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Four years ago today...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...my daughter recommended a website she'd found: free, with features to track nutrition and fitness, with people who could identify with losing weight and getting stronger and working on good health.

She had my attention with the word 'free,' but it's gone way beyond that now, of course.

I've dipped in and out of teams, tried to help people and been helped, asked questions and searched for information and always, above all else, felt I had at last found my internet home.

My health has improved, oh my yes. There still remains the ever-elusive finish line - will I get there? Maybe not. I don't think I do myself any favors by blithely saying 'Oh yes, of course, anything less is negative thinking.'

I'm a believer in realism. I try not to cross the line into cynicism.

Ostrich: 'No worries, you'll get there!'

Realist: 'Gotta lotta hard work ahead.'

Ostrich: 'It'll happen, you'll see!'

Realist: 'Really need to buckle down, fight cravings, get more exercise.'

Ostrich: 'Have faith!'

Realist: 'God helps those who help themselves.'

And so I continue.

You've all seen my before-and-after pics (they're still on here in earlier blogs). One of these days, after I get my hair done, I'll post a new one. Maybe. A-heh.

* * *

Busy week all the way around, both 'officially' and personally.

Officially it was a holiday - Presidents' Day - in the US yesterday. That being the case, I think all presidents, whether born in February or not, living or dead, 'good' or 'bad,' should be honored, even though Abe is a particular favorite.

Today is Shrove Tuesday. In England, it's Pancake Day - bit of a misnomer, that, as the pancakes are more like crepes. And of course there's Carnival / Carnivale in Venice and Rio de Janeiro and Espana and so forth. Mardi Gras, in Naw'linns.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and the 'real' birthday of George Washington (of course, if you consider the 'old style' calendar in use at the time of his birth, his 'real' birthday is the 11th of February), and Girls Scouts' "World Thinking Day."

Not sure if there's anything the rest of the week, but that's sufficient, I'd guess.

On the personal level, there was a doctor's appointment yesterday - to find out that somebody, somewhere, screwed up the blood test I'd had done last week so it has to be done over. This after I had the worst one I've had in twelve years. O joy.

Realtor tomorrow. Doctor's appointment on Thursday. Something else on Friday. Another doctor's appointment next week, IF I get the bloodwork done again this week. Which I might well not. It has to be fasting, and I really hate those anyway. Factor in the vampiress who's sure to be on duty no matter when I go... well. We shall see.

And of course today is, as I said at the top of the page, my fourth 'Sparkiversary.' (Dunno why, but I prefer 'SparkIversary' to 'SparkAversary.' Go figure.)

I suppose you could say I'm getting a jumpstart on the austerity of Lent by celebrating my Sparkiversary with a special dinner of baked salmon, yams, and broccoli. I might just nuke an apple for dessert. Cut it in half, sprinkle with a little cinnamon (Himself gets some raisins, a light drizzle of maple syrup, and perhaps a dollop of ice cream), buzz it for maybe a minute, and voila - instant (or almost instant) baked apple.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm a bit late, but you know I've been er, busy. Happy 4th! You are an inspiration to me, ya know? I hope everything you had listed has come and gone and all went well!
    No vampires!!!
    3187 days ago
    3200 days ago
    Wow! 4 yrs Kasey!--Look how much you have accomplished!
    For some reason, you have dropped off the side of my page here-I miss yu!--To change topic--President Day in the U.S.--is Family Day in Canada--justa wee bit of trivia here!
    Good luck with the reaL estate!--We are very much still in winter here-but I bhear, Daylight Savings , starts March 11th
    See ya girl-----Lynda--from the ""near North-"" emoticon
    3202 days ago
    Happy Sparkiversary! You're doing so well. emoticon emoticon
    3205 days ago
    Happy Sparkiversary! You're doing so well. HUGS.
    3206 days ago
    Congratulations on your SparkIversary! Look at all you've achieved! As for the ever-elusive finish line? I don't think we ever get there until they're shoveling the dirt on us. It's just life. One day, then the next. Some good. Some...meh.... But you have made some wonderful turns and transitions in the last four years, and I'm certain you are looking at your landscape with different eyes today, because of all the effort you made to turn your life and health around. Who knows what might lie ahead in the next four? How exciting to think of all the possibilities!
    3206 days ago
    Happy emoticon ! I am glad you started blogging again. I missed your blogs. Just did not seem like Kasey. You are so close to your goal. You will make it and when you do I can't wait to celebrate! I will be doing a little dance with you! Thanks for all the help you have been to me and others. You are most definitely one of the reasons I have not given up completely.

    The lifestyle changes you have made here are really worth a million dollars. Just going from medication to no medication is really worth the fight and the pain you have been striving for. Nothing worth while in life comes without a fight (or so has been my finding). You have almost won this battle. You have "Faced Your Giants!" Keep on keepin on! emoticon
    3206 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3206 days ago
    Happy emoticon !

    As long as it isn't Adversary, spell it however you like! emoticon You are doing great, and isn't the improved health all worth it?
    3206 days ago
    Congratulations on your SparkIversary! I have experienced some of the same things on SP. I love this place. I also feel at home here.

    Funny you mentioned Washington's birthday and Presidents Day. Arlo of Arlo & Janis one of my favorite comic strips by Jimmy Johnson (2/18/12) said the holiday should be based on Harry Truman's birthday. Janis asked Why do you say that? Arlo answers because Truman was born in May.
    You can find the strip and many others on UGoComics. com

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3207 days ago
  • POPSY190
    It's people like you that make SP what it is, a hugely supportive and helpful site. Happy SparkIversary!
    3207 days ago
    Congratulations on your emoticon I celebrated my 4th earlier this month. For me, I find myself musing at odd hours of the day and night. It would seem you do, too. emoticon
    3207 days ago
    I'd say you've done spectacularly well for yourself since you've been on SP. You've also inspired and motivated MANY people.

    Not sure if "getting there" happens for everyone, but being 'better than you were' can definitely happen for each of us, whether it's in healthy numbers such as you've experienced, weight loss, flexibility, increased energy, etc., etc., or just an improved outlook on life.

    You are definitely among the winners within SP. The challenge will always remain for us to keep what we've worked for!

    P.S. I do like Abe too. I definitely appreciate George Washington.
    3207 days ago
    Interesting blog---sometimes I am the ostrich---LOL---there are a few presidents I would like to forget---hmmm
    3207 days ago
    We Lutherans know what Shrove Tuesday is. Pancake supper here we come! You have been doing a lot of musing lately! Carol
    3207 days ago
    I have been a member for 6 or 7 years. SP helped me to lose to almost my goal weight but I have never quite reached it. I keep working at it though with help of GOD. Sometimes logging my meals, most of the time not. But i have definitely made some great lifestyle changes that have kept me from gaining all the weight back that I lost. This is an awesome website with awesome people.

    Good luck to you.
    3207 days ago
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