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A Sparkfriend shared this blog with me earlier today...and I had to blog about it too. :) Because this blog is THAT good! (Thank you Joeykttn for sharing!!)


And just in case that link doesn't work, here is the "manual".


I'd LOVE to give credit to the author, but I can't find her actual name on the blog...just the screen name "Hunnybadgerkinns". (Which a screen name that I'm currently coveting.) :)

The blog addressed the concept of perfection, how it affected the blogger, and how it affects all of the rest of us too. If you (dear reader) have read any of my previous blogs, you know I'm struggling with the concept of perfection right now. Not necessarily in my appearance, but perfection in all other things. My exercise...has to be my best performance ever, or I'm sad. My nutrition...has to be "accepted" perfection...or I'm sad. My weight loss has to perfectly follow a timetable (which changes with every success story I read about), or I'm sad. My (insert just about anything else you can think of here) has to be perfect, or I'm sad.

I've been making HUGE strides in letting go of the concept of perfection lately. I have several little mantras that I have to repeat throughout the day to keep me from falling into a "Not Perfect" favorite of which comes from my father, and is "Was it better than a sharp stick in the eye? Then you're fine." (Side note: I heard that one a lot growing up, and HATED when he'd say it because I didn't want practical advice, I wanted a pity party. It's been making me giggle that he was right, and I now say it to myself several times a day.) :)

But here is a thought that crossed my mind during my morning elliptical I trying to "perfectly" not be perfect? Too much lack of care? I've come up with this answer to that question...maybe. :) But is it the worst thing I can do?? I think the difference is right now that when I "slip up" in NOT being perfect at being not perfect, I don't spend the rest of the day obsessing over it. For example, that morning elliptical was not my a long shot. I got mad about it...for a few minutes, then caught myself, and forced myself to suck it up and NOT let it ruin my day. Then the "perfectly not" question occurred to me...and I've decided that I'm NOT attempting anti-perfection because I'm STILL trying to do WELL...just not perfect. Clear as mud, right? :)

I want to include this excerpt (a list...a girl after my own heart) from Hunnybadgerkinns' blog, because she states it PERFECTLY (ha!)

"--you have to come to terms with what G-d gave you unless you want surgery.

--You can always get stronger, fitter, faster and improve

--Improvement and happiness have to reach all areas of your life. Trust me, its pretty clear when someone is totally miserable and trying to make up for it with perfection. It is heart wrenching.

--The better you become at embracing the suck the less you find you need products, diets, and people to tell you how perfect you are (or are not). You just accept yourself and your life.

--You can lie to yourself and try and convince yourself that you can become teeny tiny and perfect but it will eat away at you and you may as well have it written on your forehead.

--Just a little tidbit, when I was obese I was made fun of and when I was thin I was made fun of to the same degree. It hurt just as much large or small.

--There is no "fake it till' ya make it" just actual hard work

--No one can make your body for you. If you are busting your ass to get fit, take the credit.

--This belief system just sets you up for failure
there is no one size fits all workout program

--Happiness does not depend on how many inches you lose in a week, numbers on a scale or a pants size (health certainly is can be though, in either direction) "

(Please note the quotes...I don't want to take credit away from her for this awesome list!)

So perfection...overrated. Perfection...maddening. unattainable goal.

I think the quest for imperfection is working! :)

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    I think you are making trememndous progress in this. You are a marvel, over and over. Imperfection is not something I have to struggle to achieve I'm afraid. I'm back on the wagon as of tomorrow (1st May)
    3225 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4534979
    I so relate on oh so many levels. I realize, after this last hiatus from anything healthy, that I can only be the best Charice that I can be. I can't covet other people's progress, victories, or health goals. I can only decide what works best for me and try like heck to achieve that every day. So, as I write this I am telling myself that I need to go for a run, but if I don't the world won't come to an end.....I hope! LOL.

    Thanks again for always being honest with your struggles and your victories.
    3241 days ago
    I always think, "progress not perfecting." That is from flylady.
    I can really relate to your struggle. It's good work you're doing on it.
    3242 days ago
    WooHoo, imperfection! emoticon emoticon
    3243 days ago
    Love it!!

    Lately I have been doing some workout DVDs by Chris Freytag & she always says "Strive for progress, not perfection."
    3243 days ago
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