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The Scariest Drive of my life

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Yesterday I had to drive to the airport to pick up Gary. I watched the news to see how traffic was moving because I had to drive at rush hour traffic. Driving has never bothered me. We had light snow here but it was not much, all the way to the airport there was light snow, then a bit more then it was a white out but only for a few minutes. I got to the off ramp and suddenly everything changed, it was an ice rink, there were hundreds of cars going in all kind of directions. I don't know how much cars weigh but I knew this was not good. I inched a long, trying to remember everything I learned about winter driving, I was from Ohio and learned to drive in the snow. I was not prepared for what I was about to have to undertake. I inched and inched but felt confident if I just did this I would make it to the airport......when suddenly my car started to slide sideways not sure why, I was going less than 5 miles and hour, then if sliding sideways was not bad enough I started to slide backwards as well. I started to say the Hail Mary, I'm not sure how I missed hitting other cars or they hitting me. I was asking God to watch over us and not let anyone get killed, we can replace cars but not people....I even strated to bargin with him that if someone had to die let it be me. Finally I got to the airport and say Gary waiting for me, he had no idea what I had just been through but he knew something was wrong by the look on my face....well it was no better going home, there had been so many accidents the bridge was shut down. We had a way longer drive home, we were rerouted through some residential area that was snow packed and icy but nothing like what I came over...when we got 4 miles from our turn off there had been another major accident so we had to come home the back way, lucky it was dry streets and not a sign of ice....the crazy weather here in southern Colorado....I forgot to mention one of the cars did slip off that bridge and down the inbackment, he was not hurt or was his car damaged, he was just stuck....I saw him get out of his car and walk to the store off the bridge, he walked faster than our cars could go.

so this morning I am happy to be a live and safe at home ......
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