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6 months and still going strong!!(With progress pics!)

Friday, May 11, 2012

My 6 month Sparkaversary was on the 8th and I have been so out of it from a cold that I forgot to mention it!

This is when I started at 220lbs:

Six months ago, I found Sparkpeople and it really has changed my life. At the time, I wanted to lose weight, but I was always an "all or nothing" kind of person. Joining SP has really helped me change my mentality to just do something instead of punishing myself for not doing it all. When I signed up, I had wondered to myself when I was going to give up. I struggled tracking my food each day, but I forced myself to do it. Each day got a little easier as I built up my Favorites list, and I noticed as the weeks went by I didn't think about giving up anymore.

Thanksgiving came along, and I simply planned my meals ahead of time and made sure to measure everything out. I no longer had the regret of the "foods I couldn't eat". I realized then that I wasn't on a diet. I realized that I could eat what I want and still lose weight. Ha-sounds like an infomercial: "Eat what you want and STILL lose weight!" As long as it's in moderation you really can eat what you want.

As Christmas got closer, I figured that since I had lost weight through Thanksgiving, I could do it again at Christmas. So, I did the same thing. I made a gameplan before Christmas dinner and again, I had no regrets over food. I even did a walk on my mom's treadmill for about 30 minutes before dinner just for good measure emoticon.

By January, people were noticing my weight loss, and I hit my first mjor milestone. 20lbs gone and I was in One-derland. I was so excited!! I even got the courage to sign up for my first 5k. I couldn't run then. I only knew that I could walk 3 miles, so there weren't any excuses for why I couldn't do it. I started walking more and before I knew I was jogging. Pretty slow, and for only a few minutes at a time, but I was jogging. One day, I ended up running a mile straight. I cried. A few weeks later, I ran 4 miles nonstop. Again, slow, but I did it.

This is January at 197lbs:

February was pretty busy for me. Valentine's Day was my daughter's 1st birthday, and I had decided to get married on Leap day. It was a simple courthouse wedding, but it was a huge step for me because I had always said, "we'll get married when I look hot in a wedding dress". That used to mean "skinny" when I said that. I got my dress from Torrid and I went in expecting to be a size 18, MAYBE a 16. I walked out with a 14 and by my wedding day, it was a bit loose.

March 3rd, I ran my 5k. I felt so empowered. I ran the whole thing. I wanted to stop many times but I knew I could do it. I was tired, yes, but I was not in pain and I could breathe fine. So, I kept going. I finished at 40:04. I was aiming for under 45 minutes and was extremely happy with my time! I can't wait to do another!

I lost a bit of momentum in March and April after all the excitement of birthdays, weddings, and running fizzled out. I joined the SASS challenge, and that has really helped me going. I still made sure that no matter what, everyday I would track my food. The scale kind of stopped moving around this time, too, and I was getting frustrated. I started mixing up my workouts to try to see what works for me. I've discovered that I love Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and I love love love Turbo Jam! I love the strength training of Jillian and I feel so strong afterwards, and Chalene is just so darn peppy, I can't help but smile throughout the entire workout.

My husband recently bought me a Bodymedia Fit and that combined with Jillian and Chalene, the scale is creeping back down! I've learned from my Fit armband that I burn more throughout the day than I thought. I guess I haven't been eating enough. Now, I'm eating more and I find that I don't stress out so much over my food because as long as there's a deficit I know I'm still losing(but winning at the same time emoticon).

My most recent photo taken May 1st at 183lbs:

When I took these pictures, I finally realized that I am making changes, mentally and physically. As I looked at the new pictures, I thought, "huh. My hair looks weird." I didn't nitpick at my body. That has NEVER happened. I also looked at a picture I had taken March 2011 at 230lbs and laughed because it looks like I'm wearing a fat suit. I was so fluffy and I have days where I still feel like that I'm that size, but then I as I'm pulling up my too loose leggings I compare my photos to remind myself that I have lost weight since then. That I'm still losing weight. Yesterday, the scale said 179.8. It feels so good to get out of the 180's because I was stuck there for 3 months.

A comparison side shot:

I have had a wonderful six months so far. I've made new friends, discovered that I am strong, and I've learned that I can do this.

I can't wait to see what the next six months brings!

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