Monday, April 16, 2012

So it's been awhile since I've really been committed to my time at sparkpeople, including blogging. I know that writing out what I was feeling was a huge part of my success thus far. So I'm reloading, recommiting, and reblogging. Let's go...

My weekday morning routine is always the same...

Step 1: Hit Snooze
Step 2: Sleep for 8 more minutes (I'm always paranoid that I accidently turned the alarm off so I never make it the entire time)
Step 3: Check emails
Step 4: Respond to any emails from my boss's boss who likes to send emails at 5 AM (so basically I pretend that I've been up working since 5 AM too)
Step 5: Forward good shopping related emails to my mom
Step 6: Get out of bed (15 minutes later...good thing I set my alarm to go off early...I have an additional alarm set to remind me to get in the shower)

Yes. This my actual alarm...and no it still never seems to get me out the house on time!

Usually I don't pay attention to models much further than what they have on and how I can make it work on my not-so modelesque body. But then I opened up an email (from one of my favorite I actually used to work for) and I saw this...

Is it me or is she WAY skinny?

I understand that she is on the runway but she does NOT represent the majority of real life women. I don't knock skinny girls ever, but what about the strong, healthy girl? What about the girl that hits the gym up and has the muscles to prove it? What about the girl that has thunder thighs because she can leg press 325 lbs?

No worries model girl...I'll do some extra squats for you when I hit the gym at 6 AM
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    "Strong is the new skinny!" Love This!
    2510 days ago
  • NADIAT2010
    You are so different from the previous blogs, have you noticed? You have found a path to becoming a very beautiful woman inside and out!!! I am very glad that i get to see a person change into a fighter and show how its done!!!!


    The model is toooo skinny but so would you be if you want $3000 to $5000 a week. :)
    But on a very bright side I think its better to strive to be a strong and healthy person then a ton of money. You are on your way!!!!
    2895 days ago
    Love the alarm- may need to steal that idea because I feel rushed. You have a point about the skinny lil model- poor girl looks like she could use some carbs emoticon What I really hate are the models in the plus size magazines- please us REAL women that would wear this size emoticon Thank you Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart for keeping it real.
    2900 days ago
    Hey, I missed you...I finally looked and realized I hadn't renew my subscription to your blogs....duh !
    Anyway, you are doing great and looking all of it! Take care.....
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2901 days ago
    Welcome back and I think if I had those many alarms - I'd stay in bed.
    2903 days ago
  • no profile photo CD107475
    Love the Alarms!

    your right she's too skinny, and the healthy model is rocking the pose

    high-five for healthy models
    2903 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    Your 5:30 alarm is are right...that "model" is too skinny...unhealthy is more like it....but you are and strong is the way to go!!!
    2904 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10228624
    LOVE the alarm :D!! Yes she is too skinny.Doesn't look healthy. Glad your back. Let's GO !!
    2904 days ago
  • ADZY86
    Hahaha I love your alarms! I always always always hit snooze! Except these days, cos I've been eating right in the evenings, I wake up super hungry, so that's a reason to hurry up, get out of bed, showered and dressed, so I can get my munch on!

    Sooooo glad you're back on this full throttle again. I've missed you girl! I neeeeed you haha

    Yes, the girl is FARRRR too skinny! To me, that's just not the look I'm going for (although I do understand and accept that that is the way some people are shaped/want to be, it just wouldn't suit my frame plus I want some curves and muscle definition). I would love to see a catwalk of the strong, healthy girl. Fit, toned, athletic-looking. Wearing beautiful clothes.
    2904 days ago
    Rawrs and stuff!!! Seriously. 'No worries model girl...I'll do some extra squats for you when I hit the gym at 6 AM'

    I have 2 alarms...and one is across my room. lol Good thing they each have snooze.
    2905 days ago
    Skinny to me is an insult. Fit? Strong? Now thats what I want to hear!
    2905 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/16/2012 11:27:35 PM
    yes she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too skinny, that's the kind of girl that needs to eat a hamburger hahaha thats what i tell my hubby omg that girl needs to eat a hamburger, there is healthy thin and then there is starvation....
    The pic u have up of the healthy athletic girl is something realistic to strive for in life
    2905 days ago
  • KARENA228
    I've missed you Shayla, don't stay away so long emoticon
    2905 days ago
    Hop back on the wagon! There's room for ya!

    I like all alarms :) I put reminders in my phone calendar all the time so I don't forget!
    2905 days ago
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