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Here I go again

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Morning Sparkpeople
I have had some down time and some personal struggles. I have watched my food and continue to exercise but when I weighed in I was disappointed to see I was up 5 pounds, 5 pounds, felt like a kick in my gut....
what could I have eaten to gain 5 pounds....I have been here before. I was disappointed in myself for a while and wonder and thought how does this happen so fast and how can I stop this from happening to me. I am always scared to gain the weight back.
Then last night I was restless, and had kept as busy as I could and it was time to relax so I could sleep. I caught a repeat of one of the 600 pound shows, I did not catch all of them but found them very interesting, I enjoyed see how I must be normal as I have had some of there struggles, and seems I will continue to have. I learned that loose weight is not just loosing the weight.
As I watched these shows I saw family who were helping these people feeding then fast foods and other not so healthy foods. I also noticed that most of the 600+ pound people had most of if not all there family were very heavy too....I also notice that these people had a lt of health issues, well of course they do they were 600 pound if not more.
I have a lot of thoughts but what I wanted to share was this the end of the show the doctor said to the guy who had gained back some weight and had several time. That the weight loss surgery is only a tool, he would have to work for the rest of his life, he would always have a struggle with food.
That must be for all of us, for what ever reason if you tend to gain weight you always will. Now for me I finally realized I am just like them, I never let myself get 600 pounds but we are the same, I will always need to watch my weight..I have been lucky so far, when I see I have gone up 5 pounds I get better control of my food intake and do some thing, not sure I will ever stop gaining that 5 pounds but I'll be fine as long as I keep taking it off...this journey is never going to be over, just a fact of life and seeing others with the same issues gives me hope for myself. If they can keep going so can I.....I know that sparkpeople is my tool to keep me going and being on the healthy track.

thanks again for being here for me to express my feelings....

Has anyone else watch this show, if so what do you think???are they helpful ???

Have a healthy day and never give up.....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm struggling with embracing the fact that this journey means watchfulness for a lifetime. And your commitment and dedication often help me to keep my focus on track. So, did the scale just jump up 5 pounds suddenly? Are you sure it is true weight gain and not just retaining fluid. I'm sure you know that our bodies fluctuate in weight across 3 - 5 pounds. I wouldn't stress over 5 pounds. Just watch and see if it goes back down again in a few days on its own.
    2814 days ago
    I commented on the exact same things-
    the people around them are all obese and they don't want to change their habits.
    It's awful! If they changed their habits,everybody would get healthier!
    It's frustrating that they dont' see that!
    Sorry. I guess I had a little rant.
    A 5 lbs gain is not the end of the world but it's frustrating.
    But I know you'll lose it back.
    emoticon emoticon
    2816 days ago
    You know Kitt you did not really gain 5 lbs.. the body fluxuates between 2-5 in a day..
    water retention- just eaten foods- ect...
    I think it is time you relaxed and gave yourself a break --you are never going to be over weight again.. I believe you have the knowledge and the resources to keep you maintaining..

    Please stop being upset with yourself you are doing nothing wrong.. it is just the way the body fluxuates if you weighed in again next week and you were up again then it is time to go over your menu and your workout plans... I personally think you workout more then need be- so maybe your intake of food is a little low for how much you workout..

    In thought I believe you are doing the best that you can do .. and you should start believing in you.

    emoticon emoticon Jo
    2817 days ago
    great blog thanks
    2817 days ago
    Kitt. I know that you will lose those 5 lbs as soon as possible. It never occurs to me that you would let yourself become overwqeight again. I know that when I reach my goal, I will struggle to stay in my range every day but your positive attitude and self assurence let me know that I will be able to maintain as well as you do. I am ever so proud of you and ALL of your accomplishments, not just your weight loss but your determination and your wonderful attitude toward healthy living. Thanks so much for being so wise.

    2818 days ago
    I like to watch those shows as well. I think lainie is right though we will always have those fluctuations with being a lady. No worries it will come off again for you. Try taking a nap or finding a new hobby again. Have you tried pinterest yet it is so much fun but very addicting. Like Lainie you are a true inspiration and a great friend to me as well.

    2818 days ago
    I watched my 600 pound life, that show I think you are talking about. It was Melissa's story. She was seriously overweight (674 lb). It showed how she struggled and her ups and downs. She got "too thin," at 154 lb, and then gained almost 60 lb. in the other direction, over 200 lb. I can see how it will be a lifelong thing. The surgery only takes care of the immediate health risk of death due to obesity. The weight comes off, but the people still have the same habits they lived by for their whole lives. It seems like an insurmountable obstacle.
    2818 days ago
    Hi Kitt, Boy, How I can relate to this blog. I am always terrified of every ounce. I watch those shows too, and it amazes me how people enable people who have such severe weight issues. It is very sad for the victim and that's what they are-they are victims when people are bringing them what they can't get out and get themselves. emoticon
    2818 days ago
    Kitt, sometimes our weight will fluctuate no matter how well we do with exercising and eating healthy. I think that is true especially for women. Hormones, stress, and fluid retention can do a number on you. You are so watchful in everything that you do, which is a great thing. I'm sure you will have that 5 lbs off again in no time. You are such an inspiration to me. Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Take care!!


    2818 days ago
    I occasionally watch this show with a friend. It is amazing to see the weight loss journey.
    2818 days ago
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