Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hey yall, I have some exciting news to share!!! I just signed up yesterday to walk my first very first marathon ever!! It's going to be May 19,2012 walking for the America Heart Association. It's a 5K, 3 miles long walk. I have been getting all kinds of supports, donations from my coworker, family, friends! It's off to a great start. My hospital I work for our team in the ER is called "THE RESUSCITATORS" Go figure uh? LOL So one of the Doctors I work with challenged me to walk 2 miles, and jog the last mile!! So I accepted the challenge and now I will start training to jog. Jogging has been one of my goals.. I wanted to start this goal once I weighed in at 200 lbs,(at 242) but now that this challenge is on guess time to start training. I will be starting off really slow. I do NOT want any injuries!! So that's the exciting news! This month started off kinda crazy but now it's going in the right direction. I am about 90% better from getting that pneumonia a couple weeks ago. Still have a cough but it's trying to go away. I am REALLY slacking as far as taking my measurements this month. They were due on the 10, its now the 25th almost end of the month. SMH!! I will be getting them done tomorrow.. Other than that, life is going. Out of school for 2 weeks. Start again on April 9th, going to be hard now that I'm going into my sciences. Pray for me yall..
Hoping everyone is doing great, keep up the hard work everyone!!
P.S. I'll add the link if anyone wants to donate for this cause!!
God bless us all,
Omeka emoticon emoticon
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