Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recently a Sparkfriend messaged me and asked me what my weight loss secrets were. I was absolutely flattered that someone thought that I was sucessful enough at weight loss to ask me my secrets. Let me tell you, I am no expert. In fact, somedays I think that I stink at it. However, having been on this crazy rollercoaster since July, I have picked up a few things. So I'll share for those of you that have been wondering what I'm doing.

First and foremost, remember that this weight loss/health journey is NOT easy. It's hard and there are days when you will not want to participate. Something I learned recently, was that you just have to push through the crappy days and then pat yourself on the back when it's over with.

Here are the things that I try to do consistently:

1. Drink LOTS of water. I have 3 water bottles. One for the house/car/gym, one for the car, and one for the office. As soon as they are empty, I fill them back up. Also, for me, drinking through a straw makes the water go much faster. Strange but true.

My current nightstand situation. H2O and chapstick, what else do you need?

2. Snack! I don't plan all my meals, but I plan every single one of my snacks for those times where suddenly I feel like I'm starving. This keeps me from reverting to my old "peanut butter cup" ways. Some of my favorite snacks are almonds, luna bars, sugar free jell-o, frozen blueberries, and carrots with hummus. I always take atleast 2 pre-packaged snacks with me to work everyday

3. Eat breakfast. I don't care how late I am for work, how tired I am, I ALWAYS eat breakfast. It gets the day going and keeps me from going crazy at lunch time. I try to have a smoothie but when I'm in a hurry a toasted english muffin with peanut butter and bananas does it for me. Plus I can wrap it up and eat it in the car if I have to.

My "Go-To" Smoothie

4. Hit the gym. No matter what's going on I'm always in the gym atleast 3 times a week. I'm lucky enough to have an awesome trainer, but even if you don't there is no reason not to get in a good workout. There are tons of great free workout videos, you can walk, run, walk the stairs for 15 minutes...anything to burn calories. And when you are at the gym give it all you've got. There is nothing better than peeling off super sweaty clothes and hopping into a luke-warm shower before bed.

5. Don't completely deprive yourself. I love ice cream and if I go without it, eventually I'm going to break down and you'll find 3 empty cartons of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked around me. I have an ice cream cone every night aftern dinner. NO joke. It's the Skinny Cow brand ice cream with way less sugar and way less calories but it does the trick. Find a healthier alternative to your favorite food and enjoy! (I also treat myself to a soda about once a month too)

6. Don't beat yourself up. If you have a bad day, make a bad decision, skip a workout, it's not a big deal. Shake it off, keep going, and do better the next time!

The last thing I can tell you is something that I haven't even completely mastered but I know it works. You have to find the fine line between tough self talk and positive self talk. When I want to make excuses about why I can skip a workout or why I can eat those peanut butter cups, I have to look in the mirror and give myself a little lecture. Some tough love...but you can't be too tough on yourself because that's not motivating at all. The other side to that is loving yourself no matter what. I try to look in the mirror every morning, tell myself that I'm beautiful, amazing, and blessed. I congratulate myself on my accomplishments and encourage myself for the road ahead. Honestly, if you don't believe you can do it, then it won't happen and as long as you keep going, it will happen!

HUGE difference, I guess I'm doing something right afterall!
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