor's flowers.

We dropped by this mom and pop store real quick. Love the painting on the outside of the building.

We drove up to the Aqueduct. I was hoping to find the Pipit, but found a different type of bird there. It is a Common Merganser. Type of diving duck. I didn't know we had them here, but apparently just for winter. My pictures doesn't do this bird justice. I was above the water, and the sun made the water glarey. So I will add a link so you can see a nice picture of the bird. Just as I was snapping the first picture, of what I thought was one bird, another bird popped up out of the water.

The female Mallard picture came out fine. What a sweet face she has.



The clouds that were hanging over the Tehachapi Mountains were awesome. We might get rain again tomorrow. In face, as I write this, I can hear the wind blowing.

I finished up my pictures at the Aqueduct, and we drove over to Leona Valley. I wanted to see if that Hawk from yesterday was there. It was there. The picture didn't turn out as nice as yesterdays because I was shielding the sun with my left hand, and holding the camera with my right. So either I moved a bit, or the Hawk did. Still a beautiful bird though. It just watched me.

House in the area.

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