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Interesting birds today

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well the San Bernardino Mountains finally had good snow. We drove down to the center of town, and to an open field so I could get a good view of the mountains. There are wild Junipers, Joshua Trees etc. at this spot. Very relaxing.

I heard a Hummingbird so I turned around, and there was the sweetest Anna's Hummingbird looking at me. It landed on a bush not far from me. Would talk to me a bit, then turn it's head, and repeat the process. It seemed more curious then worried we were there. I couldn't take enough pictures of the little bird.

We then drove over the Lake Palmdale. There were a lot of people out fishing etc. there today.

Lots of Seagulls flying around.

We went over to a pond, and saw a Great Egret.


Ducks. The male duck had a blue beak.


My Hubby took these pictures. He got up before I did, and took Alice out for a walk. There was a bit of snow on our hills. Alice even posed for him.

Hills to the south of us

We arrived at home, and there were birds in our yard, but then there always is lol

Ok, so the Scrub Jay is one a wire above our house. Still beautiful bird. There were two of them flying in and out of our trees all morning. Making a fuss. Eating the peanuts of course.

Now this was a very pleasant surprise. There was a bird in the bird dish, and I saw a reddish chest. I thought it was a House Finch. We were still in our car, so I just took a picture from my seat. I saw it wasn't a Finch at all, and have never seen this bird before. I thought it might be a Grosbeak. I looked it up, and sure enough it was a Black Headed Grosbeak. What a beauty. Woo Hoo!!

There is a new rose in the backyard.

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