Company Pizza Party Cheat

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For the past few weeks, I have been "taunted" by all the special foods the company has been bringing in for the employees. Usually I have been able to escape it because I don't go into the lunchroom.

Today however, it was a close department pizza party meeting. A small room with 8 different types of pizzas. SIGHS I have joined a walking group here at work that has been very supportive with my hCG diet. Even though I held off on eating my large apple until 30 minutes before the meeting, the pizza smell was getting overwhelming. I was misberable. I got the okay to just take two small slices of pizzas from the leader of the group. But she put her foot down on me when I picked up a beautiful chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing sprinkled with white chocolate curls.

She said, "I am your friend. I know you have goals that you are striving for. I would not be a good friend if I let you put that in your mouth. Put it down now."


I told her that I hated her but will love her tomorrow. We hugged and smile.

Lesson of the Day?

Friends don't let friends with goals and diet eat unhealthy foods.

Yes, the pizza counts as unhealthy but we take the wins with the losses. I know tomorrow's scale will make me go straight again.
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