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Another Great Easter Weekend

Sunday, April 08, 2012

On Good Friday hubby and I slept in a little. We couldn't for very long because my son had to work days which is a rarity for him the past few months. Hubby got up and fed the chinchillas and spot cleaned the cages while I made some breakfast and lunch. When my son left my hubby and I drove to my MIL's house and arrived there late in the morning. He mowed the lawn and I talked to 3 of the neighbors. Division of labor. LOL.

We were too tired to do much work there but we did anyway. We dug up a bunch of my MIL's flowers and put them in some pots to bring home. The reason? I have dreams where my deceased relatives come to me and tell me what to do, just like they did when they were alive. LOL. I have tried ignoring these requests in the past and it doesn't work. I was meant to be bossed around, I guess.

My MIL died on Good Friday last year, though it is not the actual date of her death this year because the date of Good Friday changes from year to year. I knew prior to her death that my MIL would die on one of 3 days - Good Friday, Easter, or her birthday and she did. So I knew that on Good Friday this year she would have something planned for us that related specifically to her and not to her estate.

When my mom died my hubby and I took beautiful antique light fixtures, ceiling fans, and a brass chandelier from her house and brought them here. We were so glad we did as we both love them. We also dug up plants from her house and planted them in a memorial garden I made for her.

My MIL came to me in a dream recently and spoke to me about the memorial garden I would make for her here and what it would be like. The centerpiece would be a concrete stone with a remembrance on it that I had purchased for her years ago for her memorial garden that she created at her first home and then later moved to her new house. I had forgotten that it was my idea in the first place for her to have a memorial garden years ago. I knew that she lived far away from where her family was buried and could not decorate their graves so I suggested this as a place she could honor them. I never considered how important this was to her until she came to me in the recent dream. I talked to her best friend about it and she told me about my MIL's memorial garden. My husband was not thrilled to do all of this work on Friday but I also know that the house will not sell until this is done. It's unfinished business. So we brought the flowers home Good Friday and covered them (plus all of the tender perennials and annuals) with floating ground cover as it had gotten into the mid 30s the past 2 nights.

Before we came home we went to Sam's and picked up a lot of supplies we needed.

Saturday we slept in. My son was off and we had laundry to do. After hubby fed the chinchillas and spot cleaned the cages he hooked up the washer in the pole barn and I did 5 loads and my son dried them. I put up all the Sam's stuff. Hubby and I were tired but we planted the flowers in the perennial bed. I may have to bring another rose of Sharon home too from her house if the one I brought home last year is dead. It was cool and we went for a walk. I made some deviled eggs and Watergate salad for Easter. The three of us went to a small town around 20 miles from here to but some lemon ice cream. It is fantastic.

We slept in way too long today. LOL. I did not want to get up. It was sunny and cool. The perfect day. Hubby put our fountain on the pond and started it up. We had our usual breakfast and lunch but I made a nice Easter meal - ham, roasted new potatoes, peas, deviled eggs, Watergate salad, biscuits, lemon cake, carrot cake, and peanut butter pie. I made us Easter baskets. My mom always did that even when I was grown. LOL. We went for 2 walks and saw the neighbor with 3 of his grand kids. The youngest baby was with him on a 4 wheeler. The little tyke had a stronghold on hard dyed hard boiled egg. He didn't know what to do with it but it is his. Baby was running back and forth following everyone around.

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We had a quiet one or as least as quiet as it could be.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, memorial gardens - what a wonderful idea. One I will use when I get my own place. Neat story about your MIL's predicted passing & her coming to you in dreams.
    2840 days ago
  • DEE797
    The memorial garden sounds lovely. What a nice idea. Your Easter meal sounds yummy!

    2840 days ago
    That is interesting the dream about your MIL visiting you.
    2841 days ago
    I love the story about your MIL visiting with her demands ... er, requests. emoticon The garden sounds lovely! So does Easter dinner. YUM.
    2842 days ago
    emoticon So glad you had a great weekend!!! You are truly blessed!
    2842 days ago
    the garden sounds really nice
    2843 days ago
    So glad you had a nice Easter. All our stores are closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
    2843 days ago
    Yesterday (Easter) was my mom's birthday as well! well, it lands on a different day every year but this year...... we sat around and iIplayed the tape that I found of her voice 12 years ago! Little Jilly bean loved looking for the easter eggs during the hunt but...her basket was tipped and they were rolling out the back end on her and she didn't know! She is 2 years old! Of course we picked them up behind her and put them back in her basket is all on tape! Easter was great and now a new beginning for us all!

    linda emoticon
    2843 days ago
    blessings abound in our lives for sure don't they
    love and hugs
    the lady mary
    2843 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I just have to say I have read your blog three times...the first one make me cry.
    The second time did too. Than I realized I was just missing my Mom and the idea of dedicating a part of my garden to her would be such a great idea...I already have a St. Francis statue in our yard because of her (her name was Frances) and now I know I have to do just a little more to complete it. Thank you so much for your thoughts today. I really appreciated them. emoticon
    2843 days ago
    I'm glad you had a nice weekend. emoticon emoticon
    2843 days ago
    Sounds like you had a great weekend!! We did, too. The kids came yesterday for dinner. We had Easter egg hunts with the grandkids--they never tired of looking for empty plastic eggs!!! LOL Had ham, etc for dinner. I ate too much!! But, oh well! My son has regained LOTS of the 80 pounds he had lost! Very discouraging to me. He is looking unhealthy again. The girlfriend has gained weight also. I bite my tongue to not say anything to him. I know he is not feeling good about the way he looks. And, I would not appreciate family commenting on my weight--but being his mom I sure have a hard time!!!
    I do wish my mom, dad or both would come to me. I've been asking for a sign from my dad but none that I've understood yet. My dreams are always me running late for class and not knowing where I'm supposed to be!! LOL
    2843 days ago
    So glad that you had a chance to rest and I do understand the requests given to you. I have only had one visit from mum but had she had a garden I would do that. What a nice idea, I brought a lot of stuff from our country house cos it had a huge garden and have lost most of it cos of my back and knees that first 2 years we lived here, been in this house 4 years aug. and still not a touch of gardening, hoping this spring summer.
    Nice to hear you got a calmer, more for you guys weekend even though a lot was done.
    2843 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I am so glad that you slept in a lot this weekend. You still
    managed to get all the stuff done. You need to do that more

    Glad it was a great weekend for you all!
    2843 days ago
    Nice Blog 'M' it sounds like the yard will be blooming this summer. Blooming with memories too.
    My mother planted a tiny blue spruce in our yard the summer before she died. The tree was a seedling less than a foot long and we planted 6 of them together.
    The one that was planted too close to the property line was the sole survivor. Of course that would happen .Mom died in 1975 and the tree was growing well. DH wanted to move it but I resisted because she was still in a coma.
    After she died I refused to move it from where she put in into the ground. Last fall I cleared the base around it and now it is our flower bed. Daffodils are beginning to bloom there and almost all of the perennials I moved are showing their new leaves.
    We had a quiet day. We watched some Netflix English shows. I did not make a dinner we just had a laid back Sunday.
    HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon I am so happy your weekend went so very well. emoticon emoticon
    2844 days ago
    I am glad you have done what your MIL requested .. you will both be easy now !!.
    Your Garden is going to be so beautiful as it will represent all the love you are showing for the family members you so cared about !!
    I love your soul it is good and kind .. and I am sure the house will sell really soon and all will be well again ....
    Hugs Susie
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2844 days ago
    That is so nice of you to listen to your MIL and make a memorial for her. I think that's a great idea and would like to do that for my grandmother. You dinner sounds delicious too as well as that lemon ice cream. I'm going to look up Watergate salad, I've never heard of it.

    My family went to church and they had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and gave out baskets to the teens and the little ones. I enjoyed the day. I love that you made baskets for your family. I usually make baskets for my kids but this year my son said he didn't want one. I'm thinking he's getting too old for that. But the truth is, I love making them. Since the church was giving them out I didn't make him one, but next year I'm not asking, I'll just make him one anyway.

    Happy to hear you enjoyed your day.

    emoticon emoticon
    2844 days ago

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