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Disproportional Divide Between the Sexes.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Let me begin by stating unequivocally that I am for equality among the sexes.
I believe every person should have the right to hold any job that they are qualified to do.
Every person should receive equal pay for that job.
There should be equal education for all.
With that said, that is about as far as the equality among the sexes goes, especially what society perceives as acceptable appearance.
Here's an example:
When a man gains a little weight, he's called ,Husky..
When a women gains a little weight she's called, Fat.

A man gets lines around his eyes, he's called ,Rugged.
A women gets lines around her eyes, they are called ,Crows Feet.

A man gains a little extra around his waist line, it's called , Love Handles.
A women gains a little around her waist, it's called , A Muffin Top.

A man gets gray hair, , it's called ,Distinguished..
A women gets gray hair, it's called, Getting Old.

A man is a little robust, he's called,Teddy Bearish.
A women is a little full figured, she's Fat.

Men get the start of a double chin , they grow a beard.
Women get the start of a double chin, she's Fat, Needs lipo lift.

Men gain a belly, they let out their belt and keep on going.
Women gain a belly and ,she's Fat.,hides it any way she can.

Men think nothing about having girlfriends,wives half their age. Society never makes any disparaging remarks.
A women has a younger boyfriend, husband, she's called a Cougar, or Robbing the cradle. And if she's well know it's always remarked upon.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say men have it easier than women.
I will limit my "EASIER" to appearance and relationships.
For that's where I have the most experience.

I have had the wonderful experience of having a much younger "friend" and I know first hand what some of the comments were. But regardless we were together for 4 years. I finally broke it off when marriage came up and I got to thinking about how tough it would be for me 10 or 15 years later. Trying to keep up appearances as I aged and he was still a young handsome man. I was 47 when we met ,he was 28.
I just read where Alex Baldwin 55, is getting married to a younger women think about 32. No snide remarks by the commentators .
But I remember when Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher , 20 years younger, that's all they talked about.
I think women should always have younger friends or husbands. Women out live men by 15 to 20 years. So it all evens out in the end. A lot less empty years.
I usually only date younger men. At this time my present friend is 6 years younger. But he doesn't know it. Thinks I am younger than he is. I might tell him someday. It's really no ones business how old any one is. Age is just a number.

But appearances,that's another story.
Hollywood had created the illusion that women get old and she loses her sex appeal.
Men get older and are still playing leading romantic parts with women half their age.
I don't know when this stereotype will end, but I am going to do all I an to dispel it.

Now when it comes to body image I though for a while it was mostly the women who lamented about her body. The lose skin ,the lack of muscles, wrinkles.
But I read a blog the other day from a younger man , who wanted his body to look better. He has lost a lot of weight, and he is dealing with the after effects of huge weight loss. He does have the advantage of being younger and skin has more elasticity and there's more hope. But just like me, he wants the excess gone and till it goes, he thinks about his appearance. And how he looks to others.

I might have it a little better, for I am older and don't foresee hitting the beach or wearing revealing clothes . I can cover up most of the flaws the weight loss have left me with. Only me, my doctor and significant other will see the whole me. I am comfortable with that. I have learned to accept where I am in the body department.
Not that I won't consider making some improvements as time passes. Take each day as it comes.

There will always be a difference between the sexes, that was meant to be. But in other ways the attitudes and stereotypes should change.

I'll take this opportunely to express my sincere Thanks for all the well wishes for ,Jayden, my great grandson. He is 18 months old and his heart transplant went very well. He is walking and enjoying the freedom that he had been denied for so long. We know God was looking out for him and in his infinite wisdom chose to let him experience more of this life here on earth.
My heart does go out to the family who donated the heart Jayden now uses . May the family find comfort in knowing their child's heart lives on.
I am having a relatively quiet day after the eventful day I had yesterday.
That is a good thing.
Yesterday was stressful. The old me would have resorted to stuffing her face with whatever. But I only had a Diet Coke. Of course I burned the English muffin and I hadn't baked the Carrot Cup Cakes yet,????? So I guess I will never know if I would have indulged or not. But I like to think I have my life in control , so not to resort to food when stressed out.

Thought for today,"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." Jim Ryan.
Peace and Love.
Stay positive, believe, you can make it happen.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi again, Tisha my Twin!!
    Am glad to be in touch again -- was barely on SP since last fall, but HERE now!
    So thrilled to hear about your grandson -- may he thrive and live a full, emotionally rich lifetime.
    I love what you say about the Gender Divide, especially as I have recently 'dated' a couple of men about our age. Few of my male peers want to date anyone more than 5 -20 years younger than they are! Still, I found two charmers, till it became clear that, no matter how sweet, attentive, fun, and sexy they are, they cannot match me for youthfulness.
    Your new bathing suit is so pretty on you, Slim One!
    Hope your Easter Weekend is sunny and happy -- so far, so good here in Ontario, Canada.

    3218 days ago
  • JILL313
    Unfortunately everything you said is oh so true. . .I'm happy to hear your not buying into it nor am I. It's outrageous when you think of it but women also think this way--how sad is that.

    I'm so happy to hear that little Jayden is able to play & run now as he deserves a chance to live a happy life. Prayers for him and his family plus the family who lost their child. You must be one Proud GGM even though you're only 50--Wow, you sure started young--LOL!

    Have a Blessed Easter!


    3218 days ago
    emoticon That is soooo very true!!

    I'm glad your grandson is doing well! My prayers to to him and the family who lost their child. emoticon
    3218 days ago
    Great blog, Tisha! So glad to hear that Jayden is doing well. emoticon
    3218 days ago
    Hurray that Jayden is doing well!

    I agree, the diff. in the sexes about how they look and behave isn't fair at all.

    I am 5.5 yrs older than my DH, but I look younger than he does.

    3218 days ago
    My husband is 4.25 years younger than me. Our son says I'm a mini cougar or a lynx. LOL.

    It is so wonderful about your great grandson. I'm sure this family would be well pleased to know that their child's heart was put to good use.
    3218 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    3218 days ago
    Tisha, you stated what a lot of think about the sexes. And how many men fear women smarter than they are? If a male CEO is hard on employees he is said to be sharp and the same for a woman she is called a *itch! A boy who expects sex from his date is said to act like "boys will be boys". To the girl, unwanted sex is rape!

    Great news about Jayden!!! How selfless his family was to give their child's heart for another to live.

    Good to hear your day was "normal" compared to yesterday.

    3218 days ago
    emoticon Loved it, and so true!! Hugs, Jeannie
    3218 days ago
  • LILLI56
    Last year a friend of mine lost her nephew to an unexpected illness. They donated his organs, and the family find comfort in his heart, lungs, eyes live on giving another a better life. I am glad your Jayden is living life as a child should.

    I agree about men/women and aging and gaining weight. Last Sunday after church we were talking and all the women at the table were at least 2 years older than their husband. I think i was the oldest and had the most difference in our ages. I am almost 3 years older than my dh, but I feel so young. He hasn't lost as much weight as I have, and he still doesn't understand the feeling of returning youth when you rid yourself of excessive weight. I still have a way to go, but I feel so much better

    3218 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8667808
    I'm so glad to hear about Jayden.
    As far as the differences between the sexes, my rant is that I can't stand when tv shows pit women in mens roles of holding a lot of physical power. We have more power in emotional intelligence, why is that so shunned!?
    3218 days ago
    Excellent blog! You really nailed it, Tish!
    I did not know about Jayden! I am so glad the surgery went well and someone
    choose to share their child to give him continued life! I will keep him and family in my thoughts and prayers!
    Glad you are relaxin after yesterday! You've got in under control,my friend!
    Love you,
    P.S. Squeeze to Titan! emoticon
    3218 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/5/2012 7:46:35 PM
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