IF Experiment Update: One Month In.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

After a month of messing with Intermittent Fasting, I've learned a lot. At first, when I started it, I was not impressed. I liked the big post-workout meal, but my strength gains weren't picking up as fast as I'd hoped, and my weight loss all but stopped. I struggled to get all the extra protein into my diet, and when I did, trips to the bathroom became... challenging. I pushed through, knowing that it takes a body time to adjust. So glad I did.

Things I learned:
- You need to up your fiber intake on this diet, and Psyllium Husk is great for this, as are raspberries.
- Canned Mackerel, greek yogurt, fish, chicken and whey protein are lifesavers.
- Increase your water intake to match the increase in protein and fiber.
- Don't break your fast with a protein shake, bowl of oatmeal, or other foods with a high glycemic index, turkey sandwiches or eggs are a better choice.
- Most of all, optimal results take time... be patient.

I can maintain this through the rest of my weight loss period, and will be happy to follow this protocol once I focus on body recompostition at around 199 lbs. I started with a small loss, then a weight gain, another small loss and a long plateau. The last few weeks, losses have started coming consistently, and I'm down 10 more pounds overall (60+ since starting to change my life.)

My lifts are coming along easier, as the main difficulty in strength training while cutting calories is that you hurt your muscle gains without enough fuel. I'm getting the best of both worlds at the moment, and once I hit my goal weight, my daily calorie allowance skyrockets on lifting days, and I expect my strength to do the same.

I'm happy with it. Screw breakfast.
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    OK, dipping my chubby little toes into IF, too.
    I have only done (considerable) internet research and, in the name of changing things up to bust through a veeeeeery long plateau (more like regain),
    am doing IF 3x a week-
    not eating from dinner until 3-4 the next day -
    green tea and lotsa water only, with a few bites of plain Greek yogurt if I am too hungry (I'm actually enjoying observing the ebbs and flows of my hunger).
    I do ST but am not a huge lifter but make sure I am working out in a fasting state.
    So far so good.
    Glad I read your 'stick to it' msg as I had lost and regained the same few lbs and was about to give up.
    How are you doing?
    3235 days ago

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    "Screw breakfast." emoticon
    3257 days ago
    I searched IF on this site and your blog came up, I also added you as a spark friend, I hope you don't mind. :D My brother has told me a lot about IF, he has had me read Eat Stop Eat, he is always referencing "the lean gains guy" and I just recently read a book that is The Renegade Diet. Oh gosh, I hope I don't sound like an infomerical lol. The Renegade Diet is a total body builders diet, and while this guy eats all organics and this and that, I am definitely *not* doing the diet, but I am trying to adopt the eating times. He wants you to fast from 14-16 hours. I did the eat stop eat where you did it for 24 hours, and that just took too much out of me. So this one, I stop eating after dinner then not until 14ish hours later. Because I'm not doing his diet, I am doing what you said in terms of counting the calories, and I am just tracking everything. I am so overweight at this point my main point is just to drop the weight, but I'm SOOOO glad you said for me to give it some time. This past week I only lost 1 pound, and was not amused. But with you saying you are glad you stuck with it, I too will do the same. :) I'm also going to incorporate the tips that you gave.
    3285 days ago

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