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Very Gross Blog- Only For Those With Strong Stomachs

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Just me dropping in to belch and fart on everyone. LOL. Also cramp, gag, puke, and have dumping syndrome - the Hershey squirts with floaters. LOL. Too much info.

The wonderful GERD medicine has ramped back up my dormant IBS and it has done nothing to help my GERD at all. It is worse in my opinion. I can feel all 30 feet of my G.I. tract and it is all mad.

Medicine always does this to me and when I complain about it doctors always treat me like I'm a bratty child who won't behave.

My husband is tired of listening to me belch. He is being nice about it but in the past when I have taken meds he asks how someone can possibly have that much gas. I totally agree.

I am about ready to explode. I'm totally bloated. And at this point I have no idea what to eat. My G.I system is screaming.

Any suggestions?
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  • no profile photo CD4892468
    Been there and done that, it sucks! I have never had that caused by medicine though! I hope you find relief soon, it is painful.
    2881 days ago
    Hmmm... a new doctor perhaps. emoticon
    2882 days ago
    lol @ Naypooie's comment. Try that too, might actually get him to do something just so he can breath better lol
    2883 days ago
    Hopefully taking Florastor (sprinkle on yr food or drinks) may help ease GI tract symtoms associated a antiobiotic use?? It's a gentle probiotic that replenishes yr good gut bacteria to help balance yr system out & help alleviate yr symtoms. I give it to my baby & it clears up most diarrhea... they have for adults too. You can get it OT cor online like Hope this helps!
    2883 days ago
    OMG Hubby and I just had this conversation... about how often medications give terrible side effects to us like this. No seriously we both had antibiotics not that long ago and each of us ended up with your symptoms. Yuckers.. I hope you feel better soon sweetie.
    2884 days ago
    I already gave my thoughts about what to eat. You can add cabbage juice - I've read it's good for ulcers, but I'm sure it's good for the gut in general.

    gh it might contribute to gas, but it'd be good gas. ;) emoticon Go slow and add more every day to toleration...

    Out out damn meds! (Have you never read my blog?!) ;)

    I like what others suggested about marshmallow root and aloe (real is best), too, and taking out processed foods, esp grains and dairy.

    I remember that misery well (though I never burped ... Dd does every time she walks in the door and it drives me bonkers), and don't miss it.
    2884 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2012 5:56:32 AM
    Sending healing vibes your way. emoticon
    2884 days ago
  • SAMI199
    emoticon emoticon
    2884 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    emoticon I'm so sorry also
    2885 days ago
  • DEE797
    I am so sorry that you are going through all this. I do like the suggestion of sitting in the doc's office so they can see and hear what you are going through. I'm not sure what can help you through this. emoticon
    2885 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8522718
    I hope you feel better soon, my friend!
    I don't have any more ideas than the ones here already. I hope something works that you try.
    2885 days ago
    well it ain't like you never had to endure gross talk from me right girlfriend? but, I am sorry that you are going through that! kinda sad you keep having something happen!
    2885 days ago
    Go sit in your doctors office to do it all. Maybe then he'll take you seriously.
    2885 days ago
  • FITB4-40
    You poor girl! Sending healing vibes your way! emoticon
    2885 days ago

    Any naturopathic doctors nearby?
    2885 days ago
    Try marshmallow root. It coats the GI track with a soothing layer of mucus. Also Gas-X will make it much more tolerable and relieve much of the pain that goes with the gas and the bloating.
    2885 days ago
    so sorry for the mess.. I hope your body calms down soon emoticon feel better
    2885 days ago
    Well, you could try writing down and following every piece of advice that everyone has given you, to see what happens. It couldn't possibly be worse, right?

    Oatmeal, cheerios, and Benefiber sounded comforting, plus lighting scented candles. And the consensus seems to be: Dump the meds. I might add the BILs as well.
    2885 days ago
    We love your gross--we hate that you're sick!! Lots of good ideas here for you--I have no ideas just hugs and good thoughts!
    2885 days ago
    I am sorry you are so sick. Try eating yogurt and staying away from wheat and gluten to see if that helps. Then call yur doctor and tell him you want new medication!

    2885 days ago
    Tish, these meds are not good for you. No matter how effective they might be for other people they really do seem like poison to you. Go back to your doctor or try another. Maybe some of the suggestions made here might help you, but please ditch the poison and start healing.
    2885 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Please don't worry about being gross--we're not all that delicate! Counter-intuitive as it may seem, apple cider vinegar works for many people. Two tbsp. in a glass of water before meals or throughout the day. The raw stuff is best. Also, we often lose adequate stomach acid as we age, and it seems that it is often the lack that is the problem. Sounds crazy, I know, but betaine HCl supplementation can help. A good probiotic can also be helpful, as well as ginger, especially the juice if you have a way to do that. I agree that those drugs are really bad and make things worse in the end. We need that acid in the stomach for several things. We just need to keep it there!

    Hoping something can help you soon! You've been through enough!
    2885 days ago
  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    GERD medicines are literally poison to your body. Do some research and you'll be shocked. I have severe GERD and have gotten it completely under control with the help of Aloe Vera juice (organic Lily of the Desert, stomach formula is best) and good old herbal remedies. GERD drugs also cause Osteoporosis among a myriad of other problems. I really encourage you to do some research. Try the Aloe Vera juice.
    I wish you luck! GERD sucks!
    By the way, your blog isn't gross. Being in healthcare for 22 years I've seen GROSS!
    Best of luck to you!
    2885 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2012 12:20:33 AM
    My go to to get control is Oat bran, Banana and yogurt. I put 1/2 banana, 2 tablespoons of organic oat bran, wnd 1/4 water in to microwave. Cook 2 minutes and then add 1/4 Dannon Natural Yogurt. Greek is too expensive i love dannon

    Its my solution. I used to use Imodium but this is much nicer to eat. HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon
    2885 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    Aloe Vera juice can do miracles on things like this! It sure did help me when I was like you! Good luck to you, my dear!! emoticon
    2885 days ago
    Sure hope this is getting better and you were able to eat something that didn't start it all over again. Praying...
    2885 days ago
    what is is they have the pier one scents in cans??? what about long burning candles..are you telling me there's a man on earth that is fartless and whining because he has a sensitive nose know that is like blowing one when you are all hunched up and the baby is coming out right in the docs face almost too embarrassing to say excuse me between grunts and tears lol
    you know it's true you worked in a hospital and people do it when they are sleeping's a natural function of the body i guess i hope you feel better soon for sure
    love and hugs
    the lady mary emoticon
    2885 days ago
    I can certainly sympathize-- I don't have that problem when I TAKE meds... its when I miss my fiber supplements! LOL

    Do you see a gastroenterologist for the problem? I had colon cancer two years ago, so my GE doc is my go-to for such things, and he PRESCRIBED BENEFIBER. Yep, I actually have a prescription for it! LOL The other brands are a bit harder to tolerate (they thicken what you put them in, and I'm texture-sensitive among other things--and I CANNOT tolerate artificial sweeteners! LOL)

    I know with IBS that what you put in your stomach makes a HUGE difference... If you're on GERDs medications, you might want to talk to your doc about a fiber supplement of some kind-- its the SOLUBLE fiber you want, like what's in oats... NOT the kind that is found in most vegetables. The soluble fiber pulls moisture into the bowel contents so the stuff "flows" smoother! LOL

    I thought it was nuts to be taking fiber when I had diarrhea, but skeptic that I was, I gave it a try.

    It worked for me (?!)

    Brace yourself, here's the gory truth: I learned that the diarrhea is NOT always the source of the problem, especially for me; it's the end result. What happens starts with constipation. MAJOR constipation. The diarrhea is the stuff that can slip by the blocked up chunks. and for me, it can cause circulation issues in my rectum--to the point that the tissue there can become so inflamed from lack of blood, that the tissue there actually starts to die!--talk about painful! OUCH!

    It clears up in a matter of days with the supplement.

    Problem is, there was a volunteer recall by the manufacturer on several of their other products (NOT the fiber) for some faulty packaging issues, and they closed the WHOLE PLANT where the Benefiber was being made so it's not available right now... and THAT HURTS! Literally...

    It helps if I eat oatmeal and cheerios everyday. Not MUCH, but a little... and I drink plenty of water for my kidneys anyway, and that makes a BIT of a difference too... if you like, you could just give those a try and see if it makes any difference for you, while you are waiting for your system to settle...

    And good luck, sweetie! I hope you feel more the thing very soon!

    Be well...
    Kathy emoticon emoticon
    2885 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/9/2012 10:25:18 PM
    (discretely spraying a little Pier One air freshener) Do you handle yogurt well? I rarely have digestive problems, but always handle plain Greek yogurt well. As to doctors: don't get me started! I like the doctor I'm working with now but, only because we have one thing in common; neither of us want me to have broken bones.
    I also occasionally chew on digestive enzyme tablets if I have acid reflux. One more thing are charcoal capsules; they absorb acids and sweeten your tired tummy.
    Take care of your tummy.

    Handshake and air kiss


    (Just kidding!) emoticon
    2885 days ago

    as checking the no sugar ect and this was on their site today. hope it works was a foods to not eat for gerd. perhaps they have some good ideas.
    2885 days ago
    Don't know what to say about the meds. I have found any GERD-like issues I had were remedied when I stopped eating grains and processed foods - might be worth a try for a week or so to see what happens - presuming you are not already doing that.

    Be Healthy
    2885 days ago
    HUGs and is everyone wearing a clothes pin on their noses?? I can commiserate both hubby and I can be like that.
    A friend said she always drank aloe vera jc. but if you don't like it add apple jc. ect. I guess google it but I know there has to be something. I know that many can't eat greens ( hubby can't eat greens raw, but I think if he tried a few at a time he may be able as they say that IBS will get better after eating healthy for while) I only know my hiatal hernia isn't bothering me ever since I stopped eating grains.
    HUGs and feel better soon. emoticon
    2885 days ago
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