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Friday, April 27, 2012

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Yes, it has occurred to me that is part of the Seven Last Words of Christ. It's just the best heading for this blog.

Tuesday my divorce was finalized through a legal ruling to dissolve that in TX is called a Rule 11 agreement. True to form, he showed up in court although I was assured he wouldn't be there. My attorney - who I've nicknamed Grizzly Adams - was great: whisked me in to the courtroom past himself and his attorney and down in front on the right (random thoughts: I was heading for the "bride's side" ). He said" I'm going to find me a judge" and next thing I knew it was "all rise" and Grizz was back. He then called me to the bench and himself and his attorney followed but stayed behind me. He then read the ruling agreement and asked if I understood and agreed - said I did. The only question the judge asked me was if there was any hope of reconciliation. I assured her there wasn't (holy cow -- but she doesn't know him, right?). His attorney then asked me not once but 3 times if I understood the temporary support ceased. I assured her 3 times I did - this is important in a moment- and the judge then agreed to dissolve the marriage. The only piece to be completed is the signing of the final decree - working on the draft with Grizz now.

Grizz then whisks me out of the courtroom, past himself, who had stepped into the aisle to talk to me (whaaat??) and into the elevator, out the door, and back to his office, which is next door. We chatted very briefly and and as I was leaving the inner offices and stepped into the reception area, who should be standing there but his attorney? I almost knocked her over. Here it comes: she says" S****, I am so sorry this happened. J** wants to know when you are removing him from your insurance, he needs a colonoscopy". I was stunned -- the nerve!! -- and I said something about abiding by the rules of my company's policies and stormed out.

Ok, first of all, he's been saying for over 2 years that he was going to do that, and he has now had 5 months to get that done since he moved out. Remember -- this was NOT my idea to separate and divorce. His insurance costs me over $400/month. And this was on top of asking me if I understood HE was not going to be paying me anything more in front of the judge. My attorney and staff couldn't see that she had entered the reception area so had no idea that I had been accosted. I stormed out of there, walk/ran to my car right past himself standing on the curb, where I breathed deep and drank some water (yes, Sparkies, always carry it with me) before daring to drive home.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got: what bloody nerve some people have - and then to sneak into my attorney's office!!! But, consider the source: true to form to the very bitter end. Can't expect those that behave badly consistently to suddenly acquire decency. Just doesn't work that way.

Anyhow, that's over except for some documents. I feel 100% relieved and better - put my house up for sale and have fallen in love with another house back in the area near my best friend and her husband live , yes that would be in the same area as the house himself insisted I sell and ....whatever, water under the bridge.

On to better things...the future is bright. I will return to my Sparking in a few weeks when the dust settles. I miss you all!!
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    I really miss you and want to know what is up with you.
    3220 days ago
    I would like to tell you that it is all going to be behind you but you should b e prepared for little piddlies to crop up! He will get what he still can! don't lose the lawyer yet! You may have to get a restraining order. Repeat after me: "talk to my lawyer"
    You are going to be fine now! On to your future!!!!

    lindaan> emoticon

    3276 days ago
    emoticon I'd say Good Bye to Bad Rubbish! My Dad always told me that you can't help how others act, but you can control how you respond. Put it behind you now and go forward. You're gonna find out you've got a whole new world to explore. Go and enjoy it! Party time!

    Been there, done that! Glad for you!
    3334 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Now put that behind you and begin your life anew. I hope your house will sell quickly, and I hope you find the "house of your dreams" that will make you feel happy and cozy.
    3338 days ago
    I'm glad it's over and the faster you forget about him the better for you.I hope you'll feel better soon emoticon
    3338 days ago
    Un-freaking-believable! You absolutely have a right to be angry about being accosted by his attorney like that--and about the request. So glad you are through this part of it, though, and the documents are all that's left. Hope the house sells for what you need/want it to and you can get the other house quickly to move on after all this. I'm sad for all you have been through, but I'm glad you'll be back to Sparking when things settle down.

    3339 days ago
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