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Review of Body Revolution's Workout # 5...The Old Jillian Michaels is coming back

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So we have been enjoying the new bubbly Jillian for the past month...still a tough trainer but a little fun, dance and jabs inserted in the workouts and we experience and appreciate a 'softer' Jillian. Of course, we have seen the intensity increase with each workout (which reminds me, I am yet to write the reviews on Workouts 3 & 4). After doing the first month, you do expect things to 'tun up' as we say in Jamaica which means intensify but seriously Jillian, so quick?? In Workout 5? So are are you planning to kill us in Workout # 9 if we make it there?? (side bar - Because I am doing both Insanity and Body Revolution, I am having nightmares about Shaun T and Jillian creating a program together *gulps*- a combined Jillian/Shaun T would be the end of me!! emoticon)

Anyways, here is my review! Workout # 5 is approximately 36 mins including warm up and cool down. There are 4 circuits that are repeated twice.

Jillian decides to start the workout with a yoga move that took her a WHOLE minute to demonstrate - she started with a sun salutation, exhale, fold down to the ground, raise half way with a flat back and exhale, then palms to the ground, jump back into a plank pose, move into a chaturanga pose, then into an up dog, then a down dog, bend the knees and jump back up to the top! Repeat 3 times. Seriously??? Who does that for a warm up? OMG! This was when I knew I was in for a challenging workout!

Circuit 1:
1. Push Ups with a side plank rotation (I actually did all the reps with military style/"boy pushups" Yay!)
2. With light weights, in a nice deep crescent pose, triceps pulses to the back (thank God, she said light weights)
3. Jumping Squats (can use weights to make it harder)
4. Repeat exercise 2 on opposite leg.
5. Cardio Interval - mountain climbers.
Can you imagine how your triceps are killing you now with all this focus and this circuit is repeated with the exception of the cardio interval.

Circuit 2:
1. With a heavy weight, wood choppers - I like this one because it works your core, quads, hips..it is like you are chopping a tree with an axe. I have done the move before but not with a rotation.
2. With light weights, drop and hold sumo and do arm presses
3. Repeat exercise 1 on opposite leg.
4. Scissor abs
5. Cardio Interval - High knees
Repeat the circuit with the exception of the cardio interval (By now, my heart rate is really up and I am really sweating!)

Circuit 3:
1. Using the cable, create a loop to put one foot through, step through with the other one into a deep crescent pose and arms to side; pull cable in and back to a "T position"
2. Crab exercise with one leg raised ( I really feel this one)
3. Repeat exercise 1 on opposite leg (now your arms are crying and the sweat literally drops off)
4. Repeat exercise 2 with opposite leg raised (your triceps officially hate you now)
5. Cardio Interval - Cable Punches (oh yes, Jillian is baaaacccck!!)
Your triceps are now officially in malice with you! emoticon But then Jillian says she wants you to be able to have sex with the lights on and you tell your triceps to suck it up!
Repeat the circuit with the exception on the Cardio interval.

Circuit 4:
1. With a medium size weight, do a single leg squat ending in a raise.
2. Line tricep press
3. Repeat exercise 1 on opposite leg.
4. Repeat exercise 2 on opposite side.
5. Cardio Interval - Speed rope (Jillian reminds you she didn't say jump rope..haha)
Repeat the circuit with the exception of the cardio bit.

Finally the cool down! OMG, Jillian!!

Tip of the night:

Oh, Jillian was on the cover of Health this month; check her out:

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