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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
Today was one of those days, things seems to go wrong right and left.

I usually look forward to Wednesday. The week is half over and most of the difficult business work is out of the way.
This morning I was feeling a little like time is passing to fast. I want it to slow down.
Although I know I can't do anything about it. Just take each day as they come and make the best out of them.
I got up a little later than usually, have been tired the last few days. Really pushing myself to do a lot.
I checked the work order pick up box, there is an order not picked up.
My son in law calls he's stuck in traffic, Hwy 217, he is working in the Portland area.
Can I call the first customer and tell him he's running late. Now he has a phone and the customers phone number, but all the guy's want me to call when necessary.
I ask him about the other job, he didn't pick it up. Oh, yeah he forgot, so I gave him the job address and information over the phone.
I call the first customer explain about traffic, the guy lives in the area, he understand. it's Ok.
I logged on to Spark, got the essentials done and clicked on my e-mail. Whoa, it wouldn't go into e mail. I tried the other e-mail account. Nothing. I fooled around , checked the computer, make sure everything was like it should be. As if I know what I am doing.
I finally call Century Link and they tell me from India, the customer call center that they are experiencing some difficulties and will be up and running in a few hours.
Well I rely on e-mail a lot. Get orders, etc that way.
So I had to make some call, and have some things sent by fax.
First orders came in, I couldn't read them. My printer was flashing and told me my ink cartridge was low, please change. Now I knew it was getting low and intended to get a replacement one, but hadn't done it yet. I knew I would have to wait till the e mail was up and that would delay my work. This was frustrating, for it was my fault. I should know better. Always have a spare ink cartridge.
Time has been passing, I just had enough time to dash to the gym, and I could still make the water aerobics class. Then I would do my circuit training.
My friends and workout buddy, Pam, had called she was still sick and wouldn't make it in.
I am just heading out the door , my son in law calls, he can't find a job address ," Did I spell the street right?" I don't know. So I go on Map Quest to look it up , I can't find it either. I end up calling the customer, checking his address, the street was different. I look it up, call son in law, he looks it up on his GP. OK he has it now. I still think I can leave. I will be a little late but I can stay later and do exercises on my own.
But the phone rings, it is a building contractor we do a lot of business with, I answer the phone. Can get to the gym later. I didn't know at the time my staying to answer that call was one of the best things I could have done, in regards to what was to happen later.
I go back to check on my e mail, still not up. I log on to Spark. I am just waiting till the water class is over, then I can get in the pool and do my own workout. I will swim some laps too.
Son in law calls again, he's been stopped for a tail light being out and doesn't have his insurance card with him. The cop is going to give him time to get it, before he tickets him and tows his truck.
All our vehicles are insured through the company. This truck is a new one, just put insurance on it last week. I don't have the insurance card here yet. I told him show his old insurance card, tell the cop he just got the truck and haven't the new card yet. That's when I found out he wasn't carrying the card showing his insurance.
If he had been, it would have showed he had insurance to drive and since he had the registration for the new truck everything would have been OK.
I have to call State Farm to have them send me a insurance card. They say they will e mail it too me. i say NO, the e mail is not working. please fax it. The fax comes in and of course with no ink in the printer , you can barely make out some letters. I am so frustrated at this point. Call son in law, he has a friend coming up with the insurance copy, so he says fax the insurance card to him, he gives me the fax number. I call the insurance office back give them the information . A copy of the insurance is on its way.
I offered to bring it up, but son in law said his friend was coming anyway, no use me using up gas, since it's over $4.00 a gallon.
Now I had to call customers and tell them the repair person was running late and he would get there as soon as possible.
By this time I am stressed out and I realized hungry. I put a 100 calories English muffin in the toaster oven .
The office phone rang it my son in law, we got to talking, all of a sudden all three of my smoke alarms went off. I had forgot about the muffin. It was just a little dark, not too burnt. These smoke alarms are the most sensitive I have ever encountered. I got all the alarms to quit and by this time I wasn't hungry. I needed a stiff drink. Well I really don't drink so I had a Diet Coke.
My doctor has asked me to limit my Diet Coke to one a week. I told him yesterday I would try. That won't be today. Have already had three.
Son in law sat on the freeway for hours. Ever so often the state police officer would stop and see if he had the licence yet. He finally escorted him to a better place to sit and wait. If I had took it to him, I would have had it there in 45 minutes. Took his friend over 2 hours. This is why I usually like to do things myself. I can do them more efficient and know it's done. I am some what of a control freak. Have a hard time delegating, . Usually by the time I explain something for someone to do, I could have finished it..
I finally call and tell him, I am going to the gym. I will keep my phone with me.
I will workout on the elliptical and bike. Instead of the water. It burns calories faster in less time than water aerobics. And the circuit training was going to be quick for my hands were hurting, so not doing as many upper body reps.
I knocked it all out in 75 minutes. Hit the pool for some laps and a little free style swimming.
Got home and walked with Titan . We even had a little glimpse of sun shine today.
Our temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year.
I hear the rain starting again, it's hitting the office window.
I just baked 24 carrot cup cakes and two loaf carrot cakes. They are going to a bake sale on Friday.
When ever I get real stressed out, I love to bake. It is relaxing to me. To create something good and tasty for others to enjoy. I loaded these up with fresh grated carrots, pineapple, walnuts , coconut flakes , raisins, lots of spices. Used less oil than called for because of all the veggies and fruit. Made it with the pineapple and orange juice, instead of water. Should be tasty.. of course I will have to do quality control taste test. I baked a special little cup cake just for me.
I know we don't treat ourselves with food. But today of all days I am going to enjoy my cupcake, carrot is my favorite. I will log it in my nutrition and even with eating it, I won't be over my calories for the day. Expecially since I burned the English muffin I was going to eat.
Yesterday I saw my hand orthopedic surgeon. I have sever carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I have already had the left hand operated for that some time ago. but put off having the right one done. I was always so busy, making jewelry and other things, didn't want to be out of commission .
Now it's got to be taken care of. I will see an Neurologist next week. My doctor will then know how sever my condition is and what exactly he will do.
He laid out what will probably happen. The Neurologist will tell him how damaged my nerves are and he will go in and operate. It will be relative simple operation. I will then work on getting the movement back, do lots of therapy. In about six weeks should be able to do the Basal joint reconstruction surgery. I will be in a splint,cast for 6 weeks. Then for the next 2 months have therapy and no use of heavy lifting. That should take me to the fall . I thought about having the left done, for it's bad too. i didn't realize how bad till I saw the x-rays. But I might wait for the left till first of year. My insurance company might require me to. the usually only approve two surgeries a year.
I had though to have my tummy tuck this fall. But will have to wait. Having my hand done is more important. When you find you can't do things that you normally do with your hand you realize how limited people are with only one hand.
Right now I am in a brace. It hold my thumb out from my hand, to stop it from growing inward . It's very awkward typing, or really doing anything .
I have a corned beef in the crock pot.. I had bought 4 briskets for a dinner, but changed my mind and cooked something else. I froze the others , but decided to cook one.
The smells are filling up my apartment , making me hungry. I might just have to change my meal from Shrimp and pasta to a corned beef ,maybe a Ruben sandwich.
Well it's time for me to take a break and I am sure you are tired of reading .
Thought for today." You are only capable of what you believe you can achieve."
Peace and Love.
Stay positive, believe , you are stronger than you think.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know we all have those kind of days but they sure are irritating. I'm glad you could get the exercise in.
    3218 days ago
  • JILL313
    Tisha, I can't believe what an awful day you had and seriously kept thinking this must be your idea of an April Fool's Day Joke--LOL! Things are bound to get better than that. . .I would have ended up in bed at 7 pm with the covers over my head--love how though stressed you didn't let it get the best of you!


    3219 days ago
    They could make a sitcom episode using your blog as a script. Check that day off - you don't ever have to live it again!
    3219 days ago
    Wow. I hope you survive.
    3219 days ago
    You & me had the Same kinds Day. First there was the Roommate Issue, then had to draw up a Contract for the Husband & him. (That took some Time & didn't get over to my Client's Home, until 1 Pm. Cleaned her Home, then was leaving & was missing my Cell. Looked all over her House, Na Da. Called it & finally heard it where? Yepp, the worst place imagable. The TRASH!!!! Went Dumpster Diving for it & didn't get home until 7 Pm. Missed my Interview Client, all together. Then Hubby came Home Rattling & Raving how his Regular Job cut his Hours back to only working 3 Days & only getting 20-24 Hours for the Week.

    It was just "One of those Days".

    emoticon emoticon

    3219 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    3219 days ago
    Oh Tisha! That Murphy had your number! That is what I call a calamity day! Glad it is over and hope for a better day tomorrow! Good for you still getting in the exercise and those carrot cup cakes sounded fabulous! I think you need to put up the recipe! Your place must have been real aroma therapy with those and then a corned beef! Oy!
    Hugs to you and Titan!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon (that is officially a carrot cup cake)!
    3219 days ago
    So what was the really bad thing that happened that made the phone call from the contractor such a good thing? I missed a point there.. or you did. What a busy and stressful day! Hang in there!!!
    3219 days ago
    What a wild day you had! I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you. At least you were still able to get in your exercise and do some baking. Also, good luck to you with your surgeries.

    Cindy emoticon
    3219 days ago
  • BD3269PM
    What a day. It can only get better. LOL emoticon
    3219 days ago
  • SUE_2U
    Oy! What a day for you!
    But you made it work.
    May your hand heal well from the surgery. It's so painful, I know.
    3219 days ago
    Goodness! What a day both you and you son-in-law had!! But you managed to get in your exercises and make a positive out of your negative. I'm so proud of you, Tisha!!
    3219 days ago
    "Stay positive, believe , you are stronger than you think."

    This thought has helped me so many times. I think of the people I love that I tell this to, and realize I'm no different. I love how positive you are after such a day!! A day like that tends to put me into a tailspin, and I'm so glad you're able to look at things such a good attitude!

    I wanna be like you when I grow up emoticon
    3219 days ago
  • TMW54812
    Sounds like like you invoked o'tooles law...it states " Murphy was an optimist!". This too shall pass. Stay strong.
    3219 days ago
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